crispy cabbage and cauliflower salad

This salad is not cute. You don’t need to tell it; it’s sensitive about these things. But like any wallflower about to be revealed as the babe it always was in a teen movie, it’s going to prove your skepticism unwarranted when you stand in the kitchen and eat an entire sheet pan of crispy vegetables. I cannot stop making it. And I cannot stop finishing the whole thing when I do. It’s been like this since I first made it in December, which means I’m about 7 weeks overdue to share it here. I’d spotted a roasted cabbage salad on one of Justine Snack’s delicious Reels. I’ve made roasted cabbage wedge salads, but I loved that this was already in bite-sized pieces and a tahini dressing is perfection here. In my kitchen, I used a less sweet, more lemony tahini dressing with garlic that’s my go-to and added bite-sized pieces cauliflower for more bulk.

crispy cabbage and cauliflower salad-01crispy cabbage and cauliflower salad-02crispy cabbage and cauliflower salad-03crispy cabbage and cauliflower salad-04

crispy cabbage and cauliflower salad-05crispy cabbage and cauliflower salad-06crispy cabbage and cauliflower salad-07crispy cabbage and cauliflower salad-09

There are three key things to keep in mind here. The first is char: Do not be afraid to take these vegetables to the edge of burnt. Both cauliflower and cabbage taste amazing with very dark edges; don’t skimp on them. The second is speed: The moment you mix the vegetables with the dressing, it will begin to soften. It’s still crazy good but the magical moment is when it just begins to soften and each bite is both crackly and tender. The third is yield. This doesn’t make a lot, in the end, because the vegetables shrink so much when they cook. But you’re still limited to what you can fit on a sheet pan. That works out to one generous or two moderate portions. You’ll likely lop off part of your cabbage and cauliflower and wrap the rest up in the fridge for another day, but since this is so good, that day will probably be tomorrow.

crispy cabbage and cauliflower salad-08



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Crispy Cabbage and Cauliflower Salad

  • 1/2 pound savoy cabbage (from half a small head)
  • 1/2 pound cauliflower (from half a small head)
  • Olive oil
  • 1/2 teaspoon kosher salt
  • Freshly ground black pepper and/or red pepper flakes
  • Dressing
  • 1 garlic clove, minced
  • 2 tablespoons lemon juice
  • 2 tablespoons well-stirred tahini
  • 1 tablespoon olive oil
  • Water, as needed
  • Harissa*, to taste

Heat oven to 450°F. Cut cabbage into 1/2-inch ribbons, then cut the ribbons into 1- to 2-inch segments. Cut cauliflower into 1/2- to 1-inch chunks (i.e. quite small). On a large baking sheet, toss with olive oil until lightly coated (about 2 to 3 tablespoons) and sprinkle with salt and pepper.

Roast for 10 minutes, then remove the pan from the oven just long enough to toss everything around so it colors evenly. Return to the oven for 5 minutes, toss again, and 5 final minutes if needed. Don’t be afraid to get some serious char on the vegetables. They will taste good, not burnt.

Meanwhile, make the dressing in a large bowl. Whisk garlic, lemon, tahini, and olive oil together, then whisk in water, 1 tablespoon at a time, until it reaches a thick dressing consistency — I rarely need more than 2 tablespoons. Season well with salt and black pepper, or red pepper flakes. For more heat, you can add harissa directly to the dressing to taste, but I love having it on the side of my plate in a dollop.

As soon as the vegetables are crispy, charred, and ready, add them to the bowl with the dressing, toss to coat, and eat right away.

[*] This is my favorite storebought harissa and this is my favorite homemade.

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188 comments on crispy cabbage and cauliflower salad

  1. sallyt

    This looks AMAZING. I love your roasted cabbage wedges and I’m also a huge fan of roasted cauliflower – I made the one from Ina’s Modern Comfort Food, which has lemon and parm in it, and highly recommend. Will make this soon!

  2. Stephanie

    Is there a good substitute for tahini? My daughter is severely allergic to sesame seeds, but loves roasted cauliflower. We eat your cauliflower with lime butter and pepitas regularly.

    1. Rachel

      Hi Stephanie, I haven’t made this but if your daughter can eat other types of nuts I think cashew butter or sunflower seed butter might make a good substitute.

