the classroom wishlist project

About this project: In the US, a tremendous number of teachers don’t get the funding they need to set their classrooms up for success. Most will end up paying out of their own pockets to buy educational materials, which feels all wrong and makes me sad. Many make wishlists to ask for help purchasing what they cannot. Last August, I asked teachers to send me theirs so I could share some because I know how good it feels to be able to buy kids crayons and books. I was thrilled and overwhelmed by the level of generosity and enthusiasm from this community — we cleared so many lists and my inbox was full with photos of happy classrooms and thank you notes all fall. It’s 2023: Let’s do it again.

Help out if you feel you’re able — you will unquestionably make a teacher’s (and their students) day. Click the image below to view the lists:

This summer we are starting earlier as a many states’ schools resume in August, not September. If your school is in the later wave and you don’t have your wishlist ready yet, fret not, I’ll continue to collect lists and share more in August.

How to submit a classroom wishlist: The last day to add a wishlist was Friday, August 25. We will resume this project in the summer of 2024 — watch this page for updates.

* Thank you brgfx on Freepik for the image to play with.