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I realize this is an unpopular opinion and that you might even revoke my internet food ranting license for saying this, but I’m not particularly bothered by corn syrup in recipes. For me, it’s more of a math thing. It mostly shows up in things nobody is eating for underlying health benefits and we all understand we’re only supposed to enjoy in moderation (candies, caramels, etc.) so it’s hard to get up in arms over a glug of it in a recipe that yields a few dozen tiny items one might eat one or two a day of a few times a year. [I will now duck until you’re all done yelling.]

what we'll need
make the filling

What does bother me about it however is that it’s just plain bland — it tastes like sweet nothingness, and while I can shrug this off in small quantities, in larger amounts, it’s particularly a bummer. I mean, if we are going to eat something that’s largely comprised of sugar, wouldn’t we rather that sugar taste like something? And this is why when it comes to pecan pie, there’s a whole extra dynamic of deeply toasted, luxurious flavor that can be instantly tasted by using golden syrup instead of corn.

add the eggs, once cooled a bit
all butter, really flaky pie dough
blind-bake the crust, if you wish
into the shell

Thus, here is the pecan pie recipe I’ve been promising you for most of the decade this site has been around. There’s no excuse for taking so long, I just figured most people were happy with the way they already made it and didn’t need my help, especially when help came in the form of an ingredient that must be tracked down. But then I made pecan pie both ways and the one with golden syrup, dark brown sugar and deeply toasted nuts was not even on the same level, it doesn’t even feel fair to compare them. These three things will send your pecan pie game into the stratosphere, into the otherwordly realm. If I’m going to make pecan pie just once a year, this is the only way I’ll do it.

pecan pie
pecan pie

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Pecan Pie

Here are my rules for a really excellent pecan pie:
1. Toast your nuts! You must, you must. Do you want it to taste intensely like pecans, or just a caramel crunch? Toast your nuts.
2. Dark brown sugar trumps light brown because more molasses, more flavor.
3. Golden syrup tastes amazing here, and is worth the trouble of tracking it down. (See more, below.)
4. If you use golden syrup, do not add more than a pinch of salt. It contains a bit of sodium, more than corn syrup, and I’ve learned the hard way.
5. A tiny bit of cider vinegar (trust me) really helps balance out the aching sweetness of a gooey caramel pie.
6. Finally, if you gild the lily (of course you do), add some chocolate: After rolling out and parbaking your crust (if desired), place it in the freezer until solid, about 15 minutes. Melt 4 ounces of semi- or bittersweet chocolate chunks with 1/4 cup heavy or whipping cream until smooth. Spread over bottom of cooled crust. Freeze the crust again until the chocolate is solid, about another 20 minutes, before pouring in pecan mixture.

More about golden syrup: Golden syrup a light treacle or cane sugar syrup and if that didn’t sound delicious enough, it’s lightly toasted with a pinch of salt, giving it a caramel-ish vibe that’s so incredible, it’s no wonder it’s not just used as a sweetener in candies but straight out of the bottle over pancakes and hot cereal. (Something that would be flat-out gross with corn syrup.) In a classic pecan pie? Incomparable. A UK product, it’s becoming more and more available in the U.S. as people look for corn syrup alternatives. It’s easy to buy online, and if you have a local store that reliably sells it, give it a shout in the comments and I’ll try to make a list.

1 1/4 cups (155 grams) all-purpose flour
1 1/2 teaspoons (6 grams) granulated sugar
1/2 teaspoon (3 grams) fine sea or table salt
1 stick (4 ounces or 115 grams) cold unsalted butter, cut into chunks
1/4 cup (60 ml) very cold water, plus an additional tablespoon if needed

6 tablespoons unsalted butter
1 cup packed dark brown sugar
3/4 cup golden syrup (see Note up top)
A pinch or two of sea salt
2 cups (225 grams) pecan halves
1 teaspoon apple cider vinegar
1 tablespoon bourbon (optional)
2 teaspoons vanilla extract
3 large eggs

Make the pie dough:

  • By hand, with my one-bowl method: In the bottom of a large bowl, combine the flour, salt and sugar. Work the butter into the flour with your fingertips or a pastry blender until mixture resembles a coarse meal and the largest bits of butter are the size of tiny peas. (Some people like to do this by freezing the stick of butter and coarsely grating it into the flour, but I haven’t found the results as flaky.) Add 1/4 cup cold water and stir with a spoon or flexible silicone spatula until large clumps form. Use your hands to knead the dough together, right in the bottom of the bowl. If necessary to bring the dough together, you can add the last tablespoon of water.
  • With a food processor: In the work bowl of a food processor, combine flour, salt and sugar. Add butter and pulse machine until mixture resembles a coarse meal and the largest bits of butter are the size of tiny peas. Turn mixture out into mixing bowl. Add 1/4 cup cold water and stir with a spoon or flexible silicone spatula until large clumps form. Use your hands to knead the dough together, right in the bottom of the bowl. If necessary to bring the dough together, you can add the last tablespoon of water.
  • Both methods: Wrap dough in a sheet of plastic wrap and refrigerate for at least one hour, or up to 48 hours, or you can quick-firm this in the freezer for 15 minutes. Longer than 2 days, it’s best to freeze it until needed.

Form the crust: On a floured counter, roll the dough out into a 12 to 13-inch circle-ish shape. Fold dough gently in quarters without creasing and transfer to a 9-inch standard (not deep-dish) pie plate. Unfold dough and trim overhang to about 1/2-inch. Fold overhang under edge of pie crust and crimp decoratively. If not parbaking, place in fridge until ready to fill. If parbaking, place in freezer for 20 minutes, until solid.

Par-bake the crust: [Optional, but will lead to a crispier base.] Heat oven 400°F (205°C). Line frozen crust with lightly buttered or oiled foil. Fill with pie weights, dried beans or pennies. Bake on a rimmed baking sheet for 20 minutes. Carefully remove foil and weights and let cool a little before filling.

Heat oven: (Or reduce oven heat, if you just par-baked your crust) to 350°F (175°C).

Prepare filling: Spread pecans on a rimmed baking sheet and toast in the oven for 10 to 12 minutes, stirring once or twice so that they toast evenly. Set aside until needed. If you like smaller bits, you can chop them, or as shown here, chop half of them (although I usually leave them whole).

In medium saucepan, combine butter, brown sugar, golden syrup and pinch of salt. Bring to a simmer over medium heat and cook for 2 minutes, stirring. Remove from heat and stir in pecans, cider vinegar, vanilla and bourbon (if using). Pour into a bowl (so that it cools faster) and set the mixture aside to cool a little, about 5 to 10 minutes. Then, whisk in one egg at a time until combined. Pour mixture into prepared pie shell.

Bake: For 40 to 45 minutes. The pie is done with the edges are set and puffed slightly and the center is slightly firm to the touch but still has some jiggle to it. Cool on a rack. Serve slightly warm or room temperature.

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848 comments on pecan pie

    1. Cathy

      Made this for Thanksgiving and wow! All felt it was the best pecan pie ever. Kroger is a source og the Golden Syrup. My hubs Grandfather was from England and always talked about how he missed pancake syrup that wasn’t maple. We think he must habe meant Golden Syrup.

      1. Ann Rourke

        Followed the recipe exactly—even bought the Lyle’s—and while the filling was to die for, the crust, sadly, was tough. Ugh! Looked fine after pre-baking and had a great color after the final bake, but you needed a steak knife to cut through it.
        I don’t think my dough was over-worked, but what else could have happened? HELP!!! I want to try this again for Christmas Eve.

        1. I hope it works today for you! All I can say is, I’m just making it and the amount of water that Deb gives for the dough was way too much (much as I hate to disagree with you, Deb!) – luckily I didn’t add the whole 1/4 cup at once. So, a too-wet dough would be hard – but I’m sure you’d have noticed if it was over-wet. The only other observation is that I don’t trust using a food processor to mix pastry. I know loads of people do it, but I think there’s enough of a chance that I’ll overwork the gluten in the flour, that I just don’t risk it. I think larger bits of butter make the pastry better. Hope it all went well. Hope mine works out for Christmas Day!

          1. ZoeCat

            A couple recommendations about adding water to pie crust – it should be as cold possible – I make a big glass of ice water before I begin to assemble the crust, so the water is chilled by the time I need it. And definitely *do not* add the water all at once. It should be added very gradually as you pulse the food processor or toss the dough if you are making it by hand. I use an inexpensive glass cruet (the kind with a screw on metal top with a small hole) to only add the water a few drops at a time. The amount of water you will need varies with the dryness of your flour and the humidity in the air. Only add enough to make the dough stick together in a ball

        2. Ann

          Thanks for your insightful comments, only wished I saw them BEFORE making the pie again. Next time…..
          When I made the pie for Christmas I did not pre-bake the crust. This clearly helped. Maybe next time I will pre-bake but place foil around the crust for the final bake. Also will try less water.
          I’ll get there. The filling really is beyond delish. I just need to work on the crust.

        3. Tara

          If anyone is near Salt Lake City, UT, Edinburgh Castle routinely stocks small quantities of Lyle’s Golden Syrup. My kids found it ages ago when they were on a big “Harry Potter treacle tart” kick. I don’t know why I didn’t think about using it for pecan pie… Going to get some tomorrow!

        1. Lynn

          Hi Maja,
          Maple syrup is vastly different from Golden Syrup. It will not make the pecan pie as full-bodied in flavor. If you decide to try maple syrup with this pie recipe, make sure it is pure maple syrup, not a pancake syrup. Good luck to you!!

          1. Lynn

            Sorry, I forgot to add, if you try the maple syrup instead of the Golden Syrup, add 1 tablespoon of flour as the maple syrup is runnier. Also, it is best to par-bake the crust if using maple syrup.

      2. Leah

        I love this recipe! I’ve reliably made it for at least 4 Thanksgivings. Unfortunately this year I fudged it up and forgot to put eggs in it before popping it in the oven.
        I was hoping maybe you could reformat the recipe so that the ingredients correlate with the directions. I keep having to scroll up and down as I’m reading through the directions.

        1. Amanda Mickelson

          YES This!!! up, down, up down. But it’s an amazing recipe!!! My entire extended family absolutely demands this pie each year now!

  1. Sarah M.

    This looks amazing! My one gripe with pecan pie is not the flavor, but more than gelatinous quality that comes from (perhaps?) skimping on pecans. What is this one like? Crunchy? Gooey?

  2. Nice! I’ve been making Pioneer Woman’s version, but replacing most or all of the corn syrup with golden syrup (sometimes a bit of maple, too), for similar reasons to those you mentioned. And I’ve been toasting the nuts (and using more than her 1 cup), too. So looks quite similar to what you’re suggesting.
    One thing I notice is that you seem to use a bit less sugar altogether – is this also related to the use of golden syrup?
    Also, if I don’t have apple cider vinegar, what other vinegar would you suggest instead? I was thinking of something neutral like rice vinegar, would that be okay?

    1. Emma

      My in-laws are here, and they don’t eat eggs… and they adore pecan pie. Any thoughts on what to sub for the eggs? I often use applesauce when baking, but I don’t think it would work in this recipe. Thanks!

        1. Caroline

          I’m also subbing out eggs. I regularly sub ground flax mixed with water for eggs in baking and it works great.

          1 T. ground flax with 3 T. water= 1 egg

  3. I had a Bible professor in college who used to teach us “Nomen Omen” your name is your fate. The red curls! Leapin’ Lizards! Could you ever in a million years imagine you’d have your own Annie? I will always remember the early 80s and singing its soundtrack. (Both the play and movie version for me and my sisters.) First movie I ever saw — my mom dressed us in matching sundresses so we’d remember it. Nowadays, I can just hit On Demand and make something appear on the TV for Lilli. Kids these days, they have no idea.

  4. … Okay, I’ll try it. But only because I really trust you, and it does look good! (But if this dethrones my dad’s pecan pie recipe — so good my husband and I had it instead of wedding cake — I blame you for the resulting family schism! (Joking, joking.))

    Sarah, since this has golden syrup I suspect it’ll still have the gooey texture; it’s subbing one syrup for another more flavorful one. (A brilliant move, IMO.)

  5. deb

    To use corn syrup — Same volume (3/4 cup).

    Gooey factor — This is middle-of-the-road on the goo (which, honestly, isn’t my favorite part either but this was enjoyed by people who love the goo too, and now this sounds like a Dr. Seuss book). I find it less gooey when you chop half the nuts. OR, you could add 1/3 cup more for a more dense filling.

    Sugar — There are recipes with more? I couldn’t imagine adding more, this is quite sweet. Rice vinegar would work, too.

  6. Kris

    This looks wonderful! For those who live in the Midwest, Meijer’s always has Lyle’s golden syrup in the international foods aisle. Also, I’ve learned the hard way, always put a pan on the rack underneath your pecan pies to catch bubble-over — this is the worst filling to have to scrape off your oven!

  7. Beth

    So by a bit of Amazon-ing “golden syrup” it is actually Cane Syrup- which is available at my neighborhood grocery store next to the molasses and corn syrup. It does have a distinctive flavor, and is a southern thing. I’ve made cane syrup pecan pie before, and I am excited to try this recipe. The idea of vinegar to cut the sweet a tad along with toasting the pecans is really piquing my interest. We love pecan pie, but it is truly syrupy sweet. This’ll be on our Thanksgiving table. Thanks, Smitten!

  8. Sarah

    This looks delicious and I’ll give it a try as I have a jar of Golden Syrup sitting in my pantry. Wanted to mention though that for years my standby pecan pie recipe has been the Mocha Pecan Pie from Sunday’s at Moosewood Restaurant. That recipe uses maple syrup rather than corn syrup. Perhaps an alternative for those who have trouble finding Golden Syrup and don’t want to bother with mail order.

  9. Joanne B

    My go-to substitution for any kind of syrup required is maple. Only because I always have it on hand, we buy it by the litre (what can I say, I’m Canadian, don’t judge me!). That said, I don’t think maple pecan pie is what I am looking for… I might actually go find this golden syrup.

  10. Meg

    I am know in my family for making Peacan Pie soup one year….when the pie never set. I have yet to live it down…maybe this is the year I create a masterpiece. Thanks, Deb.

  11. “I’m not particularly bothered by corn syrup in recipes. For me, it’s more of a math thing. It mostly shows up in things nobody is eating for underlying health benefits and we all understand we’re only supposed to enjoy in moderation.

    What does bother me about it however is that it’s just plain bland — it tastes like sweet nothingness, and while I can shrug this off in small quantities, in larger amounts, it’s particularly a bummer”

    Deb, you understand me.

  12. Jess

    I am totes with you on the corn syrup thing! I know sugar, in all forms, is generally bad for you, but really, most of us (OK, maybe just those in my house) eat the *really bad* stuff just a few times a year. I use CS in marshmallows (obvs) and hubby uses it in his Chocolate Bourbon Pecan Pie, but I can’t think offhand of where else I use it. I am firmly of the belief that all things should be enjoyed in moderation, including moderation (I wish I could remember who said that first!).

  13. Emily

    I’m pretty sure I’ve seen golden syrup in the international aisle (i.e. near all of the British stuff) of my local Wegmans, and assume that other Wegmans stores carry it as well.

  14. eclecticdeb

    I’m known for my Thanksgiving pies, and usually end up baking at least 6 (sometimes 8) for our t-day festivities. Yes, we have a lot of people over, and they complain loudly when there isn’t pie for breakfast the next morning.

    Pecan Pie is my absolute FAVORITE — I actually love the goo — I might have to test drive this version (ahem) before making next week. It’s the first one to be consumed (I make 2-3), while the pumpkin goes mostly ignored. I also make several Apple Pies, those don’t suck either.

  15. Keli

    Deb, thank you so much for making a pecan pie without corn syrup! After many years, I’ve finally found out that I have a corn sensitivity – so now I have an answer why I’ve felt so awful and in pain after pecan pie…and tortilla chips…and polenta. Knowing that I now have an awesome recipe for pecan pie that I can actually eat this holiday season just made my day a little brighter. Thank you!

  16. Lauren

    This looks like a crunchy pie rather than a gooey one. Dang! You have made me HAVE to make this because of that fact. A gooey one with just the single layer of pecans on top is ghastly and so NOT worth the calories. A crunchy one, on the other hand is a dream come true, you can have a smaller slice and be satisfied, and it really NEEDS a dollop of whipped cream so you are able to justify that indulgence as well! Perfect.

    Running out to Shop Rite (golden syrup) although Stop and Shop carries it as well, and I am assuming that Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods also must, here in Fairfield County, CT.

  17. Dee Kaye

    omg… THANK YOU! I am responsible for the pecan pie this year and need this recipe! My mother has finally relinquished the pie responsibility and I was searching for a recipe! Is there someplace I can find golden syrup for sure? (also advance thank yous for your chocolate pudding pie recipe too!)

  18. Lauren

    Just managed to get the little “Annie” photo to show…commented “blind” about the pie a minute ago. She is delightful…Anna with the lovely light in her eyes. A sweet soul and a blessing for us all.What a gift she is for all who behold her.That is a great photo- her inner beauty is SO obvious. Treasure that one.

  19. showtune

    I have never seen Golden Syrup at Trader Joe’s, but can consistently find it in the International Food aisle near the other British foods at Publix. Most recently, in a very convenient squeeze bottle (far preferable to the old pop top canned/ tinned variety).

    Would you mind updating with weights/ volume??

  20. Teri

    This is my Dad’s fave and I make it once a year… on his b-day. My thots same as yours on corn syrup (wait, isn’t dessert supposed to be special and a rare treat? ;) Mama substituted pancake syrup cos she was frugal, she didn’t ‘keep’ corn syrup on hand and may have just thought it gave the pie more flavor. Great tip on toasting the nuts–just have to watch so I don’t burn the expensive buggers! Thanks!

  21. Emily

    Is the pie noticeably boozy? I’ve made the Bourbon Chocolate Pecan Pie from the first Baked cookbook before, which has been requested this year due to the noticeable alcohol flavor, but your pie looks delicious. Would it noticeably effect the filling’s consistency if I upped the bourbon to 3 Tbs?

  22. Laura

    Our local Wegman’s (in Crofton, MD) has golden syrup too. The King’s golden syrup is corn syrup – not what you want! It’s the Lyle’s golden syrup that is cane sugar. (I’ve also gotten Lyle’s from the Crofton Station Giant, but don’t guarantee they have it any more.)

  23. Carolyn!!

    Thank you!!! I am so pumped about this recipe. And, I’m glad you mentioned the toasting, who would ever NOT toast their pecans? Its criminal. I have a special place in my heart for Lyle’s Golden Syrup. My mom is from Hong Kong and we always had it at our table growing up. You should definitely be putting Lyle’s all over your hot buttered biscuits too!

  24. Laura S

    My mom and I just purchased a bottle of golden syrup for another recipe and are now looking for ways to use up the remainder. Your post is very timely and we’re looking forward to trying this pie.
    For the Canadians out there, we found Rogers Golden Syrup at the Real Canadian Superstore.

  25. Marlena

    Deb, what are your thoughts on using Steen’s (pure cane syrup) if I can’t find golden syrup? I really haven’t seen that anywhere around here. It appears there’s a slight difference between these two, but I wondered if it would be still closer than corn syrup….?

  26. Hillary

    Awesome! I can’t wait to try. I have been using Pioneer Woman’s pecan pie with good success, so looking forward to trying this one. I never par bake the crust or toast the nuts in advance, so will have to try it. I will report back.

  27. I noticed that it’s sold in bottles as well as in cans. Do you recommend one over the other, or it makes no difference. I only ask because your note shows the can, but your recipe shows the bottle. Thanks!

  28. Lori T.

    My local Wegman’s market in Upstate NY carries it -so I imagine the chain as a whole has it as well and there are Wegman’s all over the place!