      1. Stephanie

        Yes, she can eat anything but sesame. I was thinking peanut butter would probably have the wrong flavor, but sunflower is a good option. Thanks!

        1. George

          I think peanut butter would be awesome. Pistachio butter might be interesting? I would avoid almond or cashew butters as they always leave me feeling disappointed, like something is missing.

        1. Emily

          Wow, this is so yummy! I love roasted cauliflower and this is a great variation from how I usually make it. I approximately halved the recipe and cooked it in my toaster oven since I don’t have a real oven right now, and it was a perfect portion for one. This is definitely going in my veggie rotation!

        2. Diane Levitt

          FYI since I live alone I make it ahead but only dress as I need. I reheat it in the toaster oven so it gets crispy again, then dress. I love love love this recipe so much. Thank you!

    2. Karen

      It’s probably way out there thinking of using miso but throwing it out there. Miso is a lot more salty than tahini, so a little bit goes a long way for the umami flavor… just a thought. Good luck.

      1. Lily

        I bet miso would be amazing-with or without tahini Will try this with miso soon. It’s utterly delicious as written.

    3. Monica

      Hi Stephanie, my son is allergic to sesame so we can’t have any tahini in our house. I’ve tried lots of substitutes and my favorite is raw cashews blended with water (cashew cream). You can soak them in boiling water or just use a high powered blender (my preference). This is different than cashew butter. It’s sweeter than tahini, but if you use it with tons of lemon juice, it balances out the sweetness. So my substitute for tahini dressing is pretty much exactly what Deb uses here for dressing with blended cashews in place of tahini. I make a batch with 1 cup cashews and 1/2-1 cup water depending on how thick I want it.

    4. AmyK

      For what it’s worth, I made this with natural peanut butter the first time because I had not realized I ran out of tahini. Without knowing what it was “supposed” to taste like, it was absolutely delicious.

  3. Shelley

    Have you only used Savoy cabbage or do you have any experience with the more common (and easily accessible, thank you labor and supply chain issues) varieties?

    1. deb

      I have tried with regular cabbage before. It works-ish. I find they do roast, they’re just a bit chewier/tougher. The savoy is closer to a lettuce so it gets those thin crackly edges.

        1. deb

          Great question. I have not roasted Napa cabbage before so I cannot say for sure. I think try each! I know the ribs of Napa won’t get crispy, but the leaves are a little closer, if not thinner (they’ll need less time, but it might even out if the tray is full).

          1. Thea

            I ended up finding this “bambino” cabbage and making it with a few of them – it was so delicious! Only problem was that I loved it so much I finished the whole thing and didn’t have leftovers.

      1. HF

        Have made this a few times now and it truly is one of the best things I have ever eaten. Is usually the centerpiece of a Middle Eastern style meal – served with pita, labneh, hummus, and a cucumber/tomato/onion salad with lemon, parsley, and mint.
        Have tried with savoy and regular green cabbage, and while the green cabbage is still good, savoy cabbage is next level here.
        Only thing I do differently is I roast the cauliflower by itself for the first 7-10 mins or so, as I like the cauliflower as roasted as the cabbage.
        Thank you Deb – this is amazing (as are several of the recipes on your site)!

    2. Sarah C

      I bought Napa cabbage by accident. My 8 year old and I made it together, and ate the entire batch. We did not use all of the tahini lemon dressing which we agreed we liked with less. Delicious! We’re making it again tonight!!!

    3. Natalia

      I just made this today with regular green cabbage and I chopped it in half, then sliced into it perpendicularly (almost like I’m making diced onions if that makes sense) and then sliced it into ribbons that way and it was really good!

  4. Nicole

    I roast cauliflower all the time. I’ve taken to using the leaves as well. They taste like cabbage. I’m definitely going to try this salad. Thank you!

        1. Dani

          it still tasted AMAZING w/o the lemon juice……I took another reviewers above and added paprika & cumin…… served it over quinoa

          wish I could add a photo to my comment

          this is definitely one of my comfort dishes! THANK YOU!

    1. deb

      I think you’d need a lot of surface area to get it crisp throughout — mine is tiny so it wouldn’t work — but I think there’s definitely potential there.

