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Happy New Year!

I had no idea how busy I’d been in 2007–and this is just a subset of what was cooked in the Smitten Kitchen this past year! Dare we top this in 2008?

And now, a few of my 2008 resolutions:
1. More original recipes.
2. Implementing at least two new features I’ve been dreaming and procrastinating about for eons.
3. Get thriftier in the kitchen: Currently, our refrigerator is packed to the gills with odds and ends–olives, cheeses, beer, eight types of nuts, milk, cream, buttermilk, leeks, apples, four types of fresh herbs, tomato puree and probably three dozen other things I made and forgot about–that we’ve bought for various dishes or company this weekend. An hour ago, we were at the grocery store to pick ingredients for a recipe I want to make, and I realized I could probably make four meals from what we already have and called it off. Meanwhile, Alex and I were both saying the other day that some of our favorite meals are the ones I throw together from these odds and ends. I want to do this more often, but also weigh and measure as I do so I can share these hodge-podges with you.

How about you? Do you have any cooking, kitchen or food-related resolutions?

2008 BloggiesUpdate: My PR guy (a.k.a. Alex) asks me to tell you that the nominations for the 2008 Bloggies are open, and will be between now and Jan. 11 and there is (clears throat) a Food Blog category. Smitten Kitchen was nominated in this category last year, but a certain writer (coughDeb) is somewhat shy about broadcasting her accolades and thus barely mentioned it which may or may not have resulted in not winning. Each category requires three nominations for your input to count (though you are not required to fill out all categories if, say, your only interest is food blogs), so dare I suggest that you most on over to the left sidebar in the “Tasty” category for some inspiration? [Eighth Annual Weblog Award Nominations]

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  1. Joy

    Like you, I’d like to be thriftier in the kitchen. I can’t believe how much food and gadgets we’ve accumulated in less than 6 months. It’s crazy! I’d like to do more recipe improvisations as well. Oh, and I want to try new ingredients that I’ve never touched before, like brussel sprouts and artichokes.

    Happy New Year!

  2. This is pathetic to admit, but I am aiming to cook at home at least three days a week in 2008. I don’t cook enough — my husband works from home, and must, I repeat, MUST, get out of the house as many nights as possible, and I too easily use it as an excuse to cook never. But the fact remains that I enjoy — nay, LOVE — cooking; it relaxes me. And it’s a helluva lot easier on the wallet and waistline, too.

    Happy New Year, Deb.

  3. I’ll have one of each please … just a nibble … I read your blog as much for the mouth-watering photos as for the great recipes.

    Oh, excuse me, I just drooled on my keyboard.

  4. Nichole

    My favorite recipe this year was the squash galette! The crust is so easy. Thanks Deb for a wonderful year of recipes. I tried many. I also love the oreos. I am crossing my fingers for more recipes for tarts/galette. :)

  5. We occasionally institute a “budget week” which is really just a game to use up the odds and ends in the pantry and fridge. The deal is no buying any groceries (except milk for the toddler) for as long as we can stand it. It’s amazing the fun and creative stuff that turns up on the table. Plus, then there’s all kinds of shelf space for NEW cool ingredients…

    My food goal for this year: get more variety of veggies into the kids (ages 4 and 1.5yrs), even if I have to puree the heck out of them and hide them in stuff. Also, figure out something great to do with queso blanco.

  6. Wow-those photos are impressive! I want to learn how to substitute more, like instead of the cup of oil in my favorite zucchini recipe, use 1/2 cup oil and 1/2 cup applesauce, or how to reduce fat or calorie content with little changes. Not changes that make the food not worth it, but little sneaks. Also, I’m going to can can can this summer and preserve the harvest at its peak!

