interrupting this lazy

I confess to have a case of the “what have I gotten myself intos” this afternoon, as I should be upstairs watching a Harry Potter movie for the 86th time with my in-laws, nursing my turkey gut and resting up between movie one and two right now instead of down in the office cranking up my laptop, but after making it to the 24th day of 30, with a busted wing no less, this seems no time to cave.

A day late and buck short, an illustrated list of things for which I am thankful:

My cousin’s pink flamingo collection,

my cousin's pink flamingo collection

Adorable little cousins that know the right answer to “did you eat your turkey?”,

there are better days to be a turkey

Mom’s noodle kugel

mom's noodle kugel

A family that continues to impress the hell out of me by getting things like antibiotic-free turkey,

antibiotic-free turkey

Becoming a recipe-suggester when someone doesn’t know what to bring,

spinach red pepper feta quiche

That I tried a classic American Thanksgiving dish and it didn’t kill me (but still, I’d like to quickly forget it) and [not pictured] that those cheesecake cupcakes came out of the pan and even looked great (phew),

it didn't kill me

My family’s annual Turkey of the Year award, by ballot vote after dinner (the names of those who have won every year are written on that turkey’s butt),

turkey of the year award

And this guy, who helps me put my socks on every morning, and is in no way smirking because he knows how ridiculous it looks when I try to do it on my own.

this guy

I hope you all had fantastic holidays, too and have vaults of leftovers, but only the good stuff. In fact, after I go visit our wedding china in the basement, I think I need to go see if there is any marshmallow-topped orange stuff left in the fridge. Surely, you understand.

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15 comments on interrupting this lazy

  1. First one to comment, it shows I´m one of the few readers that isn´t from the US and isn´t having a “hangover” from all that turkey.

    First of all, way to go on managing to stick to the whole NaBloPoMo thing, broken clavicle, holidays and all :)

    Secondly, I need, as in NEED, the recipe for your mom´s noodle kugel. And I want to know what that American classic is, not being American, I have absolutely no idea from looking at the picture.

    I´m making your mom´s cinnamon-sour cream squares tonight since I´ve been dying to try them since you posted the recipe. I´ll let you know how it goes and if I get any marriage proposals as a result hahaha

    Enjoy your Thanksgiving and go watch Harry Potter, you deserve it :)

  2. SantaDad

    The American Classic … I’ve heard it referred to in less complimentary ways. Suffice it to say, you have to be really hungry to eat it with all the other stuff that’s around. Unless you are a vegan.

    Anyway, stringbeans in cream of mushroom soup (undiluted0 covered with canned dried, fried onion rings … probably the best part of the dish.

    At least, that’s what I think it is. Like Deb, I stayed away.

  3. Hi Deb-
    Just wanted to say thank you! for the chocolate stout cake recipe from a while back. I made it for T-day and received many compliments of “better than I ever had at a restaurant” and “amazing!”. So thank you for bringing that lovely concoction to my attention! I am now REALLY wishing I had leftovers, however, although I probably don’t need them after how much food I ate yesterday (half american, half persian family, the array of food is IN-SANE).


  4. also, not to be contrary or anything. But I do make vegan green bean casserole (which can’t include the canned mushroom soup unless you specifically search out the vegan kind – I do a rue and then mix in sauteed mushrooms and onions for the base). And its one of my favorite things. To each his own I suppose.

  5. Oh dear lord, I love green bean casserole. I understand that this is completely a result of the 5+ years I spent in the Midwest, where it is a staple at the dinner table – holidays or not.

    And that quiche looks SO yummmmmy!

  6. Nikki

    I’m really dying to know about the turkey of the year competition. Since we have done Thanksgiving for the last two years at our house and we got engaged yesterday, it looks like we might become the official annual hosts, and I’d love to have a tradition like that one. Do tell us how it works.

  7. Great photos and it sounds like a wonderful time.

    I have totally enjoyed your monthly writings, busted wing and all….but please explain the Turkey of the Year award, and while you’re at it…… tell us just WHO garnered the four Emmy’s!!???!?! What is up with that??

  8. deb

    Marce – As the story goes, my father’s aunt wouldn’t give my mother the recipe for her noodle kugel unless she married him, so my mother jokes (we hope) it is the reason she said yes. My mother parts with the recipe with far less matrimonial gravitas, so I’ll see if I can whip it up for a post.

    SantaDad – Indeed. Blech!

    Sara – Glad it worked out so well! I am sure there are ways to improve upon green beans but personally, I only like my lightly steamed so they still have a nice crunch, never cooked through, never canned or frozen. But, it’s not like we didn’t know I was difficult.

    Browneyedgirlie – It’s okay, we don’t judge here at the Smitten Kitchen. :)

    Nikki – So, the Turkey of the Year award is just that. Ballots are passed around and you vote for who has been the biggest, well, turkey. Turkey is a more loosely-defined concept, but it’s essentially the person you would most like to see with a face full of Redi-Whip, because that, you see, is the reward. If you see the votes coming in heavily for you, it’s best to grab your sunglasses. Anyway, I heard a rumor next year is Alex’s turn. I’m just saying.

    Kate – What, you don’t have a fireplace mantle full of Emmys? My cousin is the technical producer on a soap opera, or so I hear. I think he got them on eBay. :)

    francesa – Francesca! Hello! I hope you are having a wonderful holiday weekend.

  9. What an entertaining list! OOOOOH Noodle Kugel! What goes in it? I swear my grandmother has the best recipe, though I’m not at “home” right now (actually, I’m at “home” i.e. at my parents’ house, but that’s in another state from where my recipes are right now) so I can’t look it up. When I get back – sometime next week – I’ll send it: eggs, cream cheese, egg noodles, sugar, and, always, crumbled cereal on top.

  10. That photo of the bus and taxi (etc) is wonderful and surreal. I think I want to make everything that you cook. Your food sensibility is very much in line with mine. Yum.

  11. Are those Emmy’s I see on the mantle? COOL!

    First-time poster here. I love your blog and the pics make me want to try everything make…even the green bean casserole which I actually hate. :D


  12. Carson

    OH MY GOODNESS! My family gets the EXACT same turkeys every year for Thanksgiving!
    As a matter of fact a few years ago my aunt and uncle couldn’t join us because they were in China at the time and ate the chocolate turkeys they brought with them as their main dish because bird flu was a big problem that year, thus no real turkey. (Sorry about rambling… I’ve just never seen anyone with the same tradition)
    I’m probably going to try making “Mom’s Noodle Kugel”