parsley leaf potatoes

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Parsley Leaf Potatoes
Adapted from Gourmet

I used Russets, but you of course can you any roasted potato (red or yukon gold) you prefer. When using Russets, the smaller, the better, for maximum creaminess when roasted. As the potatoes roast, the butter in the pan browns and then goes a shade dark — it might smell worrisome, but it will taste wonderful. If you’d prefer, however, you can replace half the butter with olive oil, which will reduce the darkening of the roasted sides. This recipe, uh, uses a lot of butter, possibly more than you need. I’ve gotten away with using just 2/3 of it (4 tablespoons), but I don’t usually bother limiting it. It seems the excess stays in the pan, and the potatoes have just enough to be buttery but not drenched.

Serves 8 to 12

3 ounces (6 tablespoons) unsalted butter
8 small-medium baking potatoes (about 4 pounds), scrubbed
16 fresh flat-leaf parsley leaves
Coarse salt

Heat oven to 450 degrees F. Place roasting pan in oven with butter; once butter has melted, just a minute or two later, remove pan from oven. Halve each potato lengthwise. Place one parsley leaf in the center of each cut half, then sprinkle cut sides generously with salt. Arrange face-down in pan with melted butter; try not to nudge them around or the leaves will move (as mine did) off-center. Roast potatoes for 35 to 45 minutes (depending on size) until tender. There’s no need to turn the potatoes over unless they get so dark underneath (this can happen with a thinner roasting pan or oven than runs hotter) that they risk overcooking before becoming fully tender; if so, just flip the potatoes for the remaining roasting time.

Serve immediately; cut sides up.

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