coleslaw and mac-and-cheese redux

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Since the beginning of 2008, there has been one eensy change after another: we’ve bought some new furniture, so our living room looks largely different. I’ve changed both my work and personal computers, so finding files, editing pictures and even, say, learning control-alt-delete in Mac-ese has been a time-consuming task. We’ve (mercifully) switched gyms to one with–get this–a pool, thus I think I’ve spent a good amount of the last week (blissfully, kickily) underwater. And