  29. Amber

    Do you get a strong bourbon flavor from this? If you are looking for a significant bourbon kick, would it ruin the consistency to add more?

  30. deb

    Bottles vs. cans of golden syrup — I have bought both. They’re the exact same thing. The bottle is a little neater; the price is usually better on the cans (the one I linked to on Amazon is two cans for the best price I’ve seen).

    Tiffany — Unless it’s deep, it’s too much filling for a tart pan. Or, you can use a 10 or 11-inch round. Or you could scale the filling back to maybe 2/3 level (should be easy to divide), to be safe.

    Bourbon — The flavor is very subtle. Definitely increase it if you want it louder.

    1. IC

      I am very puzzled by how the pie crust baked; it literally oozed butter so much so that there was a pool under the pan and a pool at the bottom of the crust as I prebaked the crust. Is this normal?

  31. Heidi J

    When you made it with corn syrup did you make with light or dark corn syrup? I’ve noticed that a lot of recipes use light corn syrup, but my mom always made it with dark corn syrup, so that’s what I do with mine and I think it tastes better.

  32. Alanna

    I second Marlena’s question regarding Steen’s “pure cane syrup” vs. golden syrup. Seems like maybe they should be interchangeable for this recipe?

  33. Jane Hill

    As a New Zealander Golden Syrup is a very common and loved ingredient, in fact one of our family favourite recipes is golden syrup steamed pudding. So I think I may try this recipe because it has ingredients that are much easier for me to access. Thank you!

  34. Ivy

    I don’t mind using corn syrup for things that need it (like marshmallows, candy, etc.). The trouble we have is that it’s in EVERYTHING (does bread need corn syrup? no it does not). However despite having tried golden syrup, I sill prefer pecan pie made with brown sugar and maple syrup and lots of chopped pecans (crunch, not goo) with a layer of whole nuts on top. However, I will try my go to recipe with toasting (why did I not think of this?) and vinegar.

  35. Earlier this year after checking several stores, I finally bought Golden Syrup at Saraga International Grocery in Indianapolis. Treacle tart saved! Lately I’ve been pondering what to do with the rest of the can. This may be the answer.

  36. deb

    Steens — It sounds like Steen’s cane syrup is the same as Lyle’s golden syrup, from what I’ve read. But I haven’t auditioned it.

    Docking — No need to dock the crust before par-baking.

  37. Chad

    Everyone loves s’mores, Right? Marshmallows, are just corn syrup. Who’s raising a fuss about s’mores? Not a soul. Pecan pie with Golden syrup sounds like a hit to me. Maybe the bourban has convinced me.

  38. Christina

    MMMMM, yum! You don’t cite any source for your recipe but it looks somewhat similar to Alton Brown’s, which we have made and enjoyed for the last few Thanksgivings! A previous comment already mentions Meijer’s here in the midwest – I can second that, and add that my husband just found it there in a squeeze bottle for no-mess use! Possibly the least economical way to buy it, but for our one bottle a year, I think it’s totally worth it. Yum.

  39. Mrs. Fifi La Singe

    This is just brilliant!
    I’ve just made a batch of inver syrup because I don’t use corn syrup anymore and won’t buy anything with it either. My husband is type 2 diabetic, so if he sneaks a bite of something he shouldn’t (and he does), I’d rather it be more glycemic healthy. Corn syrup is really quite a bad ingredient but I won’t belabor this. The problem is that we’re so used to using it extensively. So many recipes have been created around it, it’s difficult to consider using something else, especially because the recipes it’s used in often are expensive, and they’re heat and labor intensive.

    But golden syrup!! Wonderful! Adding more complexity which pecan pie needs because otherwise it’s just sweet to death.

    BTW, golden vs sugar syrup – the difference is I believe a tiny bit of lemon rind used in the making but I could be wrong. It’s a wonderful ingredient. I can’t wait to try this recipe. I think this may be one of your best Deb, I really do!! All these tiny details – I always toast nuts but adding a bit of cider vinegar and that thin layer of chocolate on the crust. OMG! This is one for the ages. THANK YOU!

  40. Meeghan

    How long will it keep? I’m travelling by car (5 hour trip) and will have to do my baking here on Tuesday. So I need something that will keep for a few days.

  41. Laura

    I just bought my annual bottle of corn syrup this morning. Tomorrow, I will return it and get golden syrup because

  42. I love, love, love that you are doing Thanksgiving this year. These recipes are really good. Pecan Pie is my absolute favorite, and my SIL always brings her delicious version. I think (know) this year I will make a secret pie for the immediate family to enjoy for when the big event is over and it’s just us!

  43. Susan

    I am OCD over trying to make the perfect pecan pie, so, Thank you, Deb! I will def give this a try, like today!

    I have been using the Lyles in combination with other corn syrups and with maple syrup for more of a maple flavor sometimes. It’s a nice change on occasion. I combine them because the Lyles is thicker than corn syrup so I thought it would work better to help offset the thinness of the maple syrup and help set the filling. I don’t add my usual addition of a liquor with the maple.

    One thing I do, do, is mix a little brandy (or rum or bourbon) with the Lyles and brush it over the top of the pie when it’s done baking. It gives a nice sheen and softens the crusty texture (which I don’t love) so it cuts better without the top cracking as much.

    I’m also a goo-lover! I know, it’s so sweet, but I think the point of the bland base for the filling is so it allows the flavor of the nuts to come through. Of course, most recipes of yore don’t tell you to heat the nuts first so they can release some of the flavor into the filling. The better way to heat them is to cook them in the butter you use in the filling. It leaches the nut oils into the butter for more nut flavor. It’s still subtle, works better.

    Re: Steens or other Cane Syrup. It tastes more like molasses so unless that is what you’re shooting for, be advised! The flavor is too strong to get any nut flavor to come through in the filling.

  44. Elysa

    I don’t usually comment, but Thank You! I have been in need of a good pecan pie recipe for so long! It’s one of those dishes that always seems to fall so short of my idea of what it could be- too crazy sweet, too gooey, not enough nuts or flavor. I think with your recipe, I might have finally found a good starting point. Thanks!

  45. Hi! This pie looks amazing, as a kid pecan pie was my favorite ( along with orange and grape pop, taffy and many other overly sweet stuffs!) but as my taste matured I’ve found it difficult to enjoy… I’m excited to try this and see if it rekindles an old love! One thing though, I live in Alaska.. and don’t much feel like ordering golden syrup online, so I looked for recipes and found this one which seems real. Thought I’d ost it in case anyone else is a miser like me!

  46. Staci

    Golden syrup is available at most Publix in the international foods section. I just made oatmeal/ chocolate chip cookies (my take on a HobNob) with it this week. So yum. And I can’t wait to try this pecan pie. Looks amazing.

  47. Rachel

    I didn’t realise you couldn’t easily get golden syrup in the US. How you describe putting it on pancakes etc is exactly how my boyfriend inhales it. Golden syrup and cinnamon porridge on a winter morning…. Delightful.

  48. Erica B

    Lucky for us Canadians, Lyle’s Golden Syrup is available at the standard grocery store. Also, I am pleasantly weirded out that someone from my town in Canada posted about a store I frequent (Waterloo, ON).

  49. Jaime

    In Australia, it’s actually hard to find corn syrup. Golden syrup is our go to syrup. It’s the main ingredient in my sisters amazing Anzac biscuits.

  50. Linda

    *Student living alone drooling*
    How long can this keep? Because I wouldn’t want to be forced to eat a pie all by myself in two days…..I think.

  51. pattyk

    I have been using lyle’s golden syrup in pecan pie since I discovered it several years ago and can attest it is way better!
    Steen’s cane syrup is much darker and stronger flavored. I wouldn’t like it as much.
    Lyle’s is sold at publix, fresh market, and Harris Teeter grocery stores.

  52. Kuda

    I actually use date honey. For various reasons I can’t use corn syrup so I usually substitute this. Also I only use 3/4 cup sugar. Man is this stuff sweet. Probably why I only rarely make it. Must try the chocolate on the bottom! What a great idea!

  53. Ann in NJ

    I don’t mean to be snarky but I would like to point out that the corn syrup used in home baking is NOT the same as the high fructose corn syrup used in commercial baking. HFCS is chemically altered to have more sugar in it and is used in a staggering variety of prepared foods (ketchup, bread, sodas, etc.), while corn syrup is pretty much equivalent to a “regular” sugar. While the corn industry would like you to believe HFCS is used by your body just like regular sugar, the jury is still out.

    That said, corn syrup is flavorless besides just “sweet” and the idea of using something with more flavor is brilliant. My southern brother-in-law uses molasses or planter’s syrup (I’m not sure that was the name) where I would use corn syrup.

  54. Susan in CA

    I’m married to an Australian so always have golden syrup in the house for Anzac biscuits. I also have cider vinegar. Will be trying this recipe for sure and will toast, toast, toast.

  55. BAE

    Did I miss something, or is anyone else confused by the postings referring to Annie and their relevance?

    To the point: This does, indeed, look amazing and is being added to my Thanksgiving menu! Thank you, Deb!

  56. Sasha

    Ooh excited to try this. My usual go-to is to take any pecan recipe, at 1 c of chocolate chips directly with the pecans, and 1/4 c. bourbon. Flavorful gooey heaven. But, I promise to try this as-written first.

  57. Just want to really quickly throw out there: there’s no need to have Halloween be the reason you dress up your kid. With the holidays upon us, it’s a prime time to pick up a red dress! :)

  58. Marjie

    I’ve been researching chocolate pecan pie recipes ALL day. I already have a batch of your pie crust in the freezer ready to go. You could not have timed this recipe better. Thanksgiving/Dad’s birthday dessert. CANNOT WAIT.

  59. Kelly

    Looks amazing, Deb! All the kids in my husband’s family make pies for Thanksgiving and pecan is always made. I’m convincing someone to make this!

    For those of you in the Boston area, I’ve found Lyle’s Golden Syrup at Market Basket in the baking aisle, normally next to agave syrups, not near where corn syrup is.

  60. KP

    Girl, I never tell anyone my grammie’s pecan pie secret, but you already know this trick (and I owe you so much because your recipes feed my body and soul) and so now you just need to know what a difference it makes in pecan pie.

    Brown the butter.

    Grammie does it in a tiny cast-iron skillet over low heat until it is deep deep brown. And then she mixes with the corn syrup and the rest of the regular recipe. But it would be super easy to translate here by starting your saucepan with butter and adding the other stuff once it’s brown.

    That’s straight out of the deep South. Although Grammie’s recipe starts with “buy a pie crust,” heh.

  61. Jane M

    WHY WHY WHY does my hubs have Type 1? This is downright ILLEGAL in my house but I WANT TO LICK MY SCREEN! Sure I can bake this – but there’s no enjoyment when only I can partake and leave my hubs out. WAAAAAH!

  62. Marsha Kern

    2 things, my family is not a pecan pie family but when I married my husband his family was so at 40 I made 2 pecan pies to take, followed my best friends tried and true recipe and they did not get done in the middle!! Was I embarrassed! Had to be eaten in a bowl with spoon! And my wonderful Mom who worked when I was a little girl would make me french toast for breakfast and put white corn syrup because it was my favorite!

  63. SandyH

    As a biased Granmie who thinks her grandchildren are the cutest in history, I gasped audibly when I saw your daughter’s picture. And please…she’s waaay cuter than Annie!! I mean, she’s over the top preciousness.

  64. I’m a huge fan of the recipe on the back of the Karo light corn syrup bottle, because it’s WHAT MY MOM MADE. But you’ve inspired me to buy a bottle of Lyle’s and mix it up this year. I’ve been adding bourbon to mine for years — cuts the sweet a bit.

    Is it heresy to consider walnuts over pecans?

  65. Sara

    I will be hosting a crowd for Thanksgiving, so I’d like to do as much the day before as is practical. Can I bake this on Wednesday, and serve it on Thursday?

  66. deb

    Making this ahead — This keeps SO well in the fridge for several days, especially if you par-bake the crust so it stays very crisp. It will also keep well for travel and can be out of the fridge all day without a problem. It can be kept at room temperature too, but it won’t keep as nicely for as long because it will be softer.

    Walnuts over pecans — Someone after my own heart! (I love walnuts above all others, and nobody agrees with me.) I’d expect them to work just fine here.

    Corn syrup vs. HFC — Of course. I think that’s why corn syrup has gotten a bad rap, because of it sounds like HFCS, when they’re different.

    KP — HOWWWW did I not think of this? I basically brown the butter at every chance I get. And while I don’t think it always improves, say, a chocolate or fruit-flavored cake, with caramel/brown sugar/nuts etc. it’s a no-brainer. Always miles better. Thank you for sharing your secrets.

    Kimberly — I get nothing done. All I do is eat the baby all day.

    And wholly unrelated — Am utterly traumatized after my daughter’s 4 month shots. I think *I* need a shot of something right now. Tell me it’s not true that redheads feel more pain?

  67. Marianne

    Steen’s cane syrup is much darker and stronger flavored than golden syrup, but less strong than molasses. I’ve made many pecan pies with cane syrup (it’s kinda standard in Louisiana) so I know it will work, but the flavor will be different. I grew up on biscuits with cane syrup for dessert!

  68. Taylor

    Do you think you could use the golden syrup instead of corn syrup in your Oatmeal Black Bottom pie? I’m planning on making it for the anti pecan people at Thanksgiving (they’re the worst but I will accommodate since it is so tasty)

  69. Aarthi

    Oh my that Anna! She is a beaut. Regarding shots my twins have been through a few and my boy always had it worse than my girl. She shrugs any pain off and moves on to the next thing while my boy cries and whines in repeat. Tylenol- I never am stingy on it after shots. And we do warm compresses.
    I love even store bought pecan pie so I am so excited to try this!

  70. Brittany W

    I have red hair and I don’t think I feel any more pain than everyone else. My four month old has red hair and seems to be a trooper after shots. He calms down fairly quickly in the doctor’s office and then gets fussy later that evening. After one dose of Tylenol he is fine and isn’t extra crabby the next day. I think every kid is a little different. The Tylenol is definitely helpful.

  71. Lyle’s Golden Syrup in stock at the World Market about a block from where I work. Win! LOVE pecan pie – just had a Julian (CA) Pie Company pecan pie last weekend – and will make this on Sunday. Thanks!

  72. Libby

    Oooh, this looks even better than the cane syrup pecan pie I’ve been making from Epicurious. I’m definitely browning the butter! In the Northwest, I reliably found Lyle’s at QFC and Whole Foods. Now that I’m in the Northeast, I’ve found it at Whole Foods.

  73. Mariachi

    > It mostly shows up in things nobody is eating for underlying health benefits and we all understand we’re only supposed to enjoy in moderation

    That’s true as far as home cooking goes, but the trouble is that it shows up in half the supermarket, in things where you don’t expect it and/or people don’t enjoy in moderation. I don’t think anyone has a problem with corn syrup in pecan pie.

  74. Jo

    Hi Deb – Pecan Pie is not such a big thing here (Australia) but we use Golden Syrup in biscuits (cookies), cakes and a must try is on pancakes – delicious. We didn’t grow up with corn syrup or HFCS (only on imported goods).

  75. Annet M

    Another Canadian here – as someone married to an Aussie, I would definitely chime in to the other Canadians above that Lyle’s is ranked WAY higher on the yummy factor than Rogers, since Aussies know about Golden Syrup. You can find it at Safeways I think. Definitely trying this recipe soon, including the browning of the butter.

  76. I wish I could say I was drooling about the previous slaw recipe, but TRUTH? You’ve got me with the pie. Oh, that red and curly headed darling is the cutest little girl I have ever seen (yes, I only have a Grandson so far). Blessings.

  77. What size saucepan are you using here, Deb? I’m finally fed up enough with my current set and I’m going to spring for an All Clad. I’m not sure if the 2 quart will be big enough. (I’ve been watching all the Great British Bake Offs I can find on YouTube and looking forward to trying my hand at choux pastry.)

  78. Jessy

    This looks great! I have a Thanksgiving potluck to go to. I love this recipe, but I need something more portable/finger food-ish. Do you think this could be adjusted into a thinner bar by baking it in a 9×13 pan – maybe 1.5 pie crusts and reduce the cooking time? I have also tried (and eaten way too many of) your pecan squares, but somehow the shortbread base on that recipe seems less Thanksgiving to me.

  79. kathy

    I was just at Cost Plus World Market near San Francisco and came home to find this recipe. I noticed that the squeeze bottle of Lyle’s is pictured on-line for $3.49 for
    11 oz. From today, 11/12 – 11/15 my Twinnings tea is on sale for 30% off. I read a sign there that it applied to all British products but when I phoned them just now, the clerk thought it only applied to the teas.

    1. DIANA

      I buy my Golden Syrup at World Market (AKA Cost Plus). They also sell lots and lots of great British foods and good prices. When I come back from visiting friends in England and Ireland and start to have withdrawal symptoms from missing these foods, I can lessen the pain by going immediately to World Market and loading up on Bird’s custard, Golden Syrup, McVitie’s digestive biscuits and lots of other Brit foods I love. Try it!

  80. I totally agree with you about the corn syrup– I have some sort of reflex when I see corn syrup on the ingredients list. Thanks for opening my eyes…pecan is my favorite pie. Also: you may not (probably not) remember me (I’m in 7th grade with a cooking blog), but I was the one who was cooking every recipe in your book and I had a question:
    I made the fig, olive oil and sea salt challah, but found it to be a messy affair, with the filling spilling out when I rolled it up and the dough ripping and I could not get the ropes long, clean and perfect like in the book. Regardless, it was delicious but do you have any tips for when I make it again? Thanks!

  81. Marne

    This sounds completely amazing. But why not gild the lily and use exquisite butter like Kerrygold? If a hush comes over the room, you might hear an artery or tow hardening and one of them might be your own. Cheers!

  82. Roger

    If you can’t find golden syrup, dark Karo is better than just the light corn syrup. Golden syrup is available at Wegman’s if you have them near you. Apple cider vinegar is much much better if bought from a local orchard or farm. The difference in flavor is hard to believe until you’ve had fresh apple cider vinegar.

  83. Sarahb1313

    Firstly, thank you for this. I always scramble like crazy looking for a better recipe for pecan pie (love looove). This is the best of a few I like! Perfect!
    Secondly, great job protecting your baby! Moment of pain, lifetime of gain!

  84. Vidya

    Ditto on the above comments, golden syrup is a cheap and popular ingredient here in Australia and it’s nice to see it being used elsewhere. Not sure if you’ve ever made a caramel slice/millionaire’s shortbread – the caramel is usually made with just sweetened condensed milk, butter, and a tiny amount of golden syrup, but Jane Hornby’s recipe, which uses a fair amount of golden syrup and dark brown sugar as well, is by far the best I’ve tried.

  85. Ann Marie

    Last year, I made my first homemade pecan pie and it was a thing of beauty and the hit of the holiday dinner. I’ve never shared my recipes online because frankly, yours are spectacular. But I want to eat healthier, have my pie and eat it too.

    For starters, a chef gave me his families secret pumpkin pie recipe and the crust is a pecan shortbread. I substituted gluten free flour, used organic coconut sugar and xylitol, a natural sweetener, to cut the glycemic index to something less than many breakfast cereals have per serving. I found a recipe for a corn syrup substitute I made from organic ingredients I had in the kitchen and I felt so HAPPY to evade the influence of demon corn syrup. That always took a chunk of enjoyment out of eating pecan pie. Guilt free at last!

    I prebaked the crust, but didn’t know to freeze it, so the edges were dark. I would cut the baking time in half since the nuts MUST be toasted for maximum flavor anyway. I killed two birds with one stone by doing this as the over preheated- energy saving baking tip!

