Sunday, August 17, 2008

tell me more, tell me more

rainbow chard

Be glad you’re not in the room with me these days, because I’ve been singing, or “wailing” as Alex likes to call it, “getting to knooooooow yoooooou” for days. Except that’s the only line I know, and as usual, it has not stopped me from restarting the tune every 20 seconds or so. Oh, and I don’t even know what “pitch” is or how to approximate attaining it. Really, I’m a delight.

tiny tomatoes

Nevertheless, as painful as it might be to hear about in person, I really do want to get to know you better and I’ve finally buckled down and begged Alex (see how I did that there?) to put together a questionnaire-type thing that will help me towards that goal. Despite the fact that you’ve given this site such a fun and enthusiastic comment section, I suspect that only about 5 to 10 percent of you have ever chimed in, which is totally fine but means that the rest of you are something of a mystery to me.

stone fruit heaven

For example, do you like pie after a movie or are you completely tired of me overusing this True Romance reference? Do you like your pancakes with butter and jam or maple syrup? How many days a week do you eat PB&J for lunch? Is four too many? Do you think that I could shatter wine glasses with my high notes?

donut peaches and plums

Okay, fine, I don’t really get into any of those questions, mostly I just want to know a little bit more about who you are, where you’re from and how you feel about cooking, and the answers are just for me, me me–not some marketing research group or an ad network–and to satisfy my curiousity, so I hope you’ll consider taking a few minutes to answer 15 easy questions. In fact, I’ll even leave it open for a whole week, so you know, you’ll have no excuse not to regale me with your answers.

[The Smitten Kitchen Getting to Knooow Yooou Poll]

pickle childhood

Oh, you thought this was a cooking blog? Fine then. These photos are from the Union Square Greenmarket on Friday, where everything was so gorgeous just about the only reason we didn’t walk off with the whole market was the space limitation in our RuMe bags and the fact that we might have blown a lot of our remaining cash on three ginormous peppers. (Seriously, I was like “Alex, do you think these peppers are bigger or smaller than my brain?” and he did that thing where he doesn’t answer, because he’s polite and I occasionally make him dinner and he’d like to keep it that way.) I digress.

mega-huge bells

We’ll have a new recipe tomorrow created at least in part with some of our haul, and more this week. In the meanwhile, pretty please? And I hope you had a great weekend.

peaches for me

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