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Wednesday, November 8, 2006

couscous and feta-stuffed peppers

couscous and feta-stuffed peppers

As what would a weblog be without the at least occasional, melodramatic confession, today — a morning after which not a single new thing was prepared in the Smitten Kitchen last night (Tuesday’s yoga and volleyball night, and I’ll let you work who does what. Always such mystery!) — seems the perfect time to dislodge one of mine: Sometimes I cook things, love them to pieces, but hate the photos I took of the dishes so I never tell you about them. Can you imagine anything more pathetic? The pictures make me cringe so much that it upstages the deliciousness within! Could I be a little more crackpot, a little less rock-and-roll?

But as we’re in the midst of NaBloPoMo meaning that I won’t have to see these poorly-lit, blurry and color-jinxed photos on top for more than a day, let’s dig in, shall we? Because really, you should make these stuffed peppers. If anything could convert a stuffed pepper hater, it would have to be this. The filling was so good, possibly a new favorite couscous dish, that we ate the extras (there was a bit) freely and eagerly. As it makes four peppers, it’s the perfect two-night meal and they keep wonderfully in the fridge. For the feta component, we’ve developed a strong liking for both French and Bulgarian fetas – they’re a little softer and less salty than their readily-available Greek counterparts, and enmeshed wonderfully with their surroundings. I also added a few tablespoons of tomato paste to the mix, because I love it, and because it helped all the flavors come together. Ugly picture be damned, I want more of this right now. (See how this exercise has forced me to grow?)

pickled red onions

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