    I added bits of rich Lindt chocolate, but since all of it sold in the US has GMO sugar in it, I’ll be checking out Valrona or mexican chocolate for added texture and Flavor.

    This group of foodies brought some of the best holiday food I’ve ever eaten, but this pie just stole the day. I can’t wait to try your tips and make it even better.

    Here’s the simple, simple, simple crust recipe: it makes enough for an additional sprinkle topping on a 9″ pie, so I usually make a tiny pie in a pyrex dish for the next day’s breakfast.

    1 cup flour (try gluten free)
    1/3 cup light brown sugar (try coconut sugar)
    ½ cup chopped pecans
    5 Tb soft butter

    Mix with pastry blender and press into pan.Will be thicker than other crusts. Bake 10-12 min. ( I’ll bake half the time, cool, freeze 20 min, then fill)

    Good Luck! Enjoy every single delectable, guilt free bite!

  86. Kailee

    So, I had just decided to try a pecan pie cheesecake this year, for the EXACT reasons of your first paragraph! It’s just so, so sweet and one note. But, I’m going to give your recipe a go instead, it looks perfect and sounds amazing.

    Also? Your baby girl!! What a darling!

  87. Thank-you, thank-you!!! Every pecan pie recipe I find says to use corn syrup and corn syrup is impossible to find!! (I’m in Australia). Golden syrup is in every supermarket here (and in my pantry). I’m so looking forward to trying your pecan pie recipe. :-)

  88. Marcia

    The West Side Markets in NY also have Lyles Golden Syrup and tucked away in all those weird corners and high shelves,they have all kinds of other hard to find and interesting baking ingredients.

  89. sylvia :)

    pecan pie yay! i cant seem to find a recipe that i love but i trust u! lol

    is apple cider vinegar really necessary? can i use regular instead? im asking the same q also about the maple pudding cake.

    if i wont b able to find golden syrup what should i use instead?

    thank u :)

  90. Louise Reynolds

    Golden syrup is the biz. We grow up on it here in Australia and my grandmother used to pour it on my porridge (oatmeal) along with cream – but let’s not go there. Great recipe!

  91. Karen

    I’ve been making pecan pie here in the UK for almost two decades using Golden Syrup. If I have a signature piece, it’s my pecan pie, which my husband calls ‘a work of art’. Whoever I serve it to always say it’s the best pecan pie they’ve tasted. Gosh, I always thought I must be the ‘Pecan Pie Fairy’, in the kind of way that I am NOT magical with any other foods but now I learn that the secret is Golden Syrup! Who knew? I would encourage everyone to try Golden Syrup in their pecan pie. I’m a little reluctant to change what is clearly already perfect (OK, so the pastry work needs a little tweaking) but next time I’m going to be adventurous and try the chocolate layer.

  92. Louise in Lubbock

    Thank you Deb for sharing the wisdom of golden syrup. Used a little in my skillet cornbread recipe earlier this week, and it was perfect. I wasn’t a pecan pie fan – probably due to the overly sweet, corn syrup boring versions of my youth – but John Thorne’s recipe from Outlaw Cook made a convert of me. It features Lyle’s Golden Syrup (only 2/3 C) and his other genius notion is to sub all or part of the 1 C of brown sugar for Sucanat, another sugar with real flavor, and to pack it with nuts. I make mine with 1/2 C Sucanat and 1/2 C brown sugar. (Before there was Smitten Kitchen, John Thorne’s books were how I’d jumpstart my appetite when cooking, and eating, felt like a chore.) KP (comment #80) – browning the butter makes perfect sense. I will be adding this step to my pies this season. Thanks!

  93. Michele

    I’ve been using Lyles Golden Syrup in my Gingerbread because Laurie Colwin told me to. And everyone loves my Gingerbread. Now I’ll have another Golden Syrup revelation ….My family thanks you in advance

  94. Rachel

    When you started this off by mentioning corn syrup, I was preparing to ask for a substitute as it’s not easy to get in the UK (possibly not a bad thing?!) so I was surprised and relieved by your alternative. White bread and butter with golden syrup was a childhood (70s) treat for me.

  95. Happy Foodie

    Love the recipe and the geography lesson for locating Lyle’s across the globe!
    Will research here in Charleston, SC, where we have Publix, EarthFare, Whole Foods, Trader Joes, Wirld Market and more, and report back when I can.

  96. Calisson

    This looks great, and I will definitely try the gilded lily version, which promises to add the taste of chocolate without its dominating the caramel. As for Lyle’s Golden Syrup, I buy it at Amazon in cartons of six, because a teaspoon of it is beyond compare in my morning espresso. I rarely eat pancakes or waffles, but when I do, I vastly prefer them with golden syrup over maple.

  97. Gemma

    I grew up with golden syrup on my porridge (hello from the UK!). And pancakes. And in flapjacks. Actually, a lot of things are good with a bit of syrup replacing some of the sugar.

    If you’ve got leftover syrup, may I humbly suggest a treacle tart (which, whenever I’ve made it, doesn’t contain treacle, but quite a bit of syrup)? It’s something I remember from Sunday dinners. I quite often add a bit of lemon zest and/or juice to cut (some of- sweetness is kind of the point here) the sweetness, so I wonder whether cider vinegar would do the same trick?

  98. Kara

    Mom, you reading this? I’m not sure how your grandchildren will react to you messing with success – your pecan pie is the most-requested recipe ever and they fight over the scraps of leftovers, but this recipe sounds YUMMY. Maybe we need to make two?!

  99. Deb,
    Do you have experience with making this ahead of time? For example, Thanksgiving – could i make, let cool, freeze or refridgerate like Monday or Tuesday before,then heat up again in oven in order to serve warm after Thanksgiving dinner?

    I can’t wait to make this even if you say I can’t make it ahead of time. Yum.

  100. Sel

    Australians all let us rejoice, for golden syrup is easily found on our supermarket shelves!

    *pins this for that Thanksgiving she’s going to have next year*

  101. Golly, I love golden syrup. Have you tried it in your coffee? Don’t…unless you want to put it in there every day for the rest of your life. And I, for one, am glad that it now comes in those lovely squeeze bottles instead of the charming, old-fashioned tins, which (although charming and old-fashioned) always wind up amazingly sticky.

  102. Amy Mintzer

    To all of you who asked about STEEN’S (or other Southern cane syrups): It will work–in the technical sense–but it will NOT taste the same. Lyle’s Golden Syrup has a very mild flavor, like a very diluted butterscotch or caramel. Steen’s is very close in flavor to molasses: sweeter than blackstrap and not as strong, but the same family. It will yield quite a different flavor result.

  103. crispytortillas

    Rodman’s in Washington, DC carries Lyle’s Golden Syrup – for around $3 a bottle if I recall correctly.
    Can’t wait to try this recipe! Pecan pie is my absolute decadent fave. Thanks for sharing.

  104. Deb,
    You do know that corn syrup (for example, Karo) is NOT the same thing as high fructose corn syrup – right! So go ahead and enjoy using corn syrup. That said, I do love the flavor of Lyle’s golden syrup, a British product.

  105. Ebony

    Yesss to the Lyle’s Syrup! I made my first pecan pie last year and was lucky to have found a recipe using it immediately. I have no trouble finding it because they sell it in the International Foods section at Fairway here in NYC. Never put any ACV in my pie though. Will have to give it a try.

  106. Jocelyn Wuester

    An old Gourmet recipe includes ½ tsp. orange zest. Sure helps
    shave the ‘too sweet’ – might then leave the vinegar out. Best
    pecan pie I’ve ever produced.

  107. vanessa

    Deb, this weekend i am making your brisket , mac and cheese and this pie. you are my go to website for recipes and i always give your book to all my newly married or newly living alone friends. i have been waiting for your pecan pie recipe forever ! thank you! every time i make a pecan pie is always too sweet or not firm enough, so im super excited to try this one. do you ( or anyone here ) think i can use half maple syrup half golden syrup ?

  108. Patryce

    I have used maple syrup in place of the corn syrup for many years now, and doubled the pecans(can you believe many recipes call for ONE cup?!) with great success, but I think I have a can of Lyle’s around…and browning the butter sounds like a GREAT idea, I will definitely try that!

  109. Renee

    You can find Lyle’s golden syrup in Houston at the Astrodome Fiesta in the international area. Also, many many other items you never knew you needed to try. They probably have it at other Fiestas also, and certainly at Central Market. Maybe Whole Foods since people in other cities find it at theirs?

  110. Mary B.

    Sadly, it is true that redheads are more sensitive to pain. Their eyes are also more sensitive to sunlight; we verified after our red haired little daughter would get headaches from being out in the summer sun. But, oh, the trade-offs! That fair skin and those auburn curls melt my heart. Your Anna is just so sweet and beautiful.

  111. Laura

    Our family recipe for pecan pie uses no corn syrup, no golden syrup. You don’t need it! Sugar, nuts, egg, butter, vanilla extract, 1 T flour. That’s it. Best pecan pie you’ve ever tasted.

  112. Bahb

    Raley’s ( Central California) has a small section of UK foods, including “Spotted Dick Pudding” and Lyle’s Golden Syrup, next to the Jewish food section. I was tempted by a pudding with such a crazy name, but decided not to take a chance on wasting scarce dollars.

    Deb, your Anna’s pain MIGHT have been from a jagged needle tip. Those are really rare, but they do happen. (RN here)

  113. Susan

    I just never liked corn syrup, long before it permeated every manufactured food known to man. I have always replaced it with honey or golden syrup; if excessive sweetness is a problem, you can cut it with molasses. Any syrupy, thick, sticky substance can be successfully substituted in my several decades of baking experience. Golden syrup is especially appropriate with pecan pie Great recipe!

  114. Anna

    My lovely husband called the World Market in Madison, Wi and they have it on sale today. But I just happened to find it first at the Metcalfe’s Market at the Hilldale Mall in Madison, too. So it’s arrived in Wisconsin, pretty encouraging for the nation’s baking efforts, right?

  115. Dee Kaye

    Thanks Deb! Found it! Found the Lyle’s at my local grocery store here in MA for 1/2 what they are selling it for on Amazon! I am all set and ready to bake! :-)

  116. christi

    New Englanders, I found Lyle’s golden syrup right next to the corn syrup in the baking aisle at Stop & Shop. I bought it when I made the pretzel brittle a few weeks ago.

  117. Dana

    Hi Deb. On a side note, I’m wondering about the new email newsletter format. I signed up for the new one, got two issues, but now I’m getting the old format again. Glitch, or do I need to do need to unsubscribe from the old format? Kind of scared to do that in case it unsubscribes me from both.

  118. aubrin miale

    There is a small company in Abbeville, LA that makes pure cane syrup. I grew up there, and the smell during the fall after cane harvest is blissful. (similar to curing tobacco)

  119. Dani

    I have had good luck purchasing Golden Syrup at Cost Plus World Market. I know they are not every where but they sell Lyle’s Golden Syrup! Can’t wait to try this with the chocolate on the crust, Yum, just yum.

  120. deb

    Making this ahead — This keeps SO well in the fridge for several days, especially if you par-bake the crust so it stays very crisp. It will also keep well for travel and can be out of the fridge all day without a problem.

    Weights — 3/4 cup golden syrup weighs 250 grams. The rest of the weights for this recipe have now been added.

    Using maple syrup — It sounds like a lot of people have done so successfully, but I haven’t tried it. I agree that the flavor would be excellent here.

    Pie weights — A long time ago, I bought stupid overpriced ceramic pie weight beads that didn’t even fill a pie. So I bought another set. They still didn’t fit. (Don’t buy pie weights, ever. Learn from me!) Finally I dumped in rice one day to finish filling it, not thinking ahead and realizing they’d be forever together. So, that’s what I have: two pint jars of mixed ceramic beads and ancient rice. They kinda smell like butter. :)

    JP — I haven’t made homemade golden syrup, so I cannot say. All that matters is that you like the way it tastes more than corn syrup.

    Marcia — I will have to look harder. I agree that the best stuff there is weirdly located.

    Dana — The new email newsletter doesn’t replace the old one because they’re on different systems. However, if you like the new one better (our hope, as it’s a huge improvement) you can unsubscribe from the old one. While it would have been easier to port everyone’s email addresses over from the old system to the new and then unsubscribed them, but it’s not considered “good/p.c. practice” in the newsletter world; we’re encouraged to have everyone opt in and opt out as they choose, not as it works more conveniently for us. Apologies if this wasn’t made more clear.

    Sonia — It happens sometimes. If it was your first time, that’s probably why. It gets a little easier with each round keeping the filling tucked in.

    Baby stuff:
    Bahb — Agghhh. Just the thought! But she wailed like this at her 2 month shots too, same ones, so I guess this is just her and we were let off easy by Jacob, who would cry for a minute then forget why he was upset. That child LOVES the doc. Was so excited for a sick visit today. (Me, a little less so to be back there less than 24 hours later!)

  121. Nancy

    I love this recipe – I’d love to make it for an office party but one pie just isn’t enough and commuting on public trans in NYC makes it difficult to carry multiples… any way to make this into a bar recipe? What type of bottom crust would go well with the goo??

  122. Thanks for this Deb! Now to find the earliest opportunity to make it.

    I found Lyle’s in the local Cost Plus World Market though the main reason I bought it yesterday is because I plan to make the recent brittle recipe for a Diwali gathering tomorrow. There’ll only be a little left in the bottle once I make that plus this pie!

    Just fyi about the maple syrup — Elise at SimplyRecipes has a Walnut Maple Pie that I once made and it was excellent. She also has a Caramel Nut Tart that I’ve eyed for ever and never made.

    What is the weight of the brown sugar here? I’m trying to get a sense of the nuts to sweeteners ratio for various pie recipes. It seems to vary quite a bit if I look at volume alone: 1:2 (Pioneer Woman) to 2:1 (Simply Recipes). Of course, the sweetener is also different from one recipe to another, and there is the gooey to crunchy spectrum to consider as well. (Just me being analytical.)

    Have a good weekend!

  123. Tone

    Serious question – What does Pecan Taste like? I didnt grow up here and its not a big part of my culture.
    Is it eggy? Ive always been curious to make it but it has a large # of eggs and I dislike eggy flavored anything. I recently made a cauliflower cake (throwing cation to the wind bc it looked so gorgeous and could only stomach 2 bites before pushing it aside.

  124. Ursula

    Pecan Pie is my once-a-year love, so I’m always looking at recipes that supposedly are fabulous. Yours sounds great, but I would make 2 changes, based on my personal preferences: I’d chop the pecans once they are toasted, since I love the smaller pieces better – not as pretty to look at, but definitely taste great. I’d also definitely brown the butter first before adding the other ingredients, since my favorite pecan pie recipe calls for browned butter. Not major changes – just sayin’……..

  125. Alayna Stagg

    I just heard that redheads have a HIGHER level of pain tolerance. As the mother of one, my ears perked up. And I want to read “Red; A History of the Redhead” by the woman who made the comment. LOVE red hair, and your daughter is adorable.

  126. Lily

    “I mean, if we are going to eat something that’s largely comprised of sugar, wouldn’t we rather that sugar taste like something?” <– With you all the way! I had one small slice of a grocery store pecan pie last fall after returning to the States and it made me so sad at the wasted calories without any flavor (and for that matter a gooey texture that isn't quite the right kind of gooey)… I just ate the nuts off the top and threw the rest away! I can see it's time to bust out the rolling pin and the gluten-free crust recipe here again, and track down some golden syrup.

  127. Looks wonderful! Lyle’s Golden Syrup seems to always be available in Stop snd Shop Stores, I have been buying itbthere for over 15 years. Almost always ise it to replace corn syrup.

  128. Andy

    I will echo the point posted above that the corn syrup you buy is not high-fructose corn syrup. In fact the syrup you buy is 100% glucose. In other countries it is actually just sold as glucose syrup. HFC is corn syrup that is modified to be around 50% glucose and 50% fructose (thus “high fructose”). While fructose is found in fruit, that does not mean it is good for you. BUT I hate to break it to your readers, table sugar is about 50% glucose and 50% fructose. So yes, HFC is no worse for you than table sugar because that’s pretty much what it is. Is Fructose bad for you in large amounts? Possibly. Research has show that your liver does some different things when you ingest fructose vs glucose. All of the cells in your body can immediately use glucose, fructose must be converted in the liver.

  129. orinoco

    If you can’t get golden syrup and don’t want to use corn syrup, brown rice syrup is readily available from health food stores and bulk markets. It has the same effect on confectionery, is sweet but flavourful, and is a healthier choice.

  130. As a Brit I was brought up with golden syrup so I totally agree it’s miles tastier than corn syrup – I can imagine it is great in here. Might even have me tempted to try it, as I sometimes find pecan pie too sickly sweet, but with a good flavor…well it might just have to happen! Once a year as you say :)

  131. Ellen N.

    Hi Deb,

    I’m totally with you on the deliciousness of substituting Lyle’s Golden Syrup for corn syrup. I use it in your toffee recipe instead of molasses and omit the coffee powder and in David Lebovitz’s sea salt caramels both with wonderful results.

    I live in Los Angeles. Here you can get Lyle’s Golden Syrup in World Market stores. Bed, Bath and Beyond stores have World Market stores in the middle.

    A note on Steen’s cane syrup (the dark kind). I have tried it in pecan pie. My husband found it inedible. It is a much stronger flavor than Lyle’s Golden Syrup, kink of like regular molasses vs. blackstrap molasses. Steen’s makes a light cane syrup which is cane syrup and corn syrup. I haven’t tried it, because I like Lyle’s Golden Syrup so much.

    Thanks very, very much for all the wonderful recipes you’ve shared with us. Many times our table is a compilation of Smitten Kitchen recipes.

  132. Sarah

    I have literally been looking up pecan pie recipes all week long in (early) preparation for Thanksgiving – I recently made your pecan and cranberry tart for Canadian Thanksgiving which was delicious but for American Thanksgiving I really wanted a traditional pecan pie recipe. I’m so glad you published this so that I can make this in a few weeks when I go back home and give my British family their first taste of the marvel of sticky toasted pecans and pastry.

  133. Grace

    Hi Deb! I can’t WAIT to make this pie. Have you ever tried making pecan pie with dark corn syrup instead of light corn syrup. Do you think if I subbed the golden syrup for dark corn syrup it would have as much flavor? Thanks!!!

  134. msl

    This looks delicious, almost as delicious as that baby! I will be making this and your Chocolate Stout cake as Thanksgiving desserts.

    I found Lyle’s in Greenwich, CT Whole Foods yesterday, in cans and squeeze bottles. I’m also about 99% sure I’ve seen it in the Port Chester, NY Whole Foods.

  135. MaryM

    After years of making strange and silly desserts because one family member is gluten-and-dairy intolerant, I’m thhrowing up the rebel flag and mmaking this pie for Thanksgiving! I love pecan pie but seldom get any, and my husband doesn’t really care for most desserts, so this is goinig to be the Year of the Pecan Pie!

  136. Melissa

    I find this extra funny because I am Australian, and spent a solid fortnight trying to track down corn syrup here (it’s not widely used) to make a pecan pie, before giving up and trying a mix of maple and golden syrup instead. Good to know that was an upgrade.

  137. Julie

    As far as the NYC outer boroughs go, both Union Market in Park Slope and the Butcher Block in Sunnyside have Lyles. Butcher Blick has both the squeeze bottle and the tinned varieties.

  138. Nancy

    Went ingredient shopping yesterday and on Staten Island the Stop&Shop has Lyles in the baking isle next to the corn syrup. KeyFood has it in the international isle. It’s about $4.50 for an 11oz jar. :)

  139. Leah King

    Deb .. The Nov/dec 2015 issue of Cooks Illustrared has amazing pecan bar. Reckon I could use golden syrup instead of corn syrup? We live in the country in south Texas in a pecan grove. Harvest season so I need to use some in my freezer to make room for this year’s crop. Wish I could share with you for this amazing pecan pie. I’ve found the golden syrup.