  5. Kelsey Lane

    This looks delicious. I need to make it–and likely consume it all immediately–this week! Thank you for finally sharing it with us.

  6. Libby

    Would love your rec on what kind of tahini you use. Also, chili crisp in the picture but not the recipe? Just curious if you drizzled some on top – I may try that and report back!

  7. Melinda Meador

    The cabbage in the photos appears to be green cabbage, although the recipe calls for savoy. A recipe you posted earlier this week also specified savoy (consistent with the photos). Are they interchangeable? It is difficult to get savoy where I live.

    1. deb

      It’s a very heavy savoy cabbage that looks like a green cabbage, but it was indeed savoy. You can use regular cabbage too, but it’s a bit different when roasted: a little chewier. Savoy is so close to lettuce that that the leaves get crackly when roasted.

  8. Anna K

    Came home from work, didn’t have cabbage so made with just cauliflower, made this in 20 minutes, have eaten a full head of cauliflower by myself, just picking bits off the roasting tin. Family just starting at me. Unbelievably delicious.

    1. Kate

      We often toss cauliflower with a little oil and curry powder. Or romesco. Totally different flavor profiles but either makes a nice base for my husband’s keto meals

  9. cameron

    This looked so good, but I could not get it to char or crisp. Even after having it in the oven for twice the time recommended. Still tasty, but not the texture I was hoping for. What did I do wrong? Too much olive oil? Rack not high enough in the oven? Veggies chopped too big? I’m stumped

    1. Angie

      Probably the pan was overcrowded so everything steamed instead of roasting. Try a few less vegetables on the pan. You could also try using the broiler to get a little crisp if that isn’t working.

  10. Sheryl allen

    Firstly, you always knock it out of the park. Your recipes inspire me daily. And rarely do I need to uuumph the spices or any amounts (as I tend to do with most posted recipes… I like my food to SHOUT HAPPINESS TO ME)
    And this is no exception.
    The addition of red pepper flakes was how I achieved heat.
    But as I tossed my charring my veg, I thought… HEY…. Pumpkin seeds are done like this..
    PUMPKIN SEEDS …. which I roast with copious butter and salt. As a garnish in the Fall. Mark me…this WILL happen

  11. Anne

    My husband and I devoured this after eating beef tournedos and mushroom risotto. Who knew we had room for more? So delicious! I made it exactly as written except used regular green cabbage as savoy difficult to source where we are. In February. Absolutely outstanding.

  12. Lauren

    I actually have all ingredients in my fridge and pantry except I have a head of green cabbage, not savoy… any adjustments you think I should make?

  13. Jenny

    This is sooo good. So good. I accidentally went a little heavy on the olive oil when roasting the cauliflower and cabbage and overcrowded the pan (par for the course, I suppose, when cooking with 3 kids + neighbor kids underfoot), so my final result was more mushy than crispy, but it didn’t matter at all. I added crunchy chickpeas to make up for the mushiness and feta, because why not throw some cheese on there?? My husband and I inhaled it. Will probably separate the veg onto two pans next time. Also used a regular green cabbage and it definitely didn’t disappoint.

      1. Sarah

        I added some white beans that I sat with a little lemon and olive oil while roasting and it was great! Thanks Deb for another winner :)

  14. Lara

    yummy! I just made a combination of savoy and Chinese cabbage browned to deliciousness in a pan with feta and orange and it was AMAZING with rice. Cabbage has so much more to offer than most people realise. I will try this recipe asap.

  15. Melinda Meador

    So, after asking the question yesterday about whether green (not savoy) cabbage would work, I went ahead and tried it last night with the green cabbage I already had in the fridge. It was delicious! Even my husband, who isn’t a huge fan of cruciferous vegetables, loved it. But the tahini dressing is the real keeper here. Exactly what I’ve been looking for.

  16. Pam Trainer

    Made this last night as a side for burgers and it was delicious! Will definitely make again. There was a bit left over which we mixed in with salad for lunch, yum.

    1. Liz

      Oh this is magical. I overspiced it and added pistachios for a hint of sweetness that would go well with nuttiness of the roasted veggies. But it’s definitely going in my regular winter rotation.

  17. Flo

    I only had red cabbage — sliced it really thinly and it browned nicely. I imagine savoy might be better but it’s definitely worth making the dish if you only have red cabbage to hand.

