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coleslaw overdose, not for naught

Have you ever eaten, like, a lot of cabbage over a few week period? I mean, a lot a lot. More cabbage than most people eat in two years, a lot. Well, thank goodness my cabbage-patching was not for nothing as my second NPR Kitchen Window column is up today about, you guessed it, coleslaw. (The first one, in March, was about Russian Zakuski.)

I have to admit that I am particularly pleased with these recipes, though I know that it is silly that it should warrant a confessional. On this site, I have published a couple coleslaw variations over the last year (an Indian-spiced, updated classic, and a green onion version), but I knew there was so much more out there. This article forced me to attack some of the ideas I have had brewing, though I simply can’t condone eating them in the frequency and quantity that we have.

Recipes on NPR include:

  • Blue Cheese Coleslaw
  • Napa Cabbage and Sesame Seed Slaw
  • Spicy Radicchio Slaw with Pecans
  • Pickled Coleslaw (a.k.a. my take on Zabar’s Health Salad I promised you way back when)

May your coleslaws never lack luster again!

Elsewhere: Coleslaw: You Could be a Star

Update, wholly unrelated: You know you have truly *arrived* (I kid) when your hosting service emails you to tell you that you’re getting too fat and they had to air lift you to another server. I’m not sure if anyone else would have noticed, but load times have been very sluggish lately, and this site has been down more than once, not including the time Alex and I decided it would be fun to delete it altogether. I am hoping this will be the end of the problems. And now, back to the roughage!

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31 comments on coleslaw overdose, not for naught

  1. deb

    Thank you! It’s been a busy summer, and there should be a little more coming, as well, something astronomically more fun to eat than cabbage.

  2. Yay! So nice to see your success and love the coleslaw piece. I spent a few summers working in a Greek diner as a waitress and one of my jobs was coleslaw maker, I’ve probably made more coleslaw in my life than most people, good thing I love it. I think my husband might even like your pickled version.

  3. deb

    Joc — You didn’t eat the blue cheese stuff at 4th of July? Maybe just Molly did?

    Mary — You always have the best stories. I especially liked your comment on my Serious Eats post, thank you.

  4. Yeah, I was going to email you about that because I tried to ping ya and it was getting NO RESPONSE. I’m glad that they got you going again. You know how much I love coleslaw. I was raised in the South, it’s a staple in at least three meals a week.

  5. Jezzie

    tres amusing. i have NPR as my homepage, and I saw a blip about coleslaw and thought “that reminds me of Deb, I’ll go see what she is up to” and behold, it was your blip. grrrrrllll, you know you make me proud.

  6. Lydia

    Wow, another piece on NPR — congrats! I was actually surfing NPR’s site today (and didn’t come here first). When I saw the article, I thought to myself, “Hmm, didn’t SmittenKitchen write about coleslaw not long ago?” And of course, then I recognized the byline. ;)

  7. I had a recipe for cole slaw that had peanuts in it, which was an interesting combination. I’m not sure which recipe book had it (I think it might have been one relating to barbecue/grilling, but I’m not 100% sure).

  8. Yay! another NPR article!

    I’ve never overdosed on Coleslaw, but I have overdosed on roasted garlic. For three days I walked around in a cloud of garlic fumes…not just my breath, but it was oozing out my pores. I’ll never make that mistake again! 1 friend + 2 bottles of wine + 1 piping hot loaf of bread + 3 heads of roasted garlic = disaster!

  9. I’m a serious coleslaw fan and especially love Ina Garten’s blue cheese version. More fun than finding your version of her recipe, though, is finding your work on NPR. Hooray for you!

  10. Much to my surprise, I am a recent convert to coleslaw. I never particularly cared for it but for the last year or so I can’t seem to get enough of it. I never thought of all these different varieties but I do like an Asian one on occasion. My lastest joy is coleslaw and potato chips together. Yum! Great post!

  11. I just made this Thai coleslaw for dinner last night and it was pretty darn devine.
    Blue cheese slaw! Must try that one, possibly this weekend.

  12. Kaliko

    Try making the Asian slaw with Sesame oil, the Asian type, where the seeds are roasted before pressing, yummy! Mixing shredded spinach is another wonderful variation on the usual cabbage cole slaw.