  140. Carrie

    Yeeeeessssssss my favorite pie maybe just became even more delicious. I’ll definitely be trying out your version this year.

    Agree with your stance on corn syrup. It’s silly how people try all manner of substitutes in the name of health. Sugar is sugar is sugar and we should probably all eat much less of it.

  141. Erica

    There are horror stories of exploding pecan pies when trying to make them at high altitude. Any suggestions for this recipe? Looks amazing!!

  142. Kirstin

    This sounds amazing!!! I’ve been looking for a recipe without corn syrup as we struggle to get anything other than the light corn syrup in Australia whereas golden syrup is an everyday item over here. Can’t wait to try it.

  143. Kristine

    In Canada you can almost always find Lyon’s Golden Syrup at Bulk Barn! And most big chain grocery stores usually have it in the baking aisle (on the top shelves!).

  144. rubia

    Hi Deb, I made the pie this weekend to test it out for Thanksgiving, and despite baking it for over an hour, it never set. Any suggestions? I followed your recipe exactly and really want to bring this to Thanksgiving!

  145. Bridget

    It’s funny you get so excited about golden syrup – it was a standard pancake topping of my Australian childhood so I never thought it was special. I, meanwhile, longed for the far more exotic and expensive maple syrup, which to this day I adore and my mother still balks at paying $9.00 for a less than 300ml bottle in the supermarket here. I still have a soft spot for golden syrup, though, and you can always find it in our pantry (usually it’s glued itself to the shelf) – thanks to this recipe I’m going to use it and finally appreciate it for once!

  146. Made this, and it was delicious – well, pecan pie is always delicious. And it was similar enough to what I’ve done previously (Pioneer Woman’s recipe with a few modifications like using golden syrup and double the nuts, and toasting them too, so again, both recipes end up quite close) that I’ll probably use it in the future as well.
    However, I did not see the point in the extra step of cooking the butter+sugar+syrup on the stove, and then cooling it, and then mixing in the eggs; it just felt like a hassle, and I much prefer using PW’s method of using melted butter and mixing everything together, then pouring it over the nuts. Gonna go back to that.
    I also think PW uses slightly less butter than this recipe (shocking, I know!), just a 1/3 cup melted, which is about 60g (when, if I’m understanding correctly, 6tbs is about 85g). Might go back to that, too, although I’m not sure if there’s that much of a difference.

    Still, don’t want to be too much of a detractor – it’s a great recipe, and the pie was a success.

  147. Rachel

    I can’t wait to try this. But Deb, you would love pecans more if you had fresh ones gathered from the neighbor’s yard by my Jacob. Next time you come to Chapel Hill I will trek down from Hillsborough and bring you some.

  148. Hillary

    I made this last night and browned the butter first in the sauce pan as some people suggested in the comments. I am worried I used the wrong kind of Lyle’s Golden Syrup. I went to World Market and bought the squeeze bottle but it said Dessert Syrup on it – appeared to just be cane syrup with nothing added to make it “dessert” syrup. The taste is okay, although I may prefer the traditional corn syrup pecan pie. I really liked the various steps of this recipe and may try it with corn syrup. The consistency and texture turned out nicely. Baked in exactly 45 minutes in my oven.

  149. Yes Amy, Lyle’s is the Brit. brand and is available in AJs supermarkets in Arizona. Golden Syrup is an all time staple in Australia; we have it on porridge, pancakes, crumpets (wicked) and is most important ingredient in our national biscuit recipe ANZAC bikkies.

  150. dena ross

    oh my! I am not much of a pie maker, but starting with the crust, I followed all the instructions (used the food processor for crust) and made this Pecan Pie. It looks pretty, and It is sooo good! Great instructions, photos helped. I found the Syrup at a specialty market, as my local World Market was out of stock. Did everyone here read your blog and scoop up the Syrup?? Thanks for a terrific recipe – I plan to make it for our group Thanksgiving.

  151. Thank you for the link to golden syrup on Amazon! I’ve wanted to try baking with it for some time and somehow never made the connection that the place that sells literally everything else in the world would probably have that too. So now I can order the golden syrup AND a new charger for my phone AND a card game all at one time. :)

  152. Sandy

    I baked this recipe exactly as described and my husband likes it better than the Karo syrup recipe, though that is a great recipe, too. As noted, this version tastes more complex, which seems to have to do with the golden syrup AND the bourbon and apple cider vinegar combination. Smitten Kitchen is right about toasting the pecans. I’ve made pecan pie with and without toasting and the extra effort is worth it.

    I found Lyle’s Golden Syrup at the Fresh Market chain.

  153. Kay Taylor

    Last time my son made pecan pie we ran short of corn syrup, so he made up the difference with molasses. It was wonderful, disappeared first and a couple of people almost argued over the last piece. I think I’ll make one of his and one of yours to compare this year.

  154. Marie M.C.

    You can find Lyle’s Golden Syrup at Molly Stone’s in Sausalito, CA. I’m assuming you can also find it at Molly Stone’s in San Francisco.

    There’s a YouTube video showing how to make Golden Syrup at home. Looks super easy. Google: “How to make Golden Syrup + YouTube”. Thank you for this amazing recipe for Pecan pie. Your pie — Must make it for Thanksgiving.

  155. Jason V

    For those of you in NYC – Anytime I want or need a UK product I check out Tea & Sympathy in the West Village. They have a small store off of the restaurant that sells UK products. They sure enough had the Golden Syrup as well.

  156. Greg Anderson

    Another comment about Steen’s syrup. Use it. The flavor is intense. Much better than dark corn syrup and a deep caramel flavor that golden syrup does not provide. If you’re not accustomed to using dark brown sugar in apple pies, adding molasses to your pumpkin muffins or Dutch Babies, and the taste of sticky date pudding, then the flavor may be too strong for your flavor profile. If, on the other hand, you like to eat dark, dark chocolate, chili with tons of cumin and kick, and deeply crusted roasts, then give Steen’s a try. My family prefers pecan pie made with Steen’s and brown sugar, and sticks their noses up at anything else.

  157. Kat

    Wegmans (cue swooning and gushing from all the upstate readers) carries Lyle’s Golden Syrup, or at least mine does. I am so excited to pick some up and try this recipe out!

  158. Colleen

    Drool! I can’t have butter – do you have any idea how much coconut oil I could substitute in the batter? That’s what’s used in my dairy-free crust recipe. Thank you!!!

  159. Georgia

    Made this recipe two days ago (my first time making pecan pie) and it turned out AMAZING! Seriously the only pecan pie I have ever enjoyed, because it wasn’t too sweet or gooey. It was a huge hit, and it is already gone! I made it with 2 1/2 cups pecans, and I sprinkled some semi-sweet chocolate chips on the bottom of the pie crust before I poured the filling in

  160. Carol

    I live in central CT and my local Stop & Shop carries Lyle’s golden syrup. I pretty much despise Stop & Shop and avoid it at all costs (literally, because damn, that store is EXPENSIVE compared to other grocery stores of its ilk), but there is one walking distance from my home, so when I do end up there for timing/convenience, picking up a bottle of Lyle’s is a consolation. I haven’t found it at Big Y, Shop-Rite or even Whole Foods in my area.

  161. Beata

    I have been interviewing pecan pie recipes for a very long time. Most of them were good, not great. This one is great. Flaky pastry, lucious filling, delicious pecans. This is it.

  162. Rachel

    I’m so excited to try this. I’ve always harbored a secret disappointment that pecan pie is just a little… flat. I’m making this for my pecan pie obsessed family this year. I will go down in family lore as a Thanksgiving heretic or a Thanksgiving saint. Very excited to try!

  163. Kara

    Has anyone tried this browning the butter? I want to try, but should I still cook with the brown sugar, syrup, and salt two minutes after browning?

  164. Jimi

    Pecan pie is my absolute favorite pie. The only issue I have with it is how expensive pecans are! As much as I know homemade is better, it’s hard to justify buying pecans for $13 – $15 at the store when I can get a whole pecan pie for less at most places. Still though, I bought the pecans anyway :)

  165. Shannon

    Erica (comment 207): There is a high altitude pecan pie recipe in the book Pie in the Sky which involves cooking down the filling on the stove first to avoid excess evaporation in the oven which creates exploding pie. I bet you could adapt it to Deb’s ingredients. I have not made the pecan pie but every other recipe I’ve made at 7500 ft from the book has turned out perfectly.

  166. It is things like this, comparing not just the value of certain ingredients (I share your sentiments completely on corn syrup, we all know it sucks but who doesn’t dog some peanut M&M’s every now an then?)…..but could it taste better using something else, that truly make you a bad-ass Deb. This recipe is on the list for next week, and I already know we owe you thanks!

  167. TJ

    Lyles Golden Syrup is available at Wegman’s stores in northern Virginia. I’m going to make this pie for my office dessert competition.

  168. Tapati

    This set me to wondering if malt syrup would work and a quick search brought up recipes using it. I love the taste so maybe I’ll try it in place of the syrup in your recipe since I have some on hand.

  169. Sid

    Just want to ad that there is a rice syrup made by the Lundberg company called Sweet Dreams Organic Brown Rice Syrup that is a great substitute for that part of the recipe. It has a delicious caramel flavor that doesn’t interfere with any of the lovely flavor of pecan pie. Just saying…!

  170. MelissaBKB

    That first paragraph is exactly why you had me hooked from the start, Deb! [fangirling] I don’t remember when you first mentioned golden syrup, but I have been using it ever since and it is amazing. I especially love it in your granola bars :) Can’t wait to try this one!

  171. june2

    The corn syrup controversy is about it being gmo as well as it being a high glycemic sweetener. I’ve always wondered what was used before corn syrup – skill and technique or are their other ingredients? I want THOSE recipes. Or this one : )
    I tasted golden syrup after hearing about it on blogs and now I get it – it’s realllly delicious.

  172. Stm7251

    Question on baking time- Made this pie for my husband’s birthday (used frozen deep dish pie crust… a cheat, I know) and it tasted AMAZING but it remained liquid in the center while the consistency at the edges was right. Used all the ingredients at the specified amounts. Should I just bake it longer next time? I am in the Washington DC area, so altitude is not an issue. Thanks!

  173. Nancy

    I’ve made pecan pies for many years over the holidays, and one secret to success is NOT OVERSTIRRING the mixture before putting it into the crust. Deb, you don’t mention this, is it not the same with your recipe? I plan to use this recipe next week, with the browned butter. Can’t wait! Zupan’s Markets in Portland OR carry Lyle’s golden syrup. Thank you for this!!

  174. Cait

    Can this pie be frozen after it is fully cooked? Also, the same question for the black bottom oatmeal pie from Four and Twenty Blackbirds?

  175. Ginger

    I’m wondering if it’s possible to use an egg replacer to make a vegan version of this. I’m feeding some vegans this year for thanksgiving, and while there will be apple pie, I love the idea of this.

  176. Donna

    Whole Foods in Lynnfield, Massachusetts, carries Lyle’s Golden Syrup in the baking aisle. I can’t wait to make this pie, thanks Deb!

  177. Lauren

    I’ve purchased it at whole foods, world market, and Kroger. I use it in place of corn syrup for most things. My 4 year old loves licking it off the spoon -it’s so tasty:)

  178. Becca

    I made your pecan pie tonight as a trial run for next week, and while I thought it was an epic fail because I over-roasted the pecans, forgot to cover the edges of the pie crust with foil during baking so the crust was over-done, and after 50 min in the oven it was still really jiggly…my husband said it was the best pecan pie he has ever had! Go figure! He loved the chocolate in it and loved that is wasn’t so sweet. Next time I will roast the pecans for only 10 min and cover the pie crust edges with foil while baking so they don’t get over-done. I’m not sure what to do with the jiggle part, maybe just take it out of the oven at 45 min and hope it will set up.

    Thanks for the recipe…my husband especially thanks you!

  179. This looks AMAZING Deb! Wow! I love that you did the golden syrup instead of corn syrup. Instead of the corn syrup frightening me, I completely agree that it’s usually so bland and just fake in sugary taste. I will definitely be giving this one a go! Thanks <3

  180. Glenda

    No Golden Syrup here in the sticks. I made some yesterday, the recipes are very similar. Many said to let it bubble for 45 minutes which turned out to be too long and the syrup was too thick but I was able to thin it with no problem. I would suggest using a candy thermometer and don’t go past 230, when I checked it was nearly 250.

  181. Nancy

    @Becca – that’s what I got too when I overstirred the pie filling (from a different recipe). Deb might be able to confirm, but my reliable auntie cooks said only to stir the filling until it’s mixed and not one bit longer. Also they advised me to use a fork instead of a whisk. So that means whisk the eggs, and anything else that needs to be mixed well, before adding them to the mixture. Now I’m very careful with that step and it’s worked every time. Good luck on future pies – glad to hear it’s tasty anyway!

  182. JB

    Here is my crazy question. Do you think I could mix the pie filing minus the eggs, stash in a mason jar in the fridge and just bring to room temperature the day I plan to bake, add eggs & pour it into pie crust?

  183. deb

    JB — I think so but I’m not sure if the caramel would set up in the jar and become a pain. Perhaps you can mix the eggs in when you make the filling (assuming you’ll probably bake it within 24 hours of mixing them) instead?

    Michelle — This will depend on the size of your tart pans. Often, for 4-inch tarts, you will get 6 of them to one 9-inch tart.

    Freezing this pie — I have never tried to freeze it but if you’ve had success freezing other pecan pies, I don’t see why you couldn’t freeze this one too.

    Glass vs. metal pie pans — I generally prefer metal, always, for baking, it’s a better conductor.

    Colleen — I’d go 1:1 in a swap.

  184. Diana

    I have a friend from New Zealand that made the most amazing cookies called Afghans with golden syrup. I’ve managed to find golden syrup at the commissary on base in Hawaii in the international food aisle.

  185. Another Canadian here – as someone married to an Aussie, I would definitely chime in to the other Canadians above that Lyle’s is ranked WAY higher on the yummy factor than Rogers, since Aussies know about Golden Syrup. You can find it at Safeways I think. Definitely trying this recipe soon, including the browning of the butter.

  186. Aarthi

    Deb or anyone else- do you know how to scale this down to a 6 inch pie? It is just 2 adults for our thanksgiving and I would rather do 2 desserts than 1 big pie that I need to finish off in a week.

  187. Grace

    Even though it’s 34 degrees celsius here in Australia right now (93 farenheit), I had to give this a try because I love love pecan anything.

    To keep the butter as non-melty as possible in my pastry I have our air conditioning on, the butter spent a few minutes in the freezer after I cubed it and I put the already cold water in the freezer as well. It pulled together nicely (your pastries always do!) and is spending some time in the freezer.

    Can’t wait for pecan pie tonight!

  188. Rachel

    A plug for baking an 11 inch tart instead of a 9 inch pie, for those who don’t like the goo of traditional pecan pie. The tart ratio really increases the nuttiness. I usually make mine with maple syrup, but will try golden syrup this year. You can use your favorite tart or pie dough recipe. In Pittsburgh, you can get Lyle’s in a Market District Giant Eagle, in the international section. Maybe in a regular Giant Eagle too, I just live closest to a Market District one.

  189. rachel

    I have been obsessing over my pecan pie this year and have already bought 2 different kinds of pans and 3 different syrups in anticipation. I found this recipe of which the filling has similar proportions to yours but half the sugar. I’m wondering if I can cut out a bit of the sugar without sacrificing the consistency? Not that I care about calories on thanksgiving, I just don’t like things toooo sweet.

  190. Jennifer

    Served this today at our early Thanksgiving dinner in Tokyo. It was a huge hit and will serve it again next year for sure! Fell in love with Lyle’s with my met my Aussie born hubby. Carmel slices prove there is a god!

  191. john burke

    Lyle’s instead of corn syrup, toast the nuts–hey, the oven is already on–chop the nuts–seem like small differences from my standby pecan pie recipe but together they made a really noticeable improvement. Thanks, Deb, as always!

  192. Liese Moore

    Looking forward to making this, although my Southern Grandmother will be shocked I am changing her recipe. I was able to find Lyle’s Golden Syrup at Eastman Party Store in Midland Michigan – but then Gar stocks lots of unusual items since there are lots of transplants living here in the middle of Michigan…Thanks for the inspiration

  193. Allison

    Hi all! I can’t wait to make this for Thanksgiving! Question though… I’m traveling for dinner (5.5 hrs away) and want to make this ahead of time and store if possible. How far ahead can I make this and how can I store it without it getting soggy? We’re leaving early Wednesday am and I’d prefer to make this Sunday or Monday if possible… thanks!

  194. Yozhik

    I test ran this pie for Thanksgiving, and used maple syrup to substitute the golden syrup recommended in the original recipe. My boyfriend told me that it tasted very sweet. I used the same measurement as the golden for the maple, 3/4 cup. Does the maple need to be dialed down to keep the pie from being overly sweet? If so, how much would you recommend using?

    Otherwise, you are the only person that’s gotten me to like pie :)

  195. Rachel N.

    Lyles Golden Syrup is available for $5.29 at the larger Atlanta area (GA) Kroger stores on the international aisle. Pure cane syrup is also available in the health food section under another brand name.

  196. Andie

    Two suggestions: mince some pecans and add to your pie crust dough. Instead of golden syrup, use maple syrup. It gives it a whole different taste.

  197. Claudia

    Hi there! Thank you for this awesome recipe! I can’t get the golden syrup in a local store ( Miami FL) and I can’t order on time for thanksgiving. I found brown rice syrup. Would that be a good replacement? Thank you! I love your recipes <3

  198. Katie

    This looks awesome. My local grocery store in Seattle carries Lyle’s Golden Syrup, and I grabbed a can to take with me to Iowa for Thabksgiving, just in case. If anyone in the Seattle, WA area is looking for it, I got mine at Ballard Market (which is owned by Town and Country Market/Central Market, who likely carry it as well). Can’t wait to make this on Wednesday!

    1. Emily

      Confirmed! I bought my Lyle’s at Central Market in Shoreline yesterday. I realize this is four years later, but thanks for the tip Katie!

  199. Anna

    Every year at work on the Friday before Thanksgiving we have a Pie Contest. This year I used your recipe, except (1) I used filberts instead of pecans, (2) I added a tablespoon of orange peel to the filling, (3) I made a filbert crumb crust, and (4) I used a pastry brush to paint the crumb crust with a layer of melted chocolate (and chilled it) before adding the pie filling. And — my, oh my, oh my. It was SO yummy!! And gluten free. :-) THANK YOU for teaching us about Golden Syrup.

  200. Lisa

    I was very excited to try this for Thanksgiving; you even convinced me to purchase Lyle’s Golden Syrup online. Then I found out my guests want a Pumpkin Pecan Pie. Wondering if you have had any luck melding those two flavors successfully?

  201. Rachel P

    For Claudia in Miami, I just found it at the Fresh Market at the Falls. You’ll find it in baking section. I’m sure you’ll find it at any of the Fresh Markets here and it’s on sale $3.99.

  202. Lily

    Wow, this is good already with just 3 of the 4 changes! (toasted nuts, brown sugar, vinegar). I made one for someone else in the foil pie tin from a frozen crust (the original crust was horrible but I’ve reused that tin several times now with better, homemade crusts!) I used the nut crust from Ann Marie (comment 122) with 1/2 cup of the nuts and then made 3/4 of the filling recipe with the other 1 1/2 cup of nuts in the bag and there was just enough filling left over to bake a little bowl of it for me. Yum! I’m especially grateful for the vinegar and the high nut content – no icky sugar-flavored jelly layer, just gooey yummy nuts. I used dark corn syrup because I can’t find golden in this small town, but my mom picked up a tin at my request so when I make this again for my family this week I’ll see how different it is!