  18. Kate

    This looks so delicious and I happen to have both cabbage and cauliflower in my fridge! Do you think it would be good over farro if I increased the dressing? To bulk it up into a more filling main course? Love your recipes!

  19. Mary Ann

    I made this tonight and it will remain in my rotation Yumola! In error I confused with another recipe and added walnuts at the last turn of veggies; so good.

  20. Laurie Matzko

    I haven’t eaten cauliflower in over 30 years, but something about this recipe made me curious. Turns out I DO like it! This recipe was delicious!

  21. Natalie

    Made this tonight exactly as written, aside from the fact that we couldn’t find a savoy cabbage and had to use a green one instead. It was exceptional. We served it alongside grilled salmon and the two worked together beautifully. Making it again tomorrow for lunch. It really was that good.

  22. SB

    Delicious! I have enough cabbage and cauliflower remaining to make again. I served it over Farro for delicious, nutritious dinner. I used Aleppo Peppers when roasted the veggies and added dried rose harissa to the dressing. Perfect amount of dressing. Thank you,

  23. Tariqata

    I can see from earlier comments that it’s not exactly *recommended* but I had half a red cabbage and half a head of cauliflower with no particular plans, so I decided to go for it anyway. I’ll try with savoy soon, but the flavors and textures were great!

  24. Münchner Kindl

    I always preheat the baking sheet when roasting cauliflower. It also worked great in combination with the savoy cabbage. Great recipe. It still tastes good the next day. Thanks for sharing.

  25. Mary Margaret

    I saw this this morning and as I am a fan of any/all roasted cruciferous vegetables and tahini based sauces, I immediately went to the store for cabbage and cauli! I served it over arugula and the cold TJs lentils for a wonderfully filling lunch. Can’t wait to eat the other half tomorrow!

  26. M

    I didn’t love this, despite being obsessed with roasted cauliflower, recently liking a dish with roasted cabbage and leeks, and being obsessed with another smitten kitchen tahini dressing (1 garlic, 1/4 cup lemon, 3Tbs tahini, 2tbs water, 2 tbs oil, maybe touch maple syrup to take edge off)

  27. eileen

    Hello Deb. I have been making air fry french fries and air fry carrot fries lately. I scanned your fry recipes looking for a french fry cutter gadget recommendation. I do not see one. Do you still hand cut fries? Do you have any gadget recommendation? thanks!

  28. Lauren

    I don’t have any cabbage on hand– What do you think about thin slicing brussel sprouts and roasting them with the cauliflower as a substitute for the savoy? I may try this out, and report back!

  29. Rose

    Deb, as you’ve made this a bunch, can you tell us what you serve with it? I made it, loved it, and we are making it for dinner again tonight. Last night we served it with bratwurst sausage, and tonight we’re looking for something else. I might try roast pork tenderloin with a ras el hanout rub and rice pilaf, but I’d love to hear your ideas, both weeknight simple stuff and fancier. It’s not pretty but it’s SO good. Thanks!

  30. Laura

    Absolutely delicious! Despite being a good and regular cook, I have never used Tahini, bought for the first time for this recipe. (My Lebanese BFF is so proud!) My mother who does NOT like vegetables had three helpings! Not a morsel left. I did no have Savoy cabbage- I can see how that would be better on the crisp, but the green cabbage worked very well. I’ll make next time with Savoy ( or napa) . This will be my go -to winter veggie side.

  31. Jin

    Delicious! Followed the recipe to the letter. Deb is right. I’ll use up the other half of the vegetables when I make it again this week. For our family, it made two servings.

  32. rhonda

    Admittedly, I did not follow the dressing recipe exactly as I was trying to make a larger amount for our family which includes three growing teens. Do the lemon juice and tahini need to be in a specific ratio to avoid separation? This has happened to me in the past when combining those two ingredients and this is a versatile dressing that can be used on a variety of dishes so I’d love to get it right.

    1. Molly

      Is it?!?! I’m lol’ing at this comment because, um, my Slovak grandmother has been using this “ingredient of the year” as the foundation of pretty much every meal except breakfast for most of her 101 years. That eastern European peasant crowd are such trendsetters. That said, she never made this and I bet she’d love it.