  7. My one food-related resolution is to eat one – and only one – sweet thing a day. It was amazing to realize how much I thought about it today and the number of things I dismissed (maple pound cake, a Sees lollipop, leftover polenta crumble from last night) until I found just the right sweet – this afternoon, after a hike with my dog, hot chocolate with the whipped cream leftover from the crumble last night. So delicious. I very much like your “get thriftier in the kitchen” resolution and think Andrea is on to something with her “budget week”. Over at The End of Motherhood? I use Tuesdays throughout the year to revisit my resolutions. It’s amazing how much power that practice can have. Looking forward to more of your recipes in 2008 and congratulations on a great year!

  8. sam

    Happy New Year.
    Congratulations on all you have done.
    I haven’t finished my resolution posts yet (yes, more than one, maybe?)
    but several of mine are similar to yours.
    I am thinking of the word FRUGAL. and already started keeping much better recipe notes in December as an attempt to be far more organised.

  9. like you, I want to try and use up all the ingredients in my fridge including leftovers so i don’t waste food and money. plus, i want to try my hand at some original recipes. Or just try my hand at your fabulous collection! just looking at all those pictures makes me want to call in sick to work tomorrow and start slaving away… hhmm.. very tempting indeed.

  10. my resolution is to write more on the blog – it’s really tough with my job responsibilities/hours growing, but I’ve missed the regular posting/photography. I also would like to master photoshop, or at the very least, my iPhoto software that came with our new iMac… It seems not to do a good a thing as Picasa, though, it’s most likely because I just don’t know how to properly use it. Happy New Year!!

  11. More frugal, more thrifty, more original, more true-to-my-roots, more local, more fresh, more seasonal, more organised, etc – all these are on my to-do-in-2008 list as well.
    A wonderful collage of recipes – well done! Happy new year to you and yours!

  12. Although I don’t use traditional wheat flour, I love your blog and have adapted some of your recipes using alternative flours. I have “intentions” this year rather than “resolutions.” Sounds less intense that way. And I totally agree with you about being more “kitchen thrifty” and using whatever we can find lurking in the fridge. Very good idea.
    Cheers and here’s to a healthy and happy 2008!

  13. ann

    my resolution is twofold — to do a better job of meal planning and to figure out a way to get my husband to do more of the cooking.

    Also, thanks so much for the great recipes, this year and years past. Two SK recipes are in regular rotation at my house — the margarita cookies and the ratatouille. We love them!!

  14. In the “more thrifty” vein, I must have seen TV spots for those Debbie Meyers Green Bags that claim to keep produce fresh 3 times longer than ordinary plastic, a million times over the holidays. Has anyone had any experience using them?

  15. RA

    Holy heck, Deb. Seeing all of those photos en masse makes me feel rather inadequate. But they are pretty.

    I just realized that both of my resolutions for 2008 involve food, albeit inadvertently. The plan is to try two new recipes per month (one cooking, one baking) in an effort to expand my repertoire, and to give up soda except for an end-of-the-month celebratory root beer float. So far, I’m good on the soda, but last night, I inexplicably screwed up making a roux (roar!) on my inaugural recipe, so it doesn’t bode well for next month’s cooking foray.

  16. Erica

    This post caused me to reflect on what my resolutions are. Like Andrea, I impose a budget week. If you don’t go to the grocery store for a week, except for milk (and maybe eggs) it is amazing what you manage to cook up.

    My kitchen resolution is to use those left over “special” ingredients. If I have to buy something unique to my fridge for a particular recipe, I will try another recipe, which uses the same ingredient, within a week.

  17. AmyO

    As I sat in my living room with a friend on Sunday, she commented “wow…you have a ton of cookbooks!” (they are all in bookshelves lining one wall of that room) I looked at all of them and realized I’d probably used 5 of those books last year–I have my favorites, you know. So this year’s resolution is to cook at least one recipe from every cookbook I own. I don’t know how many there are–at least 200–but it will be an interesting challenge! Especially some of those I picked up in foreign countries–some people buy postcards, I buy cookbooks…

    I love your blog, I will enjoy seeing what you come up with in 2008! Thanks!