  203. Lily

    Yozhick: Check out Deb’s comment 94. Short answer: yes, you can refrigerate it and then take it with you. (Hint: I hit Ctrl+F and typed “ahead” and it went right to that comment. That trick should work in any browser, I think. The “F” is for “Find”)

  204. Jane

    If you live in the DC Metro Region, there is a shop in Vienna, VA that sells British products called PURE PASTY shop. I called them and they promised to have some Golden Syrup for me, tomorrow!!

  205. Wendy

    Hi, Deb. I accidentally bought roasted and salted pecans. Do you think that’ll be way too much salt for the recipe, even if I omit the pinch or two of sea salt? Just wondering if I have to go back and shell out more $$ for nuts. Thanks!

  206. Keren

    Not a question about pecan pie but about golden syrup. Do you think it would work in homemade marshmallows? I make them somewhat regularly in the winter and would be interested to try this out.

  207. Maria

    Deb, I have followed you for years, but have never commented before today. I made this pie over the weekend, and it was simply phenomenal. My 3-year-old daughter helped me prepare the crust (which was perfect), and the filling was easy to make. But the flavor, oh the flavor! Divine. My husband, who professed to abhor pecan pie, ate 3 pieces in a single sitting. (We won’t discuss the fact that he hasn’t gained a pound since I met him 8 years ago. Ugh.) Anyway, thank you for always exploring and pushing boundaries, and for your never-ending quest to improve things that many folks don’t think need improvement. You’re an inspiration! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your darling family.

  208. Sherry

    At Thanksgiving we have family coming and going because of more than one family to visit and meal to eat. This year I decided to make apple and pecan pies in mini mason jars. That way, folks can grab one to take with them if they want to try dessert, but still have to eat at another home.
    I really want to par-bake but I have 36 of these little suckers. Any suggestions on par-baking without going through the foil and beans on all 36?

  209. Rachel

    There’s a British import store in SF called You Say Tomato that carries the golden syrup. The owner says there’s been a run on the stuff this week, with all the buyers talking about your pecan pie recipe!

  210. Liz

    I made this pie (with chocolate layer and all) this weekend for a Friendsgiving – to say it knocked everyone’s socks off was an understatement!! The flavor and balance you achieve are amazing. My boyfriend and I are plotting when to make it again! Thank you!

  211. AnnaBanana

    Hi Deb. Longtime lurker, first-time commenter. I found Lyle’s Golden Syrup at Meyer’s of Keswick in NYC (on Hudson St a few blocks south of 14th.) A fun British-import store in general… thanks for the recipe, can’t wait to try it for Thanksgiving!

  212. Anya

    So looking forward to making this pie for Thanksgiving! I found Lyle’s Golden Syrup at Central Market in Houston for $3.99 a bottle. Happy cooking friends!

  213. Anne

    Can you parbake the crust, lay down the chocolate, and then freeze for a day or two to finish making it with the filling on Thanksgiving? Can you freeze just the crust?

  214. Brooke

    Made this yesterday and it was A HIT!!! My sisters said it was the best they’d had, and my Mom is a wizard in the kitchen. :) Used the Lyle’s golden syrup and I think that made quite the difference. I think I maybe simmered it a tad too long as the pie was very set out of the oven. Regardless, this is a keeper!!!! THANKS!

  215. Are you sure you’re not a southern girl?

    You’d be right at home with us. Though I prefer a layer of whole nuts on the top.

    Have you had the pleasure of trying sweet potato pie yet? And, before anyone asks – it’s not the same as the Thanksgiving casserole with marshmallows, etc.

    It’s much more subtle, and gives pumpkin and pecan a serious run for the money ( for this pie guy).

    Thanks for posting.


  216. Audrey

    I tried to par-bake the crust, but it shrunk horribly. While it didn’t look as I expected, the taste was out of this world. Any thoughts on par-baking? I used beans and filled the shell almost to the rim. I also left my dough in the freezer for an hour prior to par-baking (after the first chill prior to rolling out).

  217. deb

    Audrey — Sorry to hear that you had trouble but I cannot for the life of me figure out how it can shrink if blocked with pie weights. It would have to slip down around them? Were they not heavy enough maybe?

    Type of pecans — I don’t have many types available — I used a mixture of halves and pieces. Halves is more traditional.

  218. Amy

    Hi Deb! I’m starting the pie tonight…I have the same question as Anne (above). Can I prepare crust (up to chocolate layer) then freeze the crust until Thursday to finish the pie? Thanks!

  219. Cyndi

    I am scanning the comments and haven’t seen this asked- two days before Thanksgiving, and I have no shot at finding Golden syrup in time BUT I am a Vermont girl who loves maple pecan pie. Have you tried this? If so, should I use the same ratio of maple syrup instead of golden syrup? Love the suggestions to toast the nuts and brown the butter- thanks so much. Happy Thanksgiving all!!

  220. Jill

    Ok, so as I was shopping for the ingredients for this pie, I wasn’t paying much attention and grabbed something exclusive to my new home in Alabama- Golden Eagle Syprup. Would this recipe work with the Golden Eagle? I found other pecan pie recipes with golden eagle, but they seem kind of boring compared to this. Anyone have any input on this?

  221. Emily

    Hi Deb! I was wondering about the best method for melting the chocolate and the heavy cream. I know melting chocolate and then mixing it with a cold liquid can be tricky, and the proportions of liquid and chocolate have to be just right if they’re melted together. What method would you recommend? Is a double boiler necessary?

  222. Jessica

    For those in central Iowa, you can get Lyle’s Golden Syrup at The Mucky Duck in Ames, IA.
    Can’t wait to give this recipe a try for Thanksgiving this year!

  223. Mine is sitting on the counter cooling. Looks like it came out great, everything as expected. Thanks for taking the trouble to weight out the Lyles. I weigh everything (fwiw, my brown sugar comes to 200g).

    GK is absolutely right about sweet potato pie. I prefer pumpkin (when fresh, not canned) but it’s hard to get fresh pumpkin year round. Sweet potatoes I can always get.

    Thank you for the recipe!

  224. Cindy

    I will be making this for Thanksgiving! I hope to find Golden Syrup, but if I can’t I may make my own!

    Can any other whiskey substitute for bourbon? Does bourbon have any special qualities?

  225. Amy

    This looks incredible! I can’t wait to make it for Thanksgiving. Also, for those of you in the Twin Cities, I discovered that Byerly’s (in St. Louis Park, at least) carries Lyle’s golden syrup in the tiny British section of their ethnic foods aisle. Cheers!

  226. Audrey, Deb:

    My pie dough used to shrink on me all the time. Even weighted, it would retract back from the rim. Two things helped with that for me:

    1. I started letting the dough rest once I got it in the pan and had formed a rim, just another 30 minutes or so in the fridge. That alone worked wonders, but the end of shrinkage came after I watched Hubert Keller do “The Great Pies of France”.

    2. Keller points out that you have to make sure the crust is pressed against the bottom and sides of the pan, and then pulls dough hanging over the pan underneath the dough on the ridge and pinches it so it’s the pan rim width at the bottom but an edge at top. Then he cuts the dangle. You can decorate that making zig zags or such, but when the heat hits the crust, that thin ridge sets before anything else has a chance to move.

    It’s been like magic for me. Don’t know my problem is your problem, but it’s pretty easy to give it whirl.

  227. deb

    Emily — There are many ways to do it, all work. I usually start by bringing the cream to a simmer and pouring it over chopped chocolate in a bowl, giving it a minute and then stirring until smooth. However, with a larger proportion of chocolate to cream, this doesn’t always work (cream gets too cool before it’s done melting). You can also just melt them together over very low heat in a saucepan, over a double-boiler (to be extra cautious re: scorching) or in short segments in the microwave, stirring well between each. With chocolate, I always stop heating it before it’s fully melted and just let the warmth of the mixture melt the last few chunks. Keeps it from getting too hot or cooked.

    Amy/preparing crust ahead — Absolutely.

    Sherry — There’s no other way to par-bake. Well, some people use parchment instead of foil, but foil works better. You can use other things to weight the pie. You can also skip the par-baking. Crust will be a little less crisp; you’ll be a lot less worn out. ;)

    Keren — Re, marshmallows, I think you’d be just fine swapping this but it would be beige, not that pure puffy white.

  228. Carmen

    Deb, I just made a gluten free version of this pie (I picked up a frozen gluten free crust from Whole Foods), as my husband has celiac disease. I do not like pecan pie….or i previously did not like pecan pie. this pie was OUTSTANDING! This is the first pecan pie ive tried that i’ve enjoyed! I used light corn syrup (since I couldn’t get the golden syrup) and it was just….damn delicious! I will make this again very soon!!! :-D Thanks for the fabulous recipe!

  229. Kitchen Witch

    I usually make a choc-pecan pie. Want to do this one today (amazing!),but too lazy to line the bottom with chocolate. Could I just put choc in the filling (as I do with my other likely-never-to-be-used-again recipe)?? Same amount as you call for?? Thanks!

  230. Amber

    Hi Deb!

    All I could find was organic golden light blue agave…..will this work or should I just stick to the Kayro corn syrup?

    Amber from KS

    1. Bella

      For everyone wondering about agave golden syrup–I bought it and wasn’t sure if that would work as a replacement for the golden syrup and THANK GOODNESS it did and it was tasty!! My pecan pie-loving fiancé loved it. Thank you, Smitten Kitchen!

  231. Andarta

    Found this awesome tutorial to make your own golden syrup. I just tried it and it seems like it turned out swell! All you need is sugar, water, and a lemon!

  232. Marilee

    re partaking: I am wondering why the pie plate needs to be on a rimmed baking sheet for partaking. And is there no need to prick the crust before parbaking?

  233. Laurie

    Holy Batman, Deb! I followed all your pie tutorials, and now this baby is in the oven. The best crust advice was to put everything in the fridge before starting to cut in the butter, and to keep putting it back in whenever I started to get frustrated. Happy Thanksgiving!

  234. Kristin

    Made this today, and had to break into it today because we’re heading out of town immediately after lunch tomorrow, so….wow! Best pecan pie ever. Don’t know wy I never thought to toast my nuts, and the golden syrup added so much flavor. I’d gotten to the point where I could have one small slice of pecan pie and I would wonder why in the world I kept on making it. THIS was wonderful. Thanks so much!

  235. Just took my pecan pie out of the oven for Thanksgiving tomorrow. I toasted the pecans, used maple syrup and bourbon AND I baked it in a cast iron skillet (which I have been doing for a few years now). I can hardly wait to have a slice tomorrow.

  236. Lisa

    My pie is finally in the oven. I think I may have slightly overcooked the chocolate, but it tasted okay, so I went with it. It looks good so far. Tomorrow I will try to make my friend Jackie’s apple-cranberry pie with a crust which includes apple cider and subs cornmeal for a portion of the flour. It’s a time-honored classic in her family and I am very curious. She thinks it may have originally come from Gourmet. She’s unsure.

  237. andrea

    BEST PECAN PIE ever! i especially love the pie dough. Will try to make a quiche using it :) thx Deb. I’ve been a silent follower of your site for over 5 years. You are my go to recipe goddess!

  238. Hitaly

    Once the nuts are toasted, I soak them in 1/4 cup bourbon. The warm, toasted nuts soak in the great bourbon flavor, and I use a tablespoon or two of the toasted-nut infused bourbon in the base. It really adds depth to pecan pie. I’ve forever been a Pecan Pie fan and always floated the whole pecans atop the filling…I like the contrast of caramelized nuts to gooey filling. This is the first time I’ve used chopped pecans (only because it was the only pecans I had and they are impossible to get in Italy). I’m afraid I’ll find the pie “too nutty” but I am certain the taste will be amazing!! I can just tell.

  239. Teal

    Thanks for the tip about golden syrup. I found it in my Publix Supermarket here in Charleston, SC. They have a small “Brittish” section. It was in an 8 oz bottle labeled “Lyle’s Squeezy Syrup” Golden Syrup. I took a photo but realized I can’t post it here. Can’t wait to eat our pie today!

  240. Robyn

    I just made this pie, and it is the best pecan I’ve had, thank you! I browned the butter as per that excellent suggestion, doubled the bourbon, used the Lyle’s (a game changer) and coated the crust with the bittersweet ganache. We had to taste test it this morning to make sure it was ok, and it may not make it to dessert. Happy Thanksgiving!

  241. Sara

    Made your pecan pie yesterday for an early T-Giving and it was the best I’ve ever made! Will never make it again without the golden syrup. Cheers and thank you!

  242. Katie

    I found golden syrup at Meijer in Louisville, KY.

    We had the pie today at our Thanksgiving dinner – baked it at 45 minutes and it looked set, but was still extremely liquidy when we cut in to it. Did not affect the taste – it was absolutely delicious. Served it with homemade sweet potato & toasted marshmallow ice cream, and it was a perfect combination.

  243. Mari

    Deb, this pie was a SHOWSTOPPER. I have been making it with corn syrup forever, and I’ll never go back. For those in Texas, golden syrup is available at Central Market. I did not toast the pecans and the flavor wasn’t missed. I also learned from you how to make pie crust, so thank you for that.

  244. Alexis

    Best pecan pie I’ve ever had or made, and I love pecan pie (and hence have eaten a lot). My husband is the opposite and has always avoided pecan pie…and are two slices of this incarnation. Today’s crowd was “I like my pecan pies unsullied by chocolate and why would you ever put alcohol in a dish,” so I didn’t use the chocolate or bourbon. I may have to make this again sooner than is strictly decent for my immediate family with those two additions….

  245. Johanne

    Omg! This is insane! Followed entire recipe to the letter: golden syrup, butter crust, par-baking, toasting of nuts, frozen Valrhona chocolate layer, bourbon, apple cider vinegar… It came out so perfect and head and shoulders above any pecan pie I have ever had. Many steps but this is the only pecan pie I ever want to eat.

  246. frances

    every thanksgiving sees a pumpkin and a pecan pie on my table. because i have yet to have a recipe from your site fail me, and indeed they so often make me so happy, making your pecan pie was obvious. it turned out i only had about 1/4c golden syrup left (here in western north carolina, i can find the cans in ingles and harris teeter, but i prefer the jars for neatness; often you can ask a manager to order an item for you), so i did have to use 1/2c corn syrup, but even that small amount of golden syrup was lovely. but the best part… a dear friend picked up the tiniest bit that had fallen off a slice and was moaning with happiness. suddenly she stopped and said, “my mother loved pecan pie. i hadn’t even thought of that for years. she would have loved this one. thank you for that memory.”

  247. Suzanne M

    Made this for our Thanksgiving pie table — really delicious! It was just a tad runny in the middle, so I’ll reduce the oven temp by 25 degrees next time, or simmer the syrup a bit longer. Fabulous taste! Thank you!

  248. Katey

    Suzanne M- I was writing to ask why my pie may have turned out super-runny in the middle, but I see that perhaps the fact that my mom turned the oven to 375 instead of 350 was to blame? Is that because the top gets too crispy for the steam to escape? Looking for an explanation…though the pie was still super-delicious, and the goo was a nice sauce for the ice cream.
    Other potential explanations: used Karo instead of Lyle’s, added some molasses because I only had light brown sugar, didn’t simmer long enough?

  249. Andrea

    Butcher Block in Sunnyside, Queens has golden syrup but they were out when I went to pick it up so I just used corn syrup and it was STILL the best pecan pie I’ve ever made.

  250. Melissa

    It was fun to try a new recipe! My pie was more runny than gelatin in texture. I used all of the adaptations and followed the recipe exactly (or so I thought). Was it a result of the golden syrup or did I not bake it enough (I did bake it the maximum recommended time)?

  251. Linda

    Best Pecan Pie recipe ever–perfect in all the ways we prefer a pecan pie but had yet to find a recipe that could achieve our wish list, until I found yours! Lots of pecan, great toasted pecan flavor, dense but still “gooey”, flavorful sweetness. Thank you!

  252. Kori

    Deb, thank you for the best pecan pie recipe! Everyone loved it, and it really is the best tasting pecan pie I’ve had. I found the golden syrup at Butcher’s Block in Sunnyside (thank you to one of the commenters above for the tip; sorry Andrea). After 45 minutes it was still runny, so I baked for an extra 20 minutes, at 10 min intervals, and it was perfect, with the custardy, gooey middle.

  253. Sue

    Well, found the Golden Syrup and made this pie and to be honest it was achingly sweet most of us couldn’t finish it. This was without the chocolate layer, too. So, sorry, but I had to post my experience.

  254. Anna

    I made this yesterday with a few small tweaks (a bit more pecans, a bit more bourbon) and one bigger one: I used 1/2 cup golden syrup and 1/4 cup maple syrup. Worked brilliantly. (And was dubbed the best pecan pie of the night!)

  255. Wendy

    I “gilded the lily” as you recommended, Deb, and added the chocolate layer, which was well worth the effort. In general, I like pecan pie. Well, you transformed it with the golden syrup and chocolate layer. Really raised the bar. I, too, had to bake it a little longer than specified (an extra 10 minutes) but no big deal. Simply terrific. Thank you.

  256. BakerMama

    Making this pie today (Friday) – we keep kosher, so no dairy pies for thanksgiving (pumpkin makes a great non-dairy pie, we just sub soy milk for evaporated). So – dinner tonight for a large crowd, arranged specifically to go with your pecan pie recipe. Wish me luck! If you live in or around Washington DC, get your golden syrup at Rodman’s, home to all amazing foreign-born cooking ingredients. Definitely adding the chocolate layer! Off to bake…

  257. SP

    Deb, this was the BEST pecan pie I’ve ever had – ever! It was actually the best thing I ate for Thanksgving all together. I feel like I should pass out a can of Lyle’s and a copy of this recipe for Christmas gifts! So so good! Thank you for another fab recipe!

  258. Anonymous Coward

    Long time lurker here. Just came to say that this was the best pecan pie ever. I made it for Thanksgiving for my very picky family. (Our family Thanksgiving tradition after we eat seems to be to discuss all the things that were wrong with the meal…). But they all loved this pie!

    I live in southern California, and I purchased the golden syrup from Bristol Farms.

  259. Samantha

    I made this for thanksgiving and it was a hit! My boyfriends 8 year old cousin could not stop saying that it is the best pie she’s ever had. I could not find the golden syrup so I used maple syrup and it tasted great. Thank you so much for the recipe, yours are always spot on!

  260. Dominika

    This is wicked good, and I don’t even like Pecan Pie.

    I’ve never made one before, because it has always been my least favorite type of pie. But your article made it sound so tempting that I made it or T-day. It was INSANELY good. I love it. It’s *just* gooey enough, with a strong pecan flavor. The Lyle’s syrup is perfect in this. The pie has a great toffee flavor, without being overly sweet. The bake time was perfect. Consistency is perfect. Highly recommend this recipe….as written it’s fantastic!!! Thank you!

    PS: It’s just as good (and still crisp) two days later.

  261. Laura

    This Isn’t just the best pecan pie I’ve ever made. It’s better than I thought pecan pie could ever be! Not obnoxiously sweet, and with such great caramel flavor. And the texture is gorgeous. I can’t believe I never thought to toast the nuts or use golden syrup before. I wonder, though, if there’s a specific reason the nuts are added before the eggs. Maybe I cooked (or cooled) my syrup mixture too long, but it was so dense and sticky that I laughed out loud at the idea of whisking in the eggs. I beat them separately and stirred them in with a spatula, after which the filling no longer threatened to break my whisk. Would the pie be as breathtaking if I waited to add the pecans once the eggs were incorporated?