  33. Nicholette Lawson

    This stuff is seriously delicious. A couple things. . .1) For my husband’s and my taste we found it only needs about half the amount of dressing called for in the recipe, 2) The harissa is good, but I made a batch with gochujang and it was absolutely SPECTACULAR! I didn’t measure but I’d estimate I put in about 1 or 1.5 teaspoons. No leftovers!

  34. Anna W

    I made this last night (with savoy) and it is truly delicious! But it’s not a salad. It’s a vegetable side dish (one that will go in heavy rotation here). Just call it crispy cabbage and cauliflower with tahini.

  35. Waffler

    I was a lil’ bit skeptical about this, but it is really delicious and so simple. Plus it’s a great dish to feed my husband who is on an extremely low carb diet (= mostly meat)— cabbage and cauliflower are among the few vegetables he likes. I love the idea of adding pepitas and will do that next time.

  36. Kate

    Red cabbage is also delicious sliced thinly and roasted til it is charring–an idea I got from Julia Turshen. I actually just eat it with the olive oil and salt it cooked with.

  37. Bethany

    This was great for how easy it was. I added roasted carrots and brown rice (to make enough to share), and I would have added feta if I’d had any. Will make again!

  38. Kate

    This is so, so good! I’ve already had requests to make this again. I’m craving more just thinking about it. In order to increase the size, I used a full cauliflower and a full cabbage and roasted them on two separate pans. I also added a can of chickpeas that I threw onto the pans near the end of the roasting time, as well as a bit of feta that needed to be used up. I used a regular green cabbage because that’s what was already in my fridge and it worked well, though maybe less crispy than when I’ve roasted savoys in the past. The dressing is delicious (on a related note, I also really love another of your tahini based dressings–the one for the miso tahini sweet potato bowl). Definitely going into my “make again” folder–along with so many others of yours.

  39. Leah

    Well-stirred tahini….does not exist! I got my upper body workout and bent a couple spoons and a whisk trying to get it done. Sheesh! 😂😂

      1. Carswell

        Yeah, I have to agree on that. Soom is the only tahini I have ever purchased that seems to hold the emulsion. Minimal stirring indeed.

        I have purchased any number of Middle Eastern tahinis and they always separate and solidify. I expect it really isn’t an issue of quality but that the containers are larger and I don’t consume it fast enough.

        Anyway – I took a trawl through my local ME market yesterday and today I am feasting on all the things – fresh baked pitas, hummus, baba ganouj, muhammara, and this fantastic cabbage and cauliflower concoction.

  40. Sophie

    Oh Deb, your recipes are so resilient even against people like me who can’t follow an ingredient and quantity list to save my life. I made this with a bag of cauliflower florets and a bag of coleslaw because I was too lazy to shred cabbage and chop up a head of cauliflower. I used peanut butter instead of tahini because I’m not into it and so didn’t have any in the house. I used lime instead of lemon and added a splash of white wine vinegar instead of water and IT WAS STILL DELICIOUS. Like I’ve eaten the whole tray in half an hour. I’ve already added more cabbage and cauliflower to my shopping list.

  41. teegan

    This was delicious! I did modify a bit: I added a sliced onion to the tray of veggies, and I didn’t have lemon juice, so I subbed half lime juice and half apple cider vinegar. We ate it with rice and black beans and feta, and definitely harissa to taste. So good!

  42. Virginia Collier

    This might be one of the best things I’ve ever eaten. I filled up on this instead of eating the main course I made for dinner and I’ve been scrimping the leftovers to make them last longer. I didn’t change a thing!

  43. Elana

    This was so delicious! I had half a cauliflower waiting to be used, and a fresh bag of coleslaw…that’s what I used! It took a while to char, but it was so worth the wait. That dressing is divine!

  44. Kirsten

    So I just made sweet potato miso bowl this week, and have this jar of wonderful dressing just hanging out. Rather than making a new tahini dressing, do you think that would work here? Or I could just eat it with a spoon…

  45. Katie

    I’ve eating roasted cauliflower with the tahini-yogurt sauce from your first cookbook for years. This sounds like a delightful variation.

  46. Z Wade

    This is so GOOD!! I used broccolini and purple cabbage because that’s what I had. The trick is definitely letting the vegetables get a little crispy and toss with the dressing while hot. Wonderful vegan recipe that will be on repeat.