  13. That Napa slaw is really good…and surprisingly so b/c I really am not a big fan of cabbage anything.

    Any alternative use for Ramen noodles is A-OK in my book.

    Love the “polaroid” look btw.

  14. I love your Polaroid treatment of your photos. And I can’t WAIT to try the pickled slaw…I’m all about brining veggies in vinegar these days! That with some bbq sounds like a match made in smoked-meat heaven.

  15. LG

    Yay on Coleslaw — I love coleslaw and make lots of them myself, with my favorite being a Vietnamese-inspired version with cabbage, cilantro, rice vinegar, siricha (sp), soy, ginger, drop of lime oil, sugar/sweetener — very light, no oil, refreshing and low-cal. Better if it sits for a day or so. Sometimes I use vinegar, mustard, salt, hot sauce, celery seed, brown mustard seed and sweetener. More generic light coleslaw.

    However, I have a funny story. I’m pregnant and craving institutional coleslaw — the mayo/vinegar/celery seed white stuff — all the grocery stores near me have gone upscale with ‘health slaw’, ‘summer slaw”, etc. Normally I’d be all over those, but I want the fake stuff! I don’t think making it myself would really work, either. There should be a law requiring grocery stores to stock “pregnant lady basics”.

  16. Hi Deb, I made the Spicy Radicchio Slaw with Pecans last weekend for a late season bbq, and thought it was marvelous!! I definitely think it’s an acquired taste for some, but I love the bitterness of the radicchio paired all the sweetness of the apple and carrot and pecans, but the best part is the addition of pimenton de la vera! I am so in love with this spice and love to cook with it. Great recipe!

  17. Anjuli Ayer

    Hi Deb, I was thrilled to come across your Spicy Radicchio Slaw with Pecans. I found it during a search to redeem coleslaw for my boyfriend. He was traumatized after years of the traditional slop of mayo and celery seeds with thickly hacked pieces of cabbage. The bitter radicchio, smoky paprika, sweet and tart apple, and the nutty crunch of the pecans drew me to your NPR recipe.

    But once the proportions of the dressing were mixed, I found it really lacking. I added tarragon, minced shallots, a splash of apple cider vinegar, twice the mustard, and about four times the sugar. After some good pepper and sea salt I coated the whole thing and let it sit in the fridge (minus the pecans). Ten minutes before serving I took it out, chopped up the already toasted pecans and tossed them to incorporate. The result was a raving success with my boyfriend and other guests.

    (I would also emphasize the quality of the radicchio and suggest peeling the apple, cutting it into matchsticks, and then coating in lemon before incorporating it into the remaining veggies.)

  18. Ashley

    Hi Deb,
    I was trying to access your blue-cheese coleslaw on the NPR website, but for some reason it’s not linking through – just a blank page. Would you mind sending me the recipe? I know it’d be great to go along with Molly’s dry-rubbed ribs!

  19. eliza

    We just made the blue cheese coleslaw recipe from NPR and it’s awesome! I forgot to buy purple cabbage, so I put some red peppers in for color. Delish! We’re serving it for our picnic lunch at our daughter’s preschool graduation along with the butternut squash chick pea salad (I’d like to try this with sweet potato) and baked chicken. YUM! Thanks for always inspiring us to yumminess.

  20. Karen

    I had trouble finding the links to each individual slaw recipie. Can you link directly to each? Also – I didn’t see the pickled slaw recipe in your index, which is always where I start to find a recipe. I had a party last night and made pulled pork with 2 of your cole slaws – they were a big hit! I’d been searching the web for a while for the pickled slaw recipe (they have one at Balducci’s that I love!!) -I can’t believe how easy it is to make myself!! Thanks.

  21. Lisa M.

    Generally, I love your recipes. I just tried the blue cheese coleslaw and found it to be terribly salty, and I didn’t even put in the kosher salt. Just thought I’d mention it in case there were some typos that needed correcting.

  22. Jenni2

    LOVE coleslaw–the newer versions without mayo. Love your site and personality in your writings. Thankyou for your inspiration!!