  262. Shev

    Made this as instructed – amazing! My 12 yo daughter tasted the toasted pecans as they came out of the oven, and said that each one tasted like a mini-pecan pie! Thanks!

  263. Chelsea

    Hi Deb,
    I have been able to find golden syrup in grocery stores for years. I live in Massachusetts, but it’s equally accessible on cape cod as it is out in the berkshires. I find it in every whole foods I go to, and it’s always at stop & shop in both the baking aisle and the ‘international’ section. Usually I see the plastic jars but the tins are around too! I’m assuming most people just never realized golden syrup was right there in their regular grocery store all along. That being said, I think a pecan pie could be equally delicious with agave nectar, which has smokey, caramel-y notes as well!

  264. Debby Nelson

    Post Thanksgiving review of pecan pie recipe … FABULOUS!! I have made many a pecan pie, but the combination of toasting the nuts, pre-cooking the filling, and that tiny bit of vinegar made for the best ever. Unfortunately, I didn’t begin my search for the golden syrup until the night before the holiday, and I struck out swinging. So I had to use corn syrup, but even with that, the pie was not gooey, not sickeningly sweet, and it even had sort of a crackle top. Everyone at the table said it was the best they had ever had. I did finally find Lyle’s at The Nugget market in Roseville, CA. I bought it so that next time, I would be prepared. Thanks Deb; you have added so many recipies to my library, every one a winner! Early Happy Chanukah to you and yours.

  265. Sally

    I’ve long suspected that the corn syrup we buy at the grocery isn’t the same as HFCS. Not that it’s “good” for you, but it isn’t as bad as HFCS. I was rereading Sam Sifton’s book “Thanksgiving” and my suspicions were confirmed. Enzymes are added to corn syrup to create fructose yielding HFCS. You need to be careful of “light” corn syrups since HFCS may be added to to corn syrup to create the light corn syrup. His advice is to read the labels to make sure HFCS hasn’t been added.

    You are so right about corn syrup being nasty on pancakes. When I was a kid I couldn’t figure out why I hated my mom’s pancakes, yet loved them everywhere else. It was the syrup. She always used dark corn syrup. I think that turned me off dark corn syrup for life.

  266. Katieliz

    Made this for Thanksgiving, and it’s the best and most beautiful pecan pie I’ve ever made (or had, saving your Chocolate Bourbon Pecan Tart). All I could find in a hurry in my GA grocery store was Alabama’s Golden Eagle Syrup, which is only partly cane syrup – and partly CS, HFCS, and honey. Still – delicious. Added one T of bourbon, and just that small amount really upped the flavor.

  267. Carol

    This was a HUGE hit at our Thanksgiving and will become a staple on our menu and my go-to pecan pie recipe going forward. Thank you!

  268. Mimsie

    Made this for Thanksgiving, and it was excellent. I didn’t find that parbaking the crust (used pennies for weights) made it crisper, at least on the bottom. I can see why you said to put it on a rimmed cookie sheet to parbake it, though. Butter leaked out of the crust all over the sheet. Just mentioning these little items to see if other bakers had the same experience. They certainly didn’t detract from the deliciousness of the pie! Thanks for sharing the recipe.

  269. Lauren

    I made this for Thanksgiving this year and everyone just raved about it. I have been searching for a recipe for Pecan Pie that fits my high standards for years and this one has done it! I generally find that Pecan Pie just tastes sweet and has no depth but this one has so much wonderful flavor going on!!! Thank you so much for posting this recipe, it is officially becoming a tradition in my family!

  270. deb

    Wendy — It will depend on how salty the nuts are; if really fully salted, it might be overkill. Lightly salted might be just fine.

    Lisa — I haven’t made a pumpkin pecan pie, but Googling around, it seems that many have. That said, what I do like is a classic pumpkin pie with a pecan pie topping — see here.

    Yozhik — I’ve read that maple syrup is a little sweeter than sugar, although this (however trustworthy the information is, I’m not sure) contradicts that.

    Rachel, re, that BA tart — That tart, at least my guess from just looking at the proportions, has less caramel goo in general, I wouldn’t expect it to have the softness of pecan pie. Doesn’t mean it won’t be good, it’s just a different animal. As for sugar, you can take a little out, but if you take out a lot (I wouldn’t be confident halving it here) you compromise the texture. I kept it on the low side, but it’s still pecan pie, of course, which is to say, quite sweet.

    To make it spicy — No reason you cannot add a bunch of fall/winter spices and even some cayenne for heat.

  271. Just reporting back … walnuts were SUPERB. I never made it to the market to get golden syrup, and I was light on corn syrup, so I used a combo of corn syrup and raw agave syrup – diving of course. So now I have an excuse to make another after I go to the market, right?

  272. Jena

    I made this for Thanksgiving, golden syrup and all, and was not a fan. The pie looked great and set very well (to my Southern standards), but the taste of the syrup overpowered that of the pecans—the ingredient that I hoped to be the super star of the dish. I have been using a recipe without all syrups the past few years and although it does not produce a gooey/solid pie, tastes like buttery pecans. Perhaps I will half the golden syrup and make a sub with the hopes of a less-dominant-syrupy flavor.

  273. Carmen

    I made this pie for TG. I had to go to World Market to get the Syrup (I am in Savannah). I used the unsalted roasted Pecans from the farmers market. It had amazing flavor and was worth all the work, even after a long work day. Although with the physical depth of the pie, I would used chopped pecans most definitely. Also, for the Gluten Free readers, make the America’s Test Kitchen GP Pie Dough recipe (i used Bob’s Cup 4 cup and omitted the extra Xantham Gum). It came out crispy, flaky, and held up to the pie ingredients and lasted for days. Thanks!

  274. Howl

    Mrs. Bridge’s Pantry in Woodstock, CT has Lyle’s Golden Dessert Syrup (which I sincerely hope is the same thing) for $6.95 for 325g.

  275. Cat

    Made and loved it! I was never a fan of pecan pie (before this) because of the corn syrup goopiness, but the golden syrup made a world of difference. Thank you!

  276. Diane

    Thanks for great recipe, detailed commentary and advice. You guided me through making my first pecan pie. It was a hit! Only one piece was leftover, then devoured the next day. Discovered your blog when a friend shared on FB! Looking forward to following you for more wonderful recipes. ~•~New fan in Pittsburgh, PA, USA

  277. Lauren

    We made this right after you posted the recipe with the chocolate gilding included. You have officially converted my husband from eating chocolate mousse pies exclusively to now asking for pecan pie at least once every few days. Thank you!!

  278. Elisabeth

    I’m from Yorkshire (but live in the US) and I love golden syrup – I’d never thought of subbing corn syrup with golden syrup, but now I -need- to make this recipe. Can’t wait to try it.

  279. Dee Kaye

    just wanted to thank you for this recipe. the pecan pie was almost gone everyone loved it – even my husband had some (and he hardly ever eats pie any more…) So – Thank You! (thanks also for the chocolate pudding pie recipe.)
    happy holidays!

  280. Ellen

    Deb–a real keeper–my new go-to recipe. I was using Martha Stewart’s mother’s recipe, which we liked a lot, but on occasion, it would be too runny or worse, “bleed” after the cut edge was exposed. This was perfect! No bleeding, not overly sweet, just the right amount of “goo”. I’ve never prebaked the crust before, but that worked well too (though I agree with another commenter that loading with beans to prebake needs no docking)–it is still crispy this morning. I think the golden syrup is very nice and lends a something I can’t describe, over the regular Karo syrup. Thanks so much! Another Deb special!

  281. Deanna

    Best pecan pie filling ever. I used the filling to make pecan pie bars once I remembered I don’t own a pie pan. I doubled the filling and used a shortbread base for the crust. So easy and fed so many.

  282. Vicki

    Being from Louisiana, I don’t remember a time when we did not have cane syrup. My earliest memories are at my Mamaw’s table with a plate full of cane syrup that had a big dollop of thick, fresh, cold clots of cream off the top of yesterday’s milk right in the middle of it. When the hot biscuits came to the table, they were dredged through the mixture and eaten like that. So good. Cane was peeled and eaten fresh from the field, but my Papaw had his own syrup mill where cane was crushed and the juice boiled off til it was just thick enough.

  283. Didn’t get my act together in time for Thanksgiving to get the cane syrup, so I ended up using dark corn syrup. The pie was still fantastic and got tons of compliments! Thanks. :)

  284. Kathleen

    I’m an Aussie who loves golden syrup and often use is in place of honey… Hot toast with butter and golden syrup is great… and my Nana makes the best golden syrup dumplings served with home made custard…

  285. Casey

    This was a winner! I made two of these pies for Thanksgiving and am now switching permanently to this recipe, despite the additional work. Luckily my corner store (heavy on imported goods) carries Lyle’s golden syrup, so it will be an easy switch! I used store bought crust because I am lazy, no chocolate or bourbon because of personal preference, toasted the pecan halves (although will be braver next time and let them toast just a titch longer), indulged in Plugra butter (but only because the store was pretty much out of unsalted butter and that was surprisingly the cheapest remaining option) and otherwise followed your filling recipe as written. The first pie didn’t quite fully set, but I think that was due to using a relative’s temperamental oven. The second one came out perfect. Added freshly whipped cream and got rave reviews for both.

  286. Chanin

    Someone may have already said this, but Lyle’s Golden Syrup can, of course, be ordered online. However, it can also be found it at Fresh Market. I’m writing while the pie is baking, but I can smell that this pie will be different than the usual. Can’t wait!

  287. Paula

    Since you’re buying golden syrup, you might as well buy a 2nd bottle and make Delia smith’s damp gingerbread as described in Laurie Colwin’s more home cooking. The last gingerbread recipe you need. It sinks a little in the middle, but who cares.

  288. Sean Kirk

    I made two pies for Thanksgiving. One was this recipe exactly and it was incredible. Using the cane syrup made the lightest filling that was much less sweet and rich when compared to corn syrup. I don’t think I will ever use corn syrup again.

    I also made a chocolate version. I added cocoa and about 1/4 cup sugar to the pie dough and par backed it. In the filling I added 1 1/2 cups chocolate chips. It was really really good.

  289. Nadia

    Oh, the SATISFACTION, FOR ONCE, of seeing an American recipe that extols the virtue of a British ingredient, like golden syrup, which I have used for years in my pecan pie recipe (mostly for relatives who love this dessert; I find it too sweet myself) along with dark brown sugar. But I am very grateful too for the apple cider and toasting tips. Sometimes I toast the pecans, sometimes I don’t, depending on time or sheer laziness. This will keep me on track.

    1. deb

      Caroline — No reason that I can now remember (which isn’t like me; there’s always a reason! alas…) but losing shape shouldn’t be an issue, or wasn’t for me.

  290. Re: Lyle’s Golden Syrup-Never fear in Bergen County, NJ

    In a marathon grocery run yesterday in northeast & central Bergen County, I found Lyle’s Golden Syrup everywhere I went. To be specific: King’s in both Ridgewood and Cresskill had it on sale, competitively priced with Stop and Shop in both Ridgewood & Closter, and ShopRite in Emerson had it. At Stop and Shop in Ridgewood, someone even went to find it on the shelf while I waited a short time on the phone. (My first try to find Lyle’s.) Bless them!

  291. Kate

    Adams Fairacre Farms in Newburgh, NY has Lyle’s Golden Syrup; I imagine that the other Adams locations around here in Poughkeepsie and Wappingers Falls would, too.

  292. Leah

    Oh wow! Stratosphere is right! You are my go-to for fabulous recipes and this did not disappoint. My 11yo recently developed a love for pecan pie so we signed up to bring it to Christmas dinner. The golden syrup was worth the time and expense. And I’m with you – toasting the nuts (especially in a recipe in which they star) is a “duh”. This pie got rave reviews!…and I let my 11yo eat it for breakfast too (Christmas is my excuse). I love your writing – it helps me understand the WHY of certain steps and ingredients. Thank you!
    P.S. Your peanut butter chocolate chip cookies are my 15yo’s fave (and have been for years). …and your southwestern brisket is in my crockpot right now…Thanks for all the amazing recipes and writing.

  293. Jenny

    Hello! First time trying a recipe from your site after EVERYONE I know told me to go here. All my coworkers bring in yummy treats and I ask where they got the recipe. 90% of the time it is from Smitten Kitchen! I made this pie last night for Xmas. I love pecan pie, but have never made one. It was amazing! I added the chocolate bottom layer and the bourbon. It was a bit too much for me, too much going on. Next time I’ll omit the chocolate and bourbon and just relish in the flavors of the pecan. Loved the golden syrup instead of corn syrup. I did *toast my nuts* and parbake the crust. I would do both of those again. Thank you!

  294. Jeni Overbey

    THANK YOU!! This is the perfect pecan pie. I baked it for Christmas, and am enjoying the leftovers for breakfast this week. I love it!

    I skipped the chocolate, but included the bourbon. The golden syrup is what pecan pies have been missing.

  295. Shannie

    Deb-Great tasting pie. I love golden syrup and was looking to use up what I have on hand. My crust, however, was tough. I mixed by hand using a pastry cutter and let it sit over night in the fridge. Did I over mix? The crust was not flaky at all.

  296. A lot of people do not know about the rolling the extra pie crust under the actual crust. This is the best way to make sure that you have a strong crust that will not fall apart. Your pictures are really clear! i want ed to comment on how well they look. I like the one of the bowl being poured!!

    a:link,a:visited {
    color: Black;
    background-color: #FFFFFF;
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    a:hover {
    color: Maroon;
    background-color: #FFFFC0;
    text-decoration: underline;
    target-new: none;

    Gourmet Pecan Man

  297. Debbi

    I made this for Thanksgiving and it is the best pecan pie I’ve ever had. The Golden Syrup is the key! I also used it in roasting left over pecans in the oven with a little cinnamon. It’s a keeper in my pantry now. I’ve made several of your recipes and have not been disappointed. Thank you for your taste buds, clear writing and beautiful photography!

  298. Pamb

    Finally! After making this recipe I am happy to say that this is the pecan pie I’ve been looking for and can end my years-long search. I’d never heard of golden syrup but I believe it makes the difference adding a richness unlike the cloying sweetness of corn syrup. Thanks, Deb!

  299. FYI Brooklyn Kitchen/The Meat Hook carries Golden Syrup.
    Gonna try this recipe…my boyfriend is a chef and general everything he makes is wonderful, even when he doesn’t know what he’s doing. When he made (his first) pecan pie last week it was a bit disastrous. Apparently he’s never really had it before and wasn’t sure what it was supposed to be like. Anyway, hopefully this recipe will remedy our pie problem.

  300. I’ve never baked a pecan pie in my life. That is, of course, about to change.

    Deb, where do ceramic pie plates rank in terms of conduction? I got a beautiful one for Christmas, and it seems to have cooked the crust a bit faster than my old glass one…which would suggest better conduction than glass.

    For those of you who live near the Canadian border, Lyle’s Golden Syrup is stupid easy to come by here. Like, I think most of the corner stores carry it and it’s stocked in every grocery store. So, if you’re already making a trip to benefit from our poor dollar (thank you), bear that in mind.

  301. Jamie

    OMG I made my own golden syrup, browned the butter, and I tasted it before I started baking it…

    I don’t like pecan pie, I’m making it for someone else. I love this!!! It’s freaking delicious!!!

    If this doesn’t get me a marriage proposal, nothing will ;-)

  302. Ohh Look at this recipe, well done.I love pecan pie but i want to know about filings and toppings. What i can add in both topping and filling. I want to give treat to my love on his birthday and want to make unique pecan pie. We will enjoy it with red wine. Is it good combo? :P

  303. DH

    The best pecan pie filling ever. Make this!! This is the third different pecan pie recipe I tried, but I wish it was the first and I saved time. Everyone else loved this too.

  304. I have now made this twice–once without chocolate and now with. This is the only pecan pie I’ve ever liked. Now that I’ve tried it with the chocolate layer I am IN LOVE. Thank you, Deb!

  305. Cara

    So it’s a bit early but I’m starting to poke around for ideas for Thanksgiving and realized that you have never tackled the turkey. Please help! I can’t imagine I’m the only one out there who needs someone with your thorough testing approach to guide me as I go through this (for the first time no less!) Just floating the request in case you’re considering it… Thanks!

    1. deb

      I swear I’m going to every year. This is the year! But it might be so close to the holiday — our Friendsgiving party — that it will be of limited use. Sorry I’m so terrible about it. Just about everyone I know is Team Alton or Team Dry Brine. Second is neater/easier in small spaces.

  306. Ann Markarian

    I made your Salted Brown Butter Crispy Treats this past weekend. O M G!!
    They are delicious!!! My husband and I ate half of the pan in one sitting.
    I hid the rest :)

    Thank you for your wonderful posts!

  307. Summer

    I searched for the perfect bourbon chocolate pecan pie recipe for years. THIS. IS. THE. ONE. I made it a week before last Thanksgiving as a dry run. I was seven months pregnant and I ate a stupid amount of it right out of the pie plate. Just me, the pie and a fork. Heaven. Had family in from around the country on Thanksgiving and it was so popular I ended up making another pie on Friday and two more on Saturday to send home with people. Seriously, it is that good. Don’t tweak it. Toast the nuts. Find the Golden Syrup. Cost Plus World Market has it. Do the layer of chocolate on the bottom. And the bourbon should not be optional. Even the Mormons in our group demanded the bourbon in their take-home pie. I have been a silent stalker of Smitten Kitchen for years and this is my first comment. I’ve already sent the link to people in Las Vegas, Chicago, Ohio, Texas and Oregon per request. I won’t have the excuse of pregnancy this year but thinking I need another pre-Turkey day pie just for me…

  308. Maura

    Hi! I’ve noticed that the par baking instructions are different for different recipes. Is this intentional? I’m always looking to improve my crust game. Thanks and Happy Thanksgiving!

  309. Mary

    I want to try making slab pecan pie this year for our large crowd. This recipe sounds amazing, would it translate to a slab pie? Assuming I would need to at least double the crust and filling amounts, but would there be any concerns about consistency?

  310. Made this last year for Thanksgiving, and this year all anyone cares about is whether I’ll be making That Pie again. For perspective: I also made a pair of smoked dry-brined spatchcocked heirloom turkeys, salt-roasted sweet potatoes, meringues with lemon-sage curd, and a lake of flawless gravy! This pie is the REAL DEAL and that golden syrup is magical.

  311. Annie

    This pie is incredible. I made it last Thanksgiving and am looking forward to making it again this year.

    I’ve been able to find golden syrup consistently in NYC at Blue Apron Foods in Park Slope.

  312. Rebecca

    Thanksgiving emergency! If you can’t get your hands on delicious golden syrup.. can you use maple syrup? Would you use the same amount??? Thank you for your ever gorgeous posts!

  313. World Market has Lyle’s golden syrup. I just picked some up and intend to try this recipe for Thanksgiving. I have tried maple syrup in the past and had to switch back to corn syrup because it didn’t set right. I’m very excited to try the GS!

  314. smcnew

    I couldn’t find golden syrup anywhere in my mid-sized city (though it seems like agave syrup is having a moment) so I made my own because Deb made it sound so much better than corn syrup. Turns out it’s easy to make- basically you caramelize a small amount of sugar until dark and then add a bit of lemon and some more sugar and water and boil until it’s syrupy. Another commentator posted a link to a recipe. An extra step but potentially easier than driving all over looking for it in the store.

  315. Liesl Groberg

    No Washingtonian will be surprised to know that Lyle’s Golden Syrup can be found at Rodman’s. Love this recipe! It’s gracing my Thanksgiving table for the second year. What a keeper.

