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Move along, people, there’s nothing to see here. My week in the Bahamas has left me full of wordlessness, short on commentary, drained of snark and every time I try to summon a few meager paragraphs about our vacation I open my pictures folder, blink a few times at the teal ocean and, I’m sorry, what were we talking about again?

… But I will try. There was sun. There was a very long beach, with the ocean a color I am not sure I knew existed in real life. You could walk out the length of your body and still see your feet under water, and this I could not get over — can you tell I “summer” at Brooklyn public beaches? And there was the most fun group of people I have yet to vacation with, and you might just know them too.

So what was this all about? Club Med graciously invited a handful of food bloggers and their better halves to their Columbus Isle Food and Wine Festival this past week, days filled with cooking demonstrations and multi-course meals by some of the best chefs around. It took me all of fourteen point two seconds to say “Sure! Just let me get my suitcase.” Of course, that was November, but I had my bag packed. You know, just in case they needed someone to come down early and, uh, survey the beachfront. What? It could happen.

The resort is stunning, and I’ve seen my share of resorts. What liked the most was how played down it was — no overly elaborate landscaping, no people schleping up and down the beach to implore you to buy beads, no towel lines and chair reservation systems — just a 1/3 mile stretch of beach, and what seemed like an acre’s worth of elbow space per beach-napper. We all stayed in huts with balconies facing the ocean, a delicious contrast in the sounds of cars honking and/or blasting Boy George that usually sings us to sleep back home.

And the food! It was a seafood-lovers dream, which was, ahem, occasionally lost on this seafood-phobe but more than compensated for with Alex’s enthusiasm. There were clams and chorizo and spicy mussels and beef dumplings with truffles and blue cheese and fresh wahoo, fished the day before. But I’m not going to lie, there was also a lot of this. Enough that when I had dinner last night, I not-so-quietly mourned the missing ice cream bar.

Oh, and the island itself. Due to a family engagement, we had to leave a day before the rest of the crew which didn’t seem like the biggest deal when we were booking the trip but when we got home and tried to figure out what they’d be doing about then (mai tais? chef demo? more bocce?) I finally understood LOST’s incessant despondency: “We never should have left the island! We have to go back!”

Updates and photos from our fellow travelers:

The rest of our photos, if you’re into that kinda thing (not viewable in RSS):

I hope to have a great chef recipe to share with you in the the next couple days, if you can be patient that long for me to test it, but in the meanwhile, I seem to have gotten myself immersed in an act of extreme baking not seen since the Project Wedding Cake Days. It’s giant, it’s covered in ganache and it checks in at more than ten pounds, and I don’t just mean my apron after I was done. More about that coming, too.

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