  47. Anne

    Delicious! You can do this with so many variations. Next time, I’ll use the full cabbage and cauliflower and make 1.5 the amount of dressing. I also want to try it with brats or shrimp to make it a heartier meal.

  48. Sarah

    I made this tonight and it was so darn easy. I ended up using the whole cauliflower (it was very small) and spread it across two sheet pans, which was the right call, as even without the additional half cauliflower it was a bit too much for one tray and I worried it would steam. It crisped beautifully. I added fresh parsley. I served it with haddock seasoned with a zataar blend and lemon, and it paired very nicely.

  49. Jen H.

    Looks like it’s also gluten-free! This is great news for those of us with family members with Celiac. Excited to make this tomorrow night!

  50. Karen

    This was sooooo good! I didn’t expect the incredible flavor pop…I paired it with pierogis and it was delish – thank you for this recipe. It will be on frequent rotation in my house!

  51. Suzannah Kolbeck

    This was good. Was it the greatest ever? Not necessarily, but there was something about the tahini and the harissa that means I will make it again. I am still thinking about the flavors.

    Needed more than 1/2 teaspoon of salt, and I mixed the harissa in with the dressing AND put it on the side. Also needed more lemon juice, but I like the acid, so perhaps that’s just preference.

    Also, I used savoy cabbage that had been frozen, so it did not get the char on most of it, and I added a can of drained, rinsed chickpeas to make it vegan dinner for two. I could see getting rid of the chickpeas and grilling a steak with burnt crispy bits and that being delicious, too.

  52. Leann

    I made this as directed, served over farro (as suggested by another commenter) with a fried egg on top and served to my family for dinner. Fabulous!!

  53. Annie

    This looks delicious. LOVE cabbage. Is this another adapted the Debbie way recipe from Epicurious? I was shocked to see they are a pay site now. I’m curious to learn if you will be paying the fee or going elsewhere. I suppose it is fair enough, but then again they got plenty of dough from ad sales, must we be nickled and dimed to death? Anyway, on my way to the kitchen! Thanks for another great meal!

  54. Jean

    I made this last night with romesco cauliflower and small sweetheart red cabbages from the winter farmers market. Because the cabbage is small it is tender and worked well. It was delicious.

  55. Elisabeth Hardcastle

    Gee, this was just okay for us. Followed the recipe exactly-actually doubled just so we could have leftovers. I was hoping for more nuance in flavor-but I didn’t get it. Glad we tried it though!

  56. Jen Snow

    Sort of combined this tonight with a nytimes recipe for gnocchi crisped in brown butter (1 lb boiled two minutes, sautéed in about 3 tbs butter, covered, another 2-3 minutes). Minus cabbage, plus Brussels sprouts. Didn’t have tahini, so used a couple teaspoons of toasted sesame oil along with the garlic and lemon juice. Added pecorino at the end. Best thing we’ve had in weeks!

  57. Alicia

    We’re big fans of heat but harissa is still new to us. How much would you suggest if we were adding it to the dressing directly?

  58. Magdalen Dobson

    I did what you said not to do and made a huge batch of roasted cabbage and cauliflower, which I’ve then been microwaving and tossing with the tahini dressing and some pearled barley for lunch. Still delicious!

  59. Katie

    I found myself without harissa. I added za’atar, extra sumac, some of Trader Joe’s Georgian spice blend, and toasted some almonds. Such a lovely lunch

  60. Katie

    I found myself without harissa! Instead, I added za’tar, extra sumac, some of Trader Joe’s Georgian spice blend, and toasted almonds. Such a wonderful lunch!

  61. Hilary

    I’ve made this twice in the past week and already have cabbage and cauliflower back on the grocery list. It’s so unbelievably good, and I also used humble green cabbage because it’s what I had on hand.

  62. Lisa

    So I made this for the third time tonight, but it was the first time with a Savoy cabbage. It was great all 3 times but best with the savoy – it really crisped up more than regular green cabbage. I also gave the cabbage/cauli what I call the smitten kitchen treatment when roasting – salt/rp flakes & cumin seeds tossed with the olive oil. Yum!!!