  316. Helllllppp, pre-thanksgiving freakout. Realizing I don’t actually own a pie dish and only have an 11inch tart shell. Do you think I need to increase the amount of dough I’ll need?

    crossing my fingers that’s a no bc i already have a single batch resting in the fridge but would rather know now instead of thursday morning when i’m trying to fill the pan.

    1. deb

      There is a print icon that leads to a print template at the bottom of each recipe, where it says “DO MORE:” You can also click CTRL + P from any recipe post and it will take you to a streamlined print template. Is it not working well for you?

  317. Cortnee

    Oh my gosh I’m so sad. I just made this recipe for Thanksgiving and it was a river of mess when I cut into it :-(. I made it one day in advance and kept it refrigerated until serving it after thirty minutes of letting it come to room temperature. I have no idea what I did wrong. I did make it with the chocolate ganache addition on the bottom and I did not parbake the crust. What did I do wrong?

    1. Donna

      You do need to blind bake the pastry case otherwise it will not cook properly when you pour in the filing. It’s the same with a lot of open top pies, flans and quiches

  318. Nancy Asin

    I have made a number of different chocolate pecan pies over the years. This year I made your recipe 2 days in advance, exactly as directed, using Lyle’s syrup, chocolate ganache layer, etc., and it was outstanding. No need to ever try another one. Thank you for your always excellent, reliable, recipes.

  319. Annie

    This is THE BEST pecan pie we have ever made. We have made it for the second year in a row for Thanksgiving and its such a hit. Pretty amazing, thank you!!!

  320. Esther G.

    I made this last night and I’m soo proud of the results! It almost looks like yours- minus the pretty pie crust…
    I’m obsessed with your blog- when i need to clear my brain at work, is my haven (don’t tell my boss!). I find the recipes different yet down to earth, with super clear instructions.
    Also, I usually have a hard time relating to food blogs since I keep a strict kosher kitchen but most of your recipes are easy to figure out with substitutions.

  321. Wayne

    I made this for Thanksgiving 2016. Delicious! I must have done wrong with crust though because the bottom was so hard I couldn’t cut through it with a pie server. The one deviation from the crust recipe was that I used half water and half vodka for the liquid. I par-baked the shell as per directions. Got any ideas why the crust was so hard?

    1. it would be really dried out because all the vodka evaporated out of the pie crust. The alcohol evaporates before the water does. In Deb’s recipe, the water evaporates slower and so it is more moist. I would recommend following her recipe.

  322. Sigrid

    Made this for Thanksgiving this year, swapping out the crust for my go-to Betty Crocker recipe. It was amazing – possibly the best pecan pie I have ever had (my mom said the same thing). We were out of bourbon, and chopped half of the nuts after toasting. Definitely a keeper – thank you!

  323. altadoc

    wanted to chime in and say i made this for thanksgiving this year and without a doubt, this was the best pecan pie i’ve ever eaten!

    it’s a grown up pecan pie with a real depth of flavor from the toasted nuts, the dark brown sugar and the golden syrup. thank you so much for this recipe!

  324. Margo

    I’m an American who’s lived in the U.K. For twenty-five years. More British than American now, but our family still celebrates Thanksgiving in the last Sunday in November.
    We can’t get corn syrup here, and I mostly think it’s vile stuff anyway- so thanks muchly for this fab version with golden syrup.

  325. Tina

    Deb, I made this for Thanksgiving this year and loved the flavor! Two questions: (1) When we cook the butter, brown sugar, golden syrup, and salt for 2 minutes, is the goal to dissolve the sugar or do we expect the mixture to still be grainy afterward? (2) Based on your instructions, I think my pie was done after 40 minutes, but when I inserted a table knife near the center, it didn’t come out remotely clean (I ended up cooking it longer, and I think it was slightly overbaked). There seem to be conflicting opinions on whether or not the knife test is relevant in the case of pecan pie; what are your thoughts? Thank you!

    1. deb

      Glad it was a hit. 1. It’s more about forming a cohesive, caramel-y sauce. I’d expect it to be smooth but haven’t specifically checked for graininess. Was yours? 2. I’ve never used the knife test because you want a little gooeyness. I prefer the jiggle; a little jiggle in the center is good although I routinely cook it until there is no jiggle accidentally and nobody seems to mind.

      1. Tina

        Thank you, Deb! Yes, it was visually cohesive and smooth but still grainy when I tasted it, so I cooked it a little longer; I won’t worry about it next time. I’m looking forward to round two!

  326. Tiffany

    I made this for Thanksgiving and it was a HUGE hit! I added the suggested chocolate layer and it was the best pecan pie I have ever had. Thank you!

  327. Emily

    I made this recipe for Thanksgiving this year, and everyone liked it! I was undecided about the chocolate layer, though – it tasted delicious (because chocolate!) but felt a little distracting (to me – others claimed to like the contrast). If I make this recipe again, I might go for a slightly less dark chocolate (I think the one I used was around 70%).

    1. Amanda

      I’ve made this for the past couple of Thanksgivings & it is always the pie that gets eaten first. I found the Golden Syrup on Amazon with no problems. I make this exactly as the recipe states without substitutions and it comes out lovely and decadent every time. Looking forward to it this year! ❤️

  328. Sonja

    I wanted to make this since I’ve read in a novel about this pie. My pie dish is 8″ (not 9″) and I don’t like it very sweet, so I halfed the sugar and used 1/2 cup golden syrup. Broke 50g dark chocolate into pieces and placed them on the crust before pouring my mixture in. (3 eggs, 3 tbls whiskey, 2 cups pekans)

    The pie came out amazing. While not cooled completely, the chocolate was still soft. This isn’t the first time I tried one of your recipes and they are always a hit.

  329. Angela

    I screwed this up by pulling this out of the oven too soon- It was completely cooled and when I cut into it,it was still soupy. I figured I had nothing to lose so I re-baked it, this time with a thermometer. I put it right in the middle and pulled it at 200*F. Perfect.
    So now you know. You can re-bake a pecan pie if you don’t cook it long enough the first time, and you can use food science to know when the pie will gel.
    This was a delicious pie after all my suffering, and I will be making it a second time-not just to prove that it didn’t beat me, but also because my family requested it again.

  330. Georgia

    This is a great pie! Not too sweet and I love the chocolate layer. BUT, need some advice. Seems like some of the filling leaked through the crust causing the crust to stick to the pie plate in some areas. I probably caused it by using a fork to poke a few holes before I pre-baked the crust. Agree? I guess I need to skip that step.

    1. deb

      The fork doesn’t usually make big enough holes for leakage, but I suppose that’s the most rational theory. Sometimes the pie filling can bubble a bit in the oven and go over the top of the crust, if it seems like the leakage happened there instead.

  331. Laura

    Definitely use the golden syrup, you can find it on Amazon. I don’t even know if I’ll add the chocolate next time because the filling was so divine (and I have never met a lily I didn’t want to gild, so this is saying something.) I even doubled the pecans in the recipe (I somehow decided that two cups of pecans = two 8oz bags of pecans…its possible I need to sleep more…) but am happy to report the pie was still fantastic. I might even do it on purpose next time…

    1. lekawa

      You can make your own!


      100g sugar
      3TBS water

      Place sugar and water in a medium saucepan over medium heat and cook until it melts and takes on a nice caramel color. Then…..

      1/2 kg sugar 300g boiling water
      1 slice lemon

      Add remaining sugar and BOILING water and stir until dissolved. Add ¼ lemon to the pot, and let simmer for 45 minutes.

      Allow to cool down a bit and remove lemon before decanting through a strainer into a sterile jar.

      1. stuart

        it’s actually really easy to make golden syrup. Sugar, water, and either lemon juice or food grade citric acid.

        I posted a link to a recipe elsewhere on this page – don’t want to repost it here because this isn’t my site :)

      2. Em

        Hi Deb! Making this as my first ever pecan pie for Xmas dinner tonight and was curious – why add the pecans before whisking in the eggs? Seems like making the whisking unnecessarily clunky, but do the nuts get better coated in the caramel sauce that way?

  332. Annie

    I agree with everyone else – this is honestly the best pecan pie I have ever had. I’ve been dreaming of one like this for years. I live in Australia where golden syrup is on every supermarket shelf, which made this even easier! (Long time lover of your blog by the way!)
    Thank you!!

  333. lekawa

    Thanks for sharing….I just saw a video on how to make your own golden syrup and the first thing I thought of was “I wonder if that could be used in pecan pie!”. Totally gonna try it. :) …probably not till Thanksgiving though….

  334. Didi

    What do you think of using Maple syrup instead of Golden Syrup? I always have some. Also would the ratio be different?
    Oh and can I simply add a bit of melted dark chocolate in the filling instead of on top of the dough?

  335. Pitz

    Hi Deb – I have a rather unfortunate gluten free/dairy free situation this thanksgiving, and I was considering making the filling in ramekins rather than attempting a GF/butter free crust. Do you think it would work? Any tips? Thanks!

    1. Pitz

      For others who may wonder about a crustless version – I made this (using earth balance baking stick instead of butter) bakedin oiled ramekins. The recipe was enough for 8 ramekins. Added some chopped very dark chocolate to the filling and served with ice cream/sorbet for the non dairy eaters. Came out great.

  336. Lottie

    I’m so glad we can get golden syrup here now! It’s such a staple in British baking (and on pancakes, in oatmeal etc) and I used to have to bring some back every time I visited home. Now our local Acme here in Philly stocks it and I’m so happy :) I can’t wait to try this recipe!

  337. Amy R

    Deb, I’ve used your pecan pie recipe for several years. Once I asked at several markets about Lyle’s they all began to carry it! My British friends say the syrup in the can is thicker than the plastic bottle one and I agree, and use the canned. I love that can! Probably spiltting hairs. No doubt about it. Lyle’s makes all the difference. Thanks.

  338. Melanie

    The corn syrup I use is very flavorful. It’s yellow/golden colored (Beehive brand in Canada), not to be confused with golden syrup (Roger’s brand.) I have had recipes that call specifically for light corn syrup, which is clear colored. It is rather bland, but the yellow stuff tastes great on toast, etc.

  339. tirzah421

    the only thing I do differently is add a layer of pecan halves in a sunburst pattern, right on top of the filling. It only takes a few minutes, but garners a big wow reaction from guests when brought to the table.

  340. Christina

    I’m not a huge pecan pie fan (it’s a texture thing – goo!), but this is making my mouth water. I am definitely making this next week. With browned butter. Yum!

    Here’s a tip for par baking the crust: instead of pie weights, beans, or rice, fill the foil lined crust with sugar. Then you end up with toasted sugar, and how great is that?

  341. Lisa O

    Found myself ordering gorgeous pecan halves and golden syrup from Amazon this week after remembering how outrageously good this pie was last year…YUM!

  342. Sally

    Would this filling recipe work on pecan bars or would they not set up properly? I was thinking of making a batch but am not up for Ina’s 3 pounds of butter ones. 😂 ….Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

  343. Dinky Rabinowitz

    Hi Deb. I MUST have hot apple cider the NY markets way! Living in SA I can only find apple cider vinegar or alcoholic apple cider or apple juice. Help please

  344. Liz Menke

    Do you think his could be replicated without the eggs? I’m tackling a special order that wants a vegan pie, although their willing to take the butter.

  345. Leah

    PS. Love the cookbook, and sorry to have missed a Texas signing. I did get to. Homesick Texan signing….your book and Homessick Texan’s go to my goddaughter for Christmas. They’ll be a bit messy as I am using them both til I see her in December. And it’s pecan harvest time here in Colorado County, Tx. Wish you were here..

  346. RS

    I made this today to rave reviews. Did not parbake the crust. Instead of the golden syrup, I used 1/2 cup of maple syrup and 1/4 cup of honey; lemon juice instead of apple cider vinegar. There was a small sliver left after our guests left, and my husband and I just polished it all off!

  347. MK

    Golden syrup can be found at Plum Market in Ann Arbor, MI. Nervous to stray from Karo but I’ll give it a try! Pecan pie is sacred to me!

  348. Heather

    Hi from South Africa. I love your recipes and have your Smitten Kitchen book. I really would like to print the recipes but can’t find a printer friendly option on them. Is there a way I can print using less photos. Thanks for the feel-good recipes.

  349. molly

    I made this and the flavor was delicious, and it looked beautiful before cutting into it, but it turned out the filling was pretty runny. I cooked for longer than the recipe suggested, about 55 minutes because it was looking still too jiggly. What do you think went wrong? Could it still have been underdone with the extra cooking? I also parbaked as suggested, but did this a day before then left the crust at room temperature covered by a cloth.

  350. Lanier

    This is, without question, the worst recipe I have made in several decades of cooking. Today is my 35th wedding anniversary and my husband loves pecan pie so I decided to make him one and see if my old standby recipe for Thanksgiving needed to be replaced. I even made homemade golden syrup which turned out perfectly. I was skeptical about cooking the filling first and my fears were spot on. As it cooled, it hardened and by the time it was cool enough to add the eggs without scrambling them, there was no way to whisk them in. What a waste of two hours and $15!!

    1. Sarah

      Since so many people followed this recipe with great success… Do you think all the people who made great pies with it just magically whisked the eggs into a hardened rock of caramel? It seems unlikely to me. Maybe your homemade golden syrup was overcooked and that made the mixture harden. Clearly something went wrong with your pie, and I feel your pain, but don’t blame a recipe that works great for other people all the time. I used Lyle’s and it worked perfectly, following the recipe to the letter, cooking the sugar mixture before adding the eggs. There’s nothing wrong with it as written.

  351. Tristin

    Can I use a store bought crust or is that sacrilege? Trying to save on time and I am not very good at making crusts. It makes me crazy.

  352. Carol wulfson

    Couldnt find golden syrup. Substituted golden agave (milder flavor but similar ish). Then I found the golden syrup and made a second one. Will let you know if I can tell the difference. Both came out lovely.

  353. Corn syrup is not the same as “High fructose” corn syrup, so when that is the concern, it’s okay to use regular Karo. However- if you are eating pecan pie, you can hardly complain about sugar in any form. I like the nuts chopped. It just makes for a better bite and mouth feel. Also- it is easier to slice. A couple more tablespoons of butter counters the intense sweetness.

  354. SARAH

    Making this NOW! My husband asks for this pie all year round. It’s simply delicious. Thank you for sharing – our house is a huge Smitten Kitchen fan club!

  355. mtander

    I’ve made this successfully in the past, but this year I’m making two of these. I doubled each ingredient, but for some reason my pie dough seems *very* wet, and I didn’t even add all the cold water. I have the two balls of dough in the fridge now. How do I know if it’s too wet, and is there anything I can do to make this better? Or is it fine as long as I keep it in the fridge overnight?

  356. mtander

    I’ve made this pie successfully before, but this year I’m making two. I doubled all the ingredients, but my pie dough seems *very* wet and I didn’t even add all the cold water. The two balls of dough are in my fridge right now. Is there anything I can/should do to make them better/less wet/sticky, or should I be ok? I can always leave them in the fridge overnight.

  357. A thanksgiving classic around here ever since it was posted! The golden syrup is the kind of secret ingredient you always imagined people begging you for while you smile smugly and take another bite. Recipe is super easy, toasting the nuts is worth every second, and I always have to make an extra pie just for me and my husband because there are NO leftovers otherwise.

  358. Gelsons Markets in Los Angeles carry Lyle’s Golden Syrup which I recall used to come in a proper British tin and now in an ugly plastic squeeze bottle! Gelsons also is the only local market I’ve found to carry Nabisco Famous Chocolate Wafers, which are de riguer for chocolate pie crusts!

  359. Anne

    I made your crust and parbaked it and it shrank terribly. I couldn’t put all the filling in because of it, and had to tilt the pie plate with a doohickey in the baking sheet to keep the filling from seeping down under the crust. I’m very much looking forward to tasting the pie and the crust, but I have certainly learned my lesson that I will not par bake a crust again. Do you have any ideas on how it might have happened? I baked it in a pyrex pie plate and put foil with some oil on the top of the foil and pennies in and baked it for the 20 minutes it called for. I’m taking it to someone’s home for Thanksgiving dinner and may end up going to Kroger on the way for a store-gourmet pecan pie if I can’t abide taking this, as assigned. I also am taking your pumpkin pie recipe and that’s in the oven now. I did not par bake that crust after seeing what happened with the first one.

    1. Sarah

      You have to parbake the crust!
      Freeze it in the pan before you bake, cover tightly with foil–pressed against the crust on the sides– and fill with weights–not just a few, really fill it. Bake for a good 30 minutes.
      Soggy pasty sad bottom crust is the worst. Prebaking is SO worth it and it will work if you fortify with enough foil and weights. You can do it!!!

      1. Anne

        So kind of you to reply, Sarah! I had frozen it 30 minutes. A guest at the dinner noticed the shrinkage and very kindly mentioned it privately. When I told my process she also said I’d needed a lot more weight than I’d used. I’m not an inexperienced cook but had never par-baked and didn’t know the science behind the weights, so used maybe 20 pennies. Now that I know I’ll pile the weight on next time, maybe even splurge on weights some day.

  360. Stephanie

    Made this for Thanksgiving and it was a hit! I couldn’t find golden syrup, so I used 1/2 c light corn syrup and 1/4 c molasses–still tasted amazing. Thanks for the great recipe!

  361. Robert

    In Canada, every major grocery store has either Lyles, or ROGERS Golden Syrup. Rogers has been around for perhaps 100 years. Big bottles are not expensive, either. Love it!

  362. Amy

    I made this recipe exactly as written with the chocolate embellishment. I’m an experienced pie-maker and, I have to admit, this is the best pie I’ve ever made. It’s a stand-out and crowd-pleaser. Buying golden syrup drew me into a friendly conversation with a Brit who had never seen an American buying golden syrup. The family also had a rather deep conversation about the Lyle’s Golden Syrup logo of a dead lion with bee swarm (Bible reference and company history), cane sugar production in the 19th century and the American slave trade. Overall, an impressive culinary experience. Thank you!

  363. ZVT

    I made this a few weeks ago, while having a breakthrough re: pecan pie.

    I agree that the corn-syrupy stuff is just too bland. But I didn’t have the time to go to the store for gold syrup, so I went with the usual things, or at least wanted to, until it turned out that I don’t even have quite enough corn syrup either. What I ended up substituting — about 1/8-1/4 of a cup or so — was boiled cider that I had leftover from something else (it’s a thick syrup made by boiling apple cider for a long time). It is both sweet and tart, and gave the pie a very deep, rich, slightly less sweet flavor. It was the most delicious pecan pie I’ve ever made. It did not change the consistency as far as I can tell.
    Anyway, I just thought I would share this! Otherwise, I use basically the recipe here (I also usually add some chocolate to the bottom of the crust plus a 1/4 cup of bourbon to the syrup… just for fun.)

  364. Angela

    This ain’t setting. I followed the recipe exactly. About $15 worth of ingredients at least, and a lot of work. It’s still in the oven but . . . . I’m an experienced baker and I know I didn’t err. Going to be pissed if it doesn’t set. Will update.

  365. Verni

    I made two of these over Xmas which were really well received. The pastry was really crisp and retained its crispness for several days (not in fridge). The taste was excellent, and I would emphasise the value of toasting the nuts. I now toast all nuts by the pack as they are opened (so for example was able to serve up an endive blue cheese and toasted walnut starter at short notice over the holidays ).
    Slight concern about amount of melting butter oozing from my loose bottom tart tin, but it was ok as I’d put it on a baking sheet. It worked fine in a 25cm tart tin rather than a pie plate. The filling was a bit runny. Not sure if I should have given it a bit longer. But everyone loved it.
    Finally Deb thank you for making me into company worthy pastry cook after a lifetime of pastry disasters. Following your tutorials over the last year has been fun and fruitful and I am even asked to bring quiche or tarts to potlucks now!

