huevos rancheros

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First, let me get my “semi-homemade” moment out of the way and I start by opening a can of beans, but by “beans” I mean Goya’s black bean soup, and no, I don’t feel bad about it. This is my favorite-est shortcut–these guys are so perfect right out of the can–with just the right amount of liquid–I see no reason to trouble myself with cooking and seasoning my own. Or at least not when I have a quick meal in mind.

Next I make a quick salsa fresca with diced tomatoes, some red onion, a minced jalapeno, salt and a good squeeze or two of lime juice. If you’re the cilantro type, you can mix that in as well. With tomatoes in high season right now, you’ll think you’ve died and gone to heaven.

Now, the egg is where this gets ugly, and I do mean that literally. This is one dish where the best taste makes for the fugliest tortilla and I suggest that you just run with it, because it’s quite simple.

First you heat a 6-inch corn tortilla in an oiled pan.

When it is golden brown underneath, flip it over. (Don’t worry, you’ll brown it a bit more in a moment.)

Sprikle some shredded cheddar over the browned side and let it melt a bit. I like to use about half an ounce per tortilla.

Break a single egg over the melting cheese.

Don’t worry if it rolls over the edges, that’s all part of the tasty mess of it. Season it with salt and pepper.

When the white is about halfway set (i.e., the edges and some of the egg on the tortilla), flip the whole thing over. For me, this is when the mess always strikes as the yolk is just itching to run off the spatula as I flip it.

Cook it for a few minutes on the other side, flip it back onto a plate and you’re done. All there is left to do is decorate.

If you’re Alex, that means a tidy arrangement of salsa fresca, beans, cilantro when we have it, salsa from a jar, extra and several shakes of Tabasco. For me, this means a scattered mess of salsa fresca, beans and sour cream, everything muddling together in a glorious tangle of things that are delicious…

Hey hon, guess what’s for dinner tomorrow?!

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