  18. Carly

    I resolved to start eating breakfast again rather than my usual coffee with cream and starving until lunch– and picking up a bagel while at the office doesn’t count. I’ve been eating too much bread for breakfast. Day one went well– I had some eggs in a tortilla. Tonight I’m making your granola recipe (the one with the pepitas) and picking up some yogurt (I guess part two of that resolution is to start having some breakfast foods around the house at all times).

  19. I love it when throwing things into a pot results in a delicious meal! Can’t wait to see what you have instore for us this year. Have a wonderful 2008! Cheers!

  20. Amanda

    Happy new year! I can’t wait to see what you have in store for us in 08. The pictures are inspiring me to set a goal to try at least two, ok, maybe three, new recipes each week and take the leftovers to work so my coworkers can assist me in my quest not to have to purchase all new pants in ever expanding sizes.

  21. This year’s holiday gifting season brought me (and my man) the following:

    Ice cream maker
    Ice cream scoop
    Stainless steel mixing bowls
    Garlic press/slicer
    Dutch oven
    Souffle dish
    Handheld cheese grater
    The silver spoon cookbook
    The moosewood restaurant new classics cookbook
    … and a $75 gift certificate to a gourmet cooking supply store

    My resolution? To put each and every one of these lovely gifts to use as soon as humanly possible. I look forward to some recipes that might help me do so! Happy New Year to Smitten Kitchen and friends!

  22. Food resolutions — well, our daughter is allergic to all dairy and wheat, so that limits our diets. Luckily, she loves meat and eggs (but not chocolate!). She’s recently asked us not to eat dairy and wheat at mealtimes with her; she wants us to eat the same things. Because of the limitations and our busy schedules, things can get a little boring. We are resolving to be more mindful in our meal creations and I am going to seek out simple recipes I can easily alter if necessary.

  23. I have two resolutions…

    1) Cook more seafood. I’ve been eating entirely too much red meat the last few months.

    2) Bake more non-chocolate desserts. I’m a chocoholic, so it’s going to be hard, but I need to branch out.

    Here’s to a great 2008!

  24. I actually have a couple food-related resolutions for ’08. First, I’m going to try to limit the amount of sweets I eat – to maybe just one a day – because my sweet tooth really got out of control this past December. Second, I love to bake but don’t really do much in the way of cooking, so this year I am going to try to make a from-scratch dinner a couple nights a week. And that doesn’t mean heating up a boca burger or pouring a bowl of cereal (two stand-bys)… a real dinner from a real recipe (hopefully many from SK!)

  25. I am slowly working my way through Martha’s baking handbook, bless her persnickity soul. I’d like to make bread at least once a week, but I’ll really have to get into the groove of that.

    Thank you so much for all of your inspiring recipes over the year! The Ratatouille has become a favorite at our house.

  26. All the pictures of your food are gorgeous! Did you do this on the Flickr site? I cannot figure out HOW to use that “badge” part of the site. At any rate I love love love your website and all the recipes! It’s so much fun! Thanks for all your hard work and wonderful recipes!

  27. Marissa

    1. Cook at home more often.
    2. Drink a fruit or green smoothie once a day (probably breakfast).
    3. Learn to make tartes or quiches
    4. Make fish more regularly

  28. Mary

    My husband and I just moved into a new house, and have a baby on the way (due in April) so one of my resolutions has been to make more meals that will do double duty. Chicken that can be used for more than one dish, rice, beans, whatever so I can save time (and does one dare hope money?) I also confess to having ingredients on hand at all times to make a lot of different dishes; but somehow those dishes never sound as appealing as the “new and better” recipe I just discover…

    Here’s wishing you (and me!) success in our kitchens and resolutions!

    PS. Your blog is wonderful!

  29. Heather

    I vowed to try and live a greener lifestyle from this point forward…and using up the odds and ends in the kitchen falls right in line with that way of thought.

    Happy New Year!!!

  30. charlotte s

    what a gorgeous and impressive collage! may you have a wonderful 2008 filled with lots of joy in the kitchen! thanks for all of the beautiful and inspiring recipes!
    my food related resolutions: 1) invite guests for dinner more often. 2) make faster, healthier, lighter dinners. 3) limit the sugar. 4) start a blog!