  366. Melissa K.

    This is in our regular holiday rotation, and I think I’ve made it at least half a dozen times. I’ve added chocolate chips to the cooled filling, and also done a ganache layer, all with great results. The golden syrup is wonderful, though I’ve also used corn syrup when my grocery store decided to stop carrying golden syrup.

  367. My grandmother loves pecan pie, and I want to make one for Thanksgiving this year. So, I liked that you talked about how it would be smart for me to freeze the crust before putting it in the oven. That is a good thing for me to know because I want the crust to come out right.

  368. This looks wonderful! For those who live in the Midwest, Meijer’s always has Lyle’s golden syrup in the international foods aisle. Also, I’ve learned the hard way, always put a pan on the rack underneath your pecan pies to catch bubble-over — this is the worst filling to have to scrape off your oven!

      1. Kristina

        Hi Deb, thank you so much for this recipe and all your others! Each recipe I try from you turns out so delicious, I am very appreciative.

        Quick question – if I do make a pecan pie ahead of time and freeze it, what’s the best way to warm it back up from frozen on the day? Thanks in advance!

  369. Nanci

    My mom has a recipe that has a 1/2 c. Of milk in the pecan pie. It cuts the sweetness and as a bit of a custard effect to the filling. Quite good. Not gummy or sticky like some. Also I believe in chopped pecans not whole ones. Whole ones are hard to cut through and you get better density with chopped.

    1. stuart

      it’s available in lots of places. It’s also stupid expensive. I make it myself, in bulk, for the price of some sugar, water, and lemon juice/

      1. Teresa

        I just bought Lyles in a 11.64 oz bottle from World Market for $3.99. But I do look forward to trying to make my own when I can. In the meantime this is the most affordable that I’ve found it.

        1. Anne

          I just made golden syrup tonight for the pie (Deb’s recipe) I’m making in the morning. Easy peasy. Should have made it a minimum of a couple of weeks ago so it could deepen in flavor. After reading several, I used this recipe and it worked perfectly. I did bring my initial water and sugar to a simmer at a painfully slow rate, which may have helped. Didn’t stir at all until the end when I stirred in thebsugar on bottom of the pan.

          1. stuart

            Anne, that recipe is pretty close to what I do. The difference is I use weights and thermometers to get the same result every time, but that’s purely a case of personal preference :)

            1. Anne

              Stuart, your comment and link are what inspired me! I saved your comment in my recipes email folder so I could find it quickly, but your recipe was a bit more scientific than I was up for the first time around. So thank you! for the much-needed jumpstart. After (making the pie) today, I have to find some other recipes to make using it (some things I’d not heard of were mentioned in the comments of the recipe I used). Whole new world!

  370. Marilyn

    Growing up in a Scottish immigrant home, we always used Lyles for pecan/nut pies and many traditional Scottish goodies and candies. Still keep a tin in the pantry. Never use light brown sugar. Just don’t see the point. Dark is more flavorful. Oh, instead of painting chocolate on the bottom. Just mix in mini chocolate chips.

  371. Susan

    Could I do this in individual ramekins with no crust for my gluten free friends? That’s how I do my pumpkin pies and everyone is happy.

  372. Julie Sebell

    So, I totally want to adapt your tweaks to my usual Mocha Pecan pie. My recipe calls for 3 T butter, 3 T cocoa powder, 1 T whipping cream, 2 t instant espresso powder then 1 c light corn syrup, 3 eggs, 2 t vanilla, salt, 1 1/2 c pecans. Do you think if I used your measurements and ingredients in everything for your pie, but added the cocoa powder, whipped cream and espresso powder from mine, that it would work?

  373. Arlene Novick

    Deb, Can I make the crust, roll it out and place it in the pie dish, then freeze it for a couple of days? And if so, would I also be able to par bake it as well? I’d like to do that a few days before Thanksgiving, that way I only have to make the filling, etc.

  374. L.White

    Hi Deb,

    Would it be ok to make this pie the day before? If so, best storage options? Also, for the crust, is there one method you prefer (by hand or food processor)?

    Thanks and happy holidays!!

    1. Olivia

      What kind of butter did you use for the crust? I used a European butter (which I typically use for baking, higher fat content) and the crust basically came together with no water. Wondering if you used an American butter instead? Doing a test bake pre-thanksgiving so have time to tweak the recipe before showtime.

  375. Liz

    Anyone looking for Golden syrup in Milwaukee can find it at Sendik’s. I have also found it at Woodman’s (sometimes in the international aisle) or sometimes even next to the corn syrup. World Market carries Golden syrup too but its much more expensive than Woodman’s.

  376. Una

    hi Deb! I am really into galettes this year. Do you think this could work as a galette or is it just too runny? Is there any such thing as a nut galette? Maybe I should just do some kind of spread/paste on the bottom and load a bunch of pecans on top and call it good. Thoughts? Thank you!

  377. Adrianne

    Cannot wait to taste this! I stumbled upon this recipe after buying corn syrup, so I went ahead and used that, with a touch of molasses for flavoring. The filling was so delicious and not too sweet at all. I may have found my new favorite. Thank-You, Deb!!

  378. Denise

    I cannot thank you enough for sharing your pecan pie recipe. As someone with a severe corn allergy, it’s been a challenge to find a pecan pie recipe without corn syrup. Thanks for making my Thanksgiving.

  379. Meg

    This one’s a keeper!!! The entire fam loved it at Thanksgiving, with requests for a repeat appearance at our next (or every!) family gathering. I did not make it with chocolate (next time!), but agree with all of the other recommendations for a perfect pie — especially toasting the nuts & using golden syrup! Could not find any syrup locally and ended up making my own; it was surprisingly easy, and I plan on making it regularly as it keeps well in a sterilized jar in the fridge & I can see myself using it in other recipes. Thanks for this awesome pie!

  380. Can’t believe I didn’t think to check here for a pecan pie recipe after years of watching my mother dump corn syrup into our Thanksgiving pie… This was a hit of course, everyone loved the flavor! I used dark chocolate baking chips to melt into the crust – worked great.

    Also, used aged rye whiskey instead of bourbon. For those of you who appreciate these nuances, the darker ryes have a lot more flavor. I suggest at least a 6-year (Templeton makes a good one). Next time I’ll go for at least 2 tablespoons.

    I’ve read through most comments. Still trying to find the best way to reduce the runny liquid. Simmer the filling longer? Add corn starch? Add a fourth egg? Reduce baking temperature? (Seems counter-intuitive). Would love to hear some tricks from others.

    1. Anne

      Hello, I suggest making it at least a day ahead. I made my pie with homemade golden syrup on Thursday morning for mid-afternoon. I kept it on the counter, and on Friday the pie was much firmer. I live in Indiana, so it’s chilly here, and also keep my condo cool (around 67°F) so that may have helped. As it was just me eating it, it took a few more days to finish. I kept it covered wih foil on the counter and it stayed firm and tasty. I also made Deb’s pie crust, sprinkled on a tablespoon or so of flour before pouring filling in, and the crust stayed firm, also.

  381. Rachel

    THIS is the pecan pie recipe. As a self-respecting Southerner, I think I’ve made every single version of pecan pie there is to make and this is the one to rule them all. The golden syrup is to die for–if you can find it, it beats corn syrup hands down. I added a tablespoon (and maybe a half?) of bourbon to it, and I’ll have to say, this pie is EVEN BETTER once it’s had time to “age” for a couple of days and the bourbon flavor mellows and intensifies. Also, I like that it’s not so gooey and goopy-sweet as many pecan pies. I’m temped to try it with chocolate, but I’m just not sure it can be any better. Thank you, Deb!

  382. KLP

    I made this for Thanksgiving 2017 and 2018, with the chocolate layer. I recommend you do the same!

    In 2017 I used a standard metal pie plate, and made the recipe as written. I found it too gooey (IT’S A THING, people!).

    In 2018, after a series of mishaps, I used a ceramic pie plate. EEP, right? Well, not to worry. I parbaked for 20 min, but forgot to freeze before baking–but to no ill effects. I added a whole 1/2 c. extra pecans (toasted) and I chopped half of the (now 2 1/2 c.) nuts. When I filled the crust, I thought there was too much liquid so I left some of it in the bowl. Baked for around 50 minutes, and it was perfect! The chocolate melted into the nuts, it held together beautifully.

    In fact, the end result for 2018 was really similar to the pecan pie they used to serve at B-Side–formerly of Cambridge, MA. (It’s now Lord Hobo.) My husband and I had our first date there and shared their amazing chocolate pecan pie.

  383. Mairzi

    I blame in on The Gronk and trying to bake a pie while running back and forth to to watch the Patriots snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. Want to know what happens when you forget to add the eggs and bake this in a tart pan? Your pie leaks all baking sheet and turns into a hard basically inedible mass. The filling had a fantastic flavor and would have made an incredible pie, if only Gronk had tackled that Dolphin. Never one to waste expensive and fine ingredients, I have pulsed my hard pie into dust, will mix with cream cheese, form into balls, dip in chocolate and call them Pecan Pie Truffles.

  384. Debbie Buckman

    I made this pie and it tasted awesome! However, it was soupier than I expected. What do you think I did wrong to cause this?

    1. Anne

      I made golden syrup for the pie. The first day the filling was soupy, but upon sitting on my counter longer it firmed up. I noted to make it a day ahead. Ymmv, but that was my experience.

    2. deb

      Did you let it cool completely? It should set up more once it does. But if it’s not to your liking, I always think of pecan pies as a range where some people like them gooier and others more firm. If you’re on the firmer end, it’s as simple as adding more pecans next time. Hope that helps.

      1. Debbie Buckman

        I did let it cool – made it the day before and chilled it. Could it also be related to how long I cooked the syrup, butter and brown sugar? Maybe it needs to cook more? I’ll make a note to add more nuts next time. Thanks!

  385. Debbie Buckman

    I made this pie for Thanksgiving and loved the flavor! I did have a problem with it being very soupy. What did I do wrong? I did use the golden syrup. Thanks for any help you can give me!

    1. MarahK

      Mine was soupy also, not sure what went wrong because i followed all the instructions. So disappointed because I made extra effort to get all the ingredients and pecans are so expensive where I live

  386. Using golden syrup instead of corn syrup is a total game-changer. BUT! there is not nearly enough salt in this recipe. The first time I made this pie it was disappointingly bland, everyone kind of went “meh”. The second time, I took a page from my favorite Silver Palate recipe and upped the salt to half a teaspoon. (I also reduced the butter to 5 tbsp/70g and added an extra egg.) It came out AMAZING, better than the Silver Palate pie I’ve been making for years. Rave reviews from everyone. But remember to add more salt! Pecan pies NEED salt.

  387. MarahK

    This is one of the rare smitten kitchen recipes that hasn’t worked for me unfortunately. The filling never set, even though I followed all the instructions and even left the pie in the oven for 20 minutes longer. Not sure I’ll try again because the ingredients are really expensive where I live.

    Can someone help me understand what the problem was and why my filling turned out so runny?

    1. stuart

      Maybe bring the sugar syrups to a boil next time?

      Also, pecan is in the hickory family. If pecans are expensive you could substitute hickory nuts if they’re cheaper?

      1. MarahaK

        I chilled that one for over 4 hours but it was still runny. I’m trying again today using light brown sugar and Simmered the butter mixture for a little longer. Fingers crossed!

  388. Caitlin

    How long have I read your recipes, yet never felt the inspiration to comment here. All I have to say is making the golden syrup (which is new to me as if today) was MUCH easier than finding in any dang store. I was too impatient to wait For an online order–yes, even in a world with Amazon prime. This drastically superior to corn syrup, and will never ever use again. Thank you for sharing this gem of culinary treasure!

  389. Bonnie Powell

    Deb! Thank you for this recipe!! I made my own “golden syrup” — which was super easy — and made all the difference I believe. I also toasted my “raw pecans” and I could taste the toastiness in the final product. Excellent recipe — I made this for people at work — and I could tell from their faces — it was a hit. Amazing work again!!

    Bonnie (a huge fan of yours!)

  390. Please don’t shoot me for heresy . . . . but, do you think this would work with walnuts instead of pecans? It’s just that I’m in Bulgaria and I’m surrounded by walnut trees :=)) Also, could you give the weight of the golden syrup, please?

    1. Hi Lalinemay, go for it with the walnuts. It will be a different flavour, but should still be delicious.

      As for the weight of the golden syrup: about 265 grams or 9.3 ounces, according to

  391. Clavell Stutzman

    As I am allergic to corn and corn derivatives, I have missed pecan pie so much! Thank you for a recipe that is corn-free! I can’t wait to surprise my husband this Christmas with a pecan pie that I CAN EAT, TOO! ♥

  392. Sadie

    Excellent! I made this pie, as well as another pecan pie that had both Lyle’s Golden Syrup and corn syrup in the filling, and this one was the favorite of the two. The filling is smooth and silky, and despite the golden syrup and brown sugar, it’s not cloyingly sweet or rich. I par-baked the crust and added the chocolate coating. The only change I made to the filling was to sub 1/4 cup of Kahlua for the tablespoon of bourbon. Toasting the nuts makes a big difference and it’s a step that shouldn’t be missed. My pie took longer than 45 minutes to bake. The filling was 202° on an instant read thermometer and jiggled in the center when I took it out of the oven. The top was puffed, but leveled as the pie cooled. The filling firms up significantly on cooling and slices cleanly. We enjoyed the pie both at room temperature, as well as warmed slightly in the oven. Leftovers freeze beautifully. 5 Star!!

  393. winey

    There is a difference between Corn Syrup and High Fructose Corn Syrup.

    Both products are made from corn starch, but regular corn syrup is 100 percent glucose, while high-fructose corn syrup (HFCS) has had some of its glucose converted to fructose enzymatically. Scientists are examining the potentially negative effects of consuming large amounts of fructose in the form of HFCS, but regular corn syrup is not part of that consideration, as it does not contain fructose.

    That doesn’t necessarily mean the corn syrup you buy in the store is HFCS-free, unfortunately. Manufacturers sometimes add HFCS to regular corn syrup, but it will be listed as an ingredient if that is the case. So read labels carefully or stick with Karo, which does not add HFCS to their products.

  394. Rina Fong

    Lyle’s Golden Syrup. It spells baking romance to me. Not just because I’m an Anglophile. Everything you say about it goes straight to my heart because that’s what I’ve always thought about this product but can’t find anybody to listen to me. I get mine from Whole Foods although I’m bummed they only have it in a plastic bottle and not in the more original and pretty cans.

  395. Penelope

    Hooray! I’ve always wanted to try making pecan pie but have no desire to eat corn syrup. Golden syrup is a staple in Australia – it’s a key ingredient of our national treasure: Anzac biscuits; it’s particularly good on porridge.

  396. Tim

    This has been my new go-to pecan pie recipe for a couple of years. Delicious! By the way, in the mid-west we can usually reliably find golden syrup at Meijer in the international food section.

  397. choth21

    In NYC, Fairway usually has it in the British section, and if you’re lucky they’ll have the squeeze bottle version, but usually they’ll at least have the canned version.

    If you want to shop “local”, Tea and Sympathy in the W Village has it as well as all sorts of other British goodies.

  398. Pat from PA

    Is Golden Barrel syrup-a staple in PA for baking and pancakes and the only thing to use in our “sticky buns”-considered a “golden syrup?

    1. stuart

      in the South there’s a syrup called Golden Eagle syrup. It’s very close in flavour to Golden Syrup, but sadly its ingredients include corn and high fructose corn syrup. Somewhere else here I linked to one recipe on how to make golden syrup at home – ingredients sugar, water, and lemon juice. It’s easy to make if you have a candy thermometer.

  399. Patty

    I made this pie tonight for my husband’s 75th birthday. I couldn’t find Lyle’s golden syrup, but was lucky enough to find a Organic Light Corn Syrup at a Sprouts Farmers Market. The syrup tasted like butterscotch to me, and it made that pecan pie just fabulous. My family just loved it – he said it’s the best pecan pie he’s ever had, and could I make it again? It also was really beautiful, with a shiny glaze on top. Thanks, Deb!

  400. Kathryn

    You can MAKE your own “golden syrup.” Just google “recipe for golden syrup” and you will see quite a few recipes. Water-sugar-lemon. Make sure to use a heavy saucepan/kettle to cook it or it won’t turn out and will easily burn. :)

  401. Robin

    Love this pie and I’ve made it for the last several Thanksgivings! How would you suggest warming this prior to serving? I don’t want it to liquify but would love to serve warm if possible.

  402. Jackie Ruiz

    Just wondering if I can use a store-bought, frozen pie crust? If so, would I use a deep-dish, or regular crust? I am generally intimidated by making crust from scratch!
    Thank you!

  403. Andi

    Made this today as written for a Friendsgiving to rave reviews. Question, though, it had a strong chocolate flavor and less of a pecan pie flavor. I was expecting the chocolate flavor to be mild. Also, my filling was quite low. Do you think I could double the filling? Or even increase by 50%?

      1. Andi

        It was absolutely delicious for sure! I’d just like a little more of the filling to balance it. It was a little more chocolate pie with a caramel-y pecan crunch top, if that makes sense. But truly the entire dinner party raced about it!

  404. Elisabeth

    I have made this a couple times. With corn syrup, the baking time for me was a little less, about 40 minutes, and it set well. I’m using golden syrup for the first time and it’s noticeably runnier. At 45 minutes I took it out of the oven, but it seems a little worrisomely squishy. Am hoping it will set more as it cools.

    It is a great pie and adding the chocolate, while extra work, is totally worth it.

  405. Brittany

    Hi Deb! I’m sure you’re knee deep in Thanksgiving prep but I bought all of the ingredients to make this and was about to start on my pecan pie journey when I realized that my pie tin is 10 inches not your standard 9. Would you increase the filling? I have extra pie dough so I’m not worried about that. I have the Nordic Ware tin:

    Thank you in advance.

  406. R. Cassens

    I look forward to pecan pie. It’s my favorite. I really looked forward to trying this. I used 74% Guittard bittersweet chocolate to line the bottom. The pie is horrid. It is a cloyingly sweet, teeth-aching dark caramel chocolate pie with some pecans in it. If you’re expecting a traditional pecan pie but better, this isn’t it. So disappointed.

  407. Joan Alison Stockman

    Huh. Followed the recipe, which is NOT always the case. Came out quite liquidy. Waited until it was firm-ish in the oven. Thoughts?

  408. Amary

    I like this pie a lot, and I’ve made it 5+ times. There are a couple of problems though.

    The first couple times I burned the pecans, so now I just bake them for 5 minutes and don’t bother to stir. I also tried it with the chocolate once, and my whole family thought it was much worse that way.

  409. Nivedita

    I bake a lot but have only baked a handful of pies, mostly press in crust types or galettes. I came to this recipe with trepidation, but expecting perfection given the source – no pressure, Deb! And did it deliver, in spades! It wasn’t tooth achingly sweet, the crust was perfectly browned and crisp. The only place I panicked a little bit was while making the filling when mine started solidifying as it cooled before adding eggs. That was just a function of multitasking with other things and how cold my kitchen was. But it all worked out. Thank you Deb for your exacting standards, clear and engaging writing and foolproof recipes!

  410. Kris

    Thanks for a great recipe! I made a gluten free, dairy free version with slightly less sugar and with the chocolate layer and it worked beautifully. My mods in case they help anyone else: used Amy Chaplin’s coconut crust from her first book; replaced cream in chocolate layer w coconut milk; reduced sugar to 3/4c; used vegan margarine (Miyoko’s). I used 85% dark chocolate which gave a great bitter contrast with the sweetness. Coconut crust was a yummy addition too.

  411. Hillary

    This was awesome and worth the trip to 4 grocery stores to find golden syrup. Perfect rich taste and consistency. Highly recommend this recipe.