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Alas, dinner party prepping is not the whole of our gullet-related activities this weekend, thank goodness, as even a girl as in love with her very sharp knives as I am needs, on occasion, some hours away from them. I was invited to a – no, really – pickle party last night, hosted by Chris at Apartment Therapy (and oh, what an envy-inducing apartment he has), Ann at A Chicken in Every Granny Cart and Jon from Wheelhouse Pickles. Now, I know this may seem surprising, but I lean a little towards the socially awkward when I walk into a room, as I did last night, not knowing a single person at all – I mean, how do you even introduce yourself to the host if you don’t know who he is? – but everyone was really friendly and easy-going and more than made up for my inhibitive nature.

food blogger party, centerpiece

the goods

Of course, the true, even more transparent reason I couldn’t resist attending was to set this Russian I am married to loose in a room of marinated delights; and take pictures, of course. From the wasabi-hinted green beans to the sliced butter pickles on cheese toasts and brined beets, every bite met his soused seal of approval, and from a boy I am certain was doused daily in vinegar as a child, that’s no small compliment. Me? I fell in love with the marcona almonds; I’ve failed to see their charm in the past but toasted in olive oil with a sprinkling of sea salt raised their flavor to an addictive level. In addition, the cinnamon-hinted pears were fantastic and light and I really want to put them in a green salad soon.

stinky good time

As for the remainder of this afternoon: salad assembly, shrimp poaching, par-baked baguette baking, hors d’oeuvres plating and of course, gratin a-broiling are the remaining items on the agenda. But first, a nap. I think it’s going to be a late night.

brooklyn so lurvely

fountains going wild

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17 comments on picking pecks

  1. Oh my god, I would run, eagerly, to a pickle party. I know what you mean about feeling awkward, walking into a room with people you don’t know. But that’s what is lovely about meeting fellow food bloggers — we all have something in common, immediately.

    Have a great time at your dinner party. I can’t wait to read about it soon.

  2. tammy

    Oh a sweet pickle party – That sounds like such a wonderful idea. How I love pickles and what a great idea it has just given me for the next time I have friends over. My husband is the true cook in this relationship. He’s a self taught chef and we have a 10 burner 2 stove Vulcan in our kitchen. There have been many times when we’ve had the All-Clad on every burner and the neighbors were smelling everything we had cooking… This type of evening sounds like the perfect alternative to a stress enduced evening of spending more time in the kitchen than with our guests. Good luck tonight with your dinner party. I look forward to hearing about it!

  3. Definitely know what you mean about feeling odd when walking into a party full of people you don´t know, but I bet that starting with a shared love of food made things easier, as well as seeing Alex go into a vinager-induced comma lol

    By the way, I´m officially joining you guys in the blogosphere of food bloggers :)

  4. RA

    I would LOVE a pickle party! Strangely, though, it’s the only vinegary thing I, uh, relish. But, oh, the joy that comes from a New York-style half-sour is unlike any other. I am wholeheartedly jealous!

    However, whenever I indulge, My husband always screeches, “Pickle breath!” So tell me – did they give out Altoids as going-home favors?

  5. deb

    Phc – Aw. Actually, I gave myself way too much work to do. Though I relish it, I’m also freaking TIRED this morning, and in need of another weekend. I’m sure it’s nothing compared to baby-tending, of course, and hope you two get a babysitter/night out very soon.

    Shauna –

    Tammy – A ten burner two stove Vulcan? I am quivering with jealousy. In the happy-for-you way, of course. Heh.

    Marce – Welcome to the foodieblog. Now, please enable non-Blogger entities to comment on your site, so we can all chime in. :)

    Tammi – So far, I am too. Mostly. Of course it is but day six, and I already need a nap.

    RA – They had excellent half-sours. And I constantly accuse my husband of pickle breath, like when he eats giardinera before bedtime. Ew! Perhaps I should be giving out Altoids as going-to-bed favors.

  6. “Welcome to the foodieblog. Now, please enable non-Blogger entities to comment on your site, so we can all chime in.”

    Done! That´s why I need to explore the whole thing a little further, my technical skills are severely lacking lol

  7. steph

    I love the idea of a pickle party–it combines two of the things I love most, parties and pickles. I was wondering, though, where in Brooklyn did you take that gorgeous photo of the amazing brownstoney block? Is that in Brooklyn Heights? Because I would totally move there, but first I would need to know where to move to.

  8. Yvo

    Oh my gosh, I saw on someone else’s site about this pickle party, and now I am doubly jealous (from Grocery Guy). Mm, sounds delish and looks even better. Ohh, come to me my pickled pretties… haha.

  9. Oh, hey, I was at that party! Just for about 20 minutes or so, though. I also hosted a NYC food blogger potluck a few weeks ago. I started up a mailing list for NYC food bloggers to announce events like this – you can sign up here (and pass on the info, of course, so our potlucks can get better and better).

  10. Megan

    Umm…Deb…or anyone else reading this? Pardon my blog vocabulary ignorance, but umm…what does “NaBloPoMo” stand for? My internet is restricted at work so I couldn’t click on your original link to what I’m sure was the explanation, and it’s driving me nuts.

    By the way- I am also extremelyl jealous at the notion of a pickle party. I hosted a murder mystery part last Saturday, and spent the better part of last week perusing your site for good recipes! LOVE the everyday posts!

  11. Man, I’m so envious you made it to the pickle party. Had it been almost any other day of the year, I totally would have made it, but no — it was on my birthday.

    [shakes angry pickle-loving fist at sky]