  31. Pam

    I also have a lot of stuff in my fridge! One of my resolutions is to make Saturday the day that I cook from the pantry and from the fridge. I won’t have any recipe planned, just use what’s available. Beautiful photos!

  32. Mer

    WOW! What a beautiful, impressive collection of foods you’ve made throughout 2007.

    I can’t wait to see what you will come up with in 2008. Keep up the great work!

  33. sally

    I know its been said before but wow your pics are so great! Heres hoping to cook at home more in 2008 and not eat food that tastes like garbage (I’m speaking to you Kraft Mac and cheese) when a homemade option tastes so much better.

  34. Wow! You’ve been very busy. When I look at all those pictures, I can barely fathom how you managed to find time to do anything else. I’m really looking forward to what will come.

  35. JEP

    Amazing photos today. Thanks for a delicious 2007! My goal is to (successfully) make sticky pecan cinnamon rolls—long history of yeast dough failures:(

  36. Oh I’ve loved your blog so much, it almost feels like the name was meant for me.

    I made some of those truffles the other day, (my first undertaking) and they were unbelievable. So much so I had some sort of epiphany.

    Of course, I blogged about it.

    What’s a girl to do?

    (eat more)

  37. Sherry

    No doubt this is my favorite food blog! I must say I have done my part in making you famous with all my friends. Your October Butternut Squash/Caramelized Onion Gallette is now my claim to fame. Yummy yummy yummy. Easy to make and turns out perfect every time! Thank you for a delicious year and may 2008 exceed our wildest and tastiest expectations.
    Many thanks,

  38. Sue

    A friend recently turned me on to your blog. I love it. Great recipes and your photography is wonderful.

    I just wrote a little review of Smitten Kitchen for a feature on my blog called Sidebar Reviews. Not to sound like Ahnold, but I’ll be baaaack.

  39. A great photo spread there. My new year’s resolutions are all cooking related – get to know my current cookbooks better before I buy a new one, cook one new recipe a week, and use all my kitchen gadgets more regularly!

  40. Nicole

    Can I make a request? I’d love to hear about the favorite recipes of yours that the readers have made. There are so many recipes of yours that I would love to try, it would be really helpful to know which ones have been successful for others. Good topic for a slow week, maybe?

  41. deb

    Hi Nicole — Over in the left sidebar, there is a “Best of” section which lists the five most popular recipes on this site as judged by traffic and comments. Also, if you read to the second half of the comments on almost any entry, you’ll see comments from at least one person who has made it who can tell you their experience with it. Hope that helps!

  42. Kelly

    I discovered your site several months ago and have made 10 of your recipes. Hands down, the lentil curry with SP was the best dish I’ve made in a loooong time. Just hit the spot. Looking forward to reading in 2008! And, love the idea of using odd and ends in the fridge – hate wasting food and its hard for me to throw things together on the fly.


  43. Congratulations on your year of beautiful cooking! That mosaic of photos should belong on the cover of New York Magazine instead of Adam Platt’s “Where to Eat” round-up! (No offense to the magazine or critic.) I’m excited to see what you’ll cook up with leftover ingredients!

  44. You definitely did have a busy and impressive year! It was so awesome to see all of your delicious creations in one post! Congratulations and I can’t wait to see what 2008 has in store!

  45. Cat

    Excuse me nice lady, not to add to your load as you are resolving but any further thoughts on selling your food photos? You see I’m redoing my kitchen (well – doing, as just bought first house) and, well, your pictures are sort of my design anchor. No pressure or anything, just idly wondering.

    (all the best in 2008!)

  46. Oh my goodness! I just subscribed to your blog (thanks Google) and what an introduction! Thanks for all the work you put into it! And BTW, I’m with Cat – I could totally decorate my kitchen with your lovely work.

  47. Amy

    Ugh, proof that one shouldn’t nominate blogs while on cold medicine…I nominated you but just realized that I typed out the URL as – Yikes. Sorry.