  63. Agatha

    So I had a lemon and olive oil dressing with garlic and oregano already mixed up. Added some tahini into a little of that and poured over the roasted cauliflower. Forgot the Harissa and didn’t have any Napa cabbage on hand. But the roasted cauliflower and dressing were divine. Being able to have this kind of thing at lunch is one of the best things about telecommuting.

  64. Michelle

    This was delicious! Very easy. The most laborious part was cutting the veggies, which wasn’t bad, but next time {and there will definitely be a next time}, I’ll probably use cauliflower florets already cut up, to save time. I’d never used {or even tasted} tahini before. The dressing was a little bland so I added some Tony Chachere’s creole seasoning {I add that stuff to everything} and that helped a lot. Loved the char on the veggies. The family loved it!

  65. Judy

    This was delicious! I didn’t have cauliflower, so I roasted some cherry tomatoes with the cabbage and it was great. Pretty too! I will save the dressing recipe for other veggies and/or pasta. Thank you!

  66. We do eat cabbage and cauliflower salad at home but never thought of making it this way. I like cabbage more though. In fact, we grow them in our garden. Thanks for the recipe, Deb. By the way, would you suggest using any other oil instead of olive?

  67. Caitlin

    My latest addiction, I’ve been adding some curry powder and raisins at the end and serving over arugula, it’s an excellent dupe for the curry cauliflower salad at Sweetgreens.

  68. Laura

    I’m late to the comment game for this post but still feel compelled to share 2 discoveries related to it.
    #1. New York Shuk. It’s the harissa brand that Deb linked to as her favorite store-bought, so I splurged and ordered a few of their products. All are AMPED (Signature Matbucha! Preserved Lemon Paste!) and even moreso was their customer service – truly top notch service in working through 2 issues related to my order, neither of which were of their making.
    #2. Speaking of late to the game, cashew cream is a brilliant tahini substitution! Lacking tahini, I soaked some raw, unsalted cashews and blitzed up 2 jewel-toned sauces. One mostly as Deb suggests here and the other with heaps of lime and fistfulls of cilantro. They were perfect dinner bowlmates with brown rice and the roasted cabbage and cauli.
    Oh, and please do take Deb’s advice about “to the edge of burnt.” Then, thank her for proffering it ;) (Thank you, Deb!!!)

  69. Ruth

    I just made this for a meal with a very picky friend. It was delicious and we left just enough leftovers for me to enjoy for lunch (I added some edamame to make it more substantial) today. Thanks!

  70. Amy

    “you” (longtime readers) know how Deb gripes about soups being one note and boring? I finally understood that with this salad. It was fine, and maybe if I added harissa it would’ve lived up to the other reviews. But I didn’t notice any variation to the ingredients, and so the effect was like eating a Manila envelope. Didn’t love it enough to try again with the addition. Almost… didn’t like it? I never understood the soup thing, so maybe this was a salad version of palate-related understanding. I’d add pomegranate seeds, parsley, and roasted almonds for variation if I’d do it again, in addition to the I guess-not-optional harissa.

  71. Alex B

    So delicious! I made this for lunch with 13 oz. regular cabbage (ended up with three cabbages due to, umm…cabbage anxiety I guess) & about the same of cauliflower, a scant 2 T EVOO. And despite my request to NOT talk out loud about lack of beauty or color, my partner went ahead and suggested ways to make the salad prettier! Who could stand such a physical? But I do think some raw carrot ribbons, red/purple pepper slices and some sprinkled mint & parsley—if taking it in a Mediterranean direction—wouldn’t be amiss. Another direction could be to add to the roasted veggies some raw colorful pepper slices, scallions chopped on the diagonal, cilantro chopped with its stems, toasted sesame seeds, and to the dressing sub rice wine vinegar for some of the lemon, throw in some minced ginger, soy or fish sauce, and a little toasted sesame oil. And serve that with a jar of sliced jalapeños marinating in water and fish sauce (our new favorite condiment for everything!) Thank you for the recipe! You were right—I started thinking immediately how to incorporate another batch into tomorrow’s dinner!

  72. Alana

    My veggies refused to char even after 20 minutes so I threw it under the broiler to get the char needed. Probably could have used another fee minutes. Otherwise this was incredible.

