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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

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Happy New Year!

I had no idea how busy I’d been in 2007–and this is just a subset of what was cooked in the Smitten Kitchen this past year! Dare we top this in 2008?

icebox cakeAsparagus, Artichoke and Shiitake Risottosweet and spicy candied nutsgrapefruit yogurt cakecream cheese swirl browniesSalad Lyonnaiseenglish muffinsworld peace cookiesbaked tomato saucefresh pastahoisin pork ribletsfor beaming, bewitching breadsChocolate Chip MeringuesSour Cream Bran MuffinsSoft PretzelsRich Buttermilk WafflesLighter-Than-Air Chocolate Layer CakeSkillet Irish Soda BreadRussian Black BreadChicken Empanada with Chorizo and OlivesGreen Onion SlawMargarita CookiesBlack Bean Confetti SaladGnocchiMixed Berry PavlovaZucchini CarpaccioStrawberry Rhubarb CrumbleCherry Coconut Frozen YogurtCellophane Noodle Salad With Roast PorksevenBaked Eggs with Spinach and MushroomsRaspberry-Topped Lemon MuffinsPickled Garlicky Red PeppersPineapple Upside-Down CakeDorie Greenspan’s Corniest Corn MuffinsStrawberry Chiffon Shortcake Continued after the jump »

Sunday, December 30, 2007

caramel cake

caramel cake

I know. I know what you’re thinking: this is out of control. This non-stop sugar/butter/egg/flour assault needs to stop. Our hips! Our abs! For the love of all that was once taut and perky, Deb, no more desserts! And I want you to know, I couldn’t agree more. I, too, strive for balance. I, too, swore those jeans were looser before Thanksgiving.

lumpy batter

Yet Dec. 30 is no time to be burdened with these lofty soup-and-salad goals. What else will we have to live down, and resolve ourselves better than, on New Years Day? Salad in December is like… mistletoe in January.

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Tuesday, July 3, 2007

israeli salad + pita chips

israeli salad

First I talked about madeleines, and although they’re lovely (though mine were less so), they don’t exactly have a high originality quotient. Then I totally side-stepped my week of non-cooking by throwing some “new feature” at you, and now, well now I’m going to tell you that you can make a salad out of cucumbers, tomatoes and onions. And I know you’ve got to be thinking: you don’t say!

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Friday, May 25, 2007

such a fine and natural sight

homemade bbq sauce, tiny brushfinished slaw

As we often do at the end of a summery day, Alex and I had a barbecue last night. No, we haven’t moved out of our “penthouse,” nor have we figured out how to reappropriate our one square-foot fire escape landing as a deck, nor did we didn’t schlep out to Brooklyn where open spaces are less of an anomaly. Nope, we had it right inside our own apartment. Alex made a massive batch of “his” barbeque sauce, I made the baked beans, we slivered some cabbage and tossed it with coleslaw dressing, seared some chicken sausages from Whole Foods (that completely freaked me out because they had black beans, whole ones, inside–ew) and popped open a couple cold ones.

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Thursday, May 3, 2007

corniest corn muffins

corniest corn muffins

Some days, I’m pretty sure this site is turning into something of a Dorie Greenspan Fan Club. Let us review, shall we? Dorie brought one of my favorite surprise Paris treats into my very own kitchen, directed us to the most amazing chocolate cookie, ever, her deep, dark ganache tart was the kind of easy dinner party dessert that nobody complains about and just last week, her lemon sables were the ideal palette upon which I could paint my margarita cookie aspirations. Everything you might think you like about my baking, you really like about hers. Today, her latest book ushers in another recipe that I am certain will be a repeat hit (once, of course, I get over my addiction to the shiny and the new).

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