  73. Todd

    Made this tonight It was very good; everyone enjoyed it. My cabbage didn’t crisp well so i put it under the broiler. Used the whole head of cauliflower and cabbage and the amount of dressing was adequate for the additional veg.

  74. Beth

    I ate my portion right out of the bowl, my husband put his into a tortilla with some brown rice and ate it as a burrito. We both loved it so much we almost forgot to save some for our toddler, who also loved it!
    We had some leftover dressing which ended up on our steamed kale for dinner and that was a big hit too.
    I always double or triple the amount of garlic called for in recipes which ended up tasting great here, if you are a garlic lover like me.

  75. christine

    I’m going to make this right now, with purple cabbage because I am crazy like that (and that is what I have in the fridge). I expect a bowl of pink deliciousness coming my way in about 45 mins.

  76. Janet in NC

    Charringly delicious! In the spirit of use what you have, threw a couple garlic cloves to roast with the cabbage and cauliflower, and then added the molten goodness to homemade aioli in place of harissa, perfect with roasted salmon.

  77. pamzi

    my lord this is delicious. i tried it once w/ white cauliflower – super crispy, yum. next time w/ purple cauliflower – didn’t get as crispy. weird. but still inhalably good. curious if there are differences other than color b/w cauli varieties..?

  78. Eileen

    What crazy alchemy is this? Two mundane vegetables, roasted with pantry ingredients, and it’s the best lunch ever. Although I am a fan of harissa, I found it unnecessary here. I love some of the suggestions in the comments—white beans, a fried egg, pepitas—and will see what I have on-hand next time I make this.

  79. Charlee

    OK – this recipe has been stalking on me social forevah, and I finally had a night when my husband wasn’t at home screaming for meat and potatoes, so I away I go.
    I made the dressing the night before, assuming that would be bueno to give the garlic time to meld. Was this a mistake? Overnight stay in frig yielded a gloppy mess… but I am not deterred! Thinned with water but was still just tahini funk, so I added some Worcestershire and honey, and I still wasn’t in love, but said we good. or at least good enough.
    Made way too much dressing. My half portion needed (as noted!) about 1.5 tblsps. And I have to say … this stuff is legit! I only had green cabbage so who knows if I got the intended result. But what I did get was AMAZING and adaptable, which is always key for me because I’m a kind of “GO BIG on SPICE or go HOME” kinda gal.
    Thanks for sharing – i will be riffing on this one for a while!

  80. Stephanie

    In the video, you are using a head of green cabbage, cut in chunks. In the recipe, it calls for Savoy cabbage, cut in ribbons. Which is it?

  81. Laura Crocenzi

    I made this tonight. Very yum yum. I added just a touch of agave to the tahini dressing as I don’t like the overt bitterness of tahini. Next time I will roast the cauliflower alone for awhile, as it wasn’t charred enough by the time the cabbage was ready. I also forgot to dip in the harissa. Next time! Thank you!

  82. Kacy

    Outstanding. I made it with green cabbage because I couldn’t find savoy and it was phenomenal. Thanks for this recipe.

  83. Anne Remington

    Subbed NYShuk preserved lemon paste for the juice and adjusted the salt—just when I thought this dish couldn’t get any better…

  84. Danita

    Made this for my dinner and it was perfect recipe for one person as a meal. I used regular cabbage. I added the harissa to the dressing. I’m thinking this would be good with a scoop of faro. I’ll try that tomorrow night with the remaining cauliflower and cabbage.

  85. Rebecca

    This was so delicious! My husband and I scarfed down the entire bowl (and it wasn’t the only thing we were eating).

    Deb is right — a good char on the veggies is key.

  86. Susan Huffman

    So delicious! Only changes were to add roasted garbanzo beans to the salad when I served it, for crunch. What great flavors! Lacking Harissa, I used a dash of sriracha and some chili crisp in the dressing. Fantastic!

  87. Tamara

    OMG this is so good! I keep trying cabbage recipes that promise THIS will make you like cabbage and, nope. But this one is a winner! I am looking forward to my (I know they’re going to be soggy but it’s ok) leftovers tomorrow and that just never happens. 5 stars!

  88. Carrie H

    I have eaten this twice a week and given this recipe to EVERYONE I know since you posted it on Instagram a few weeks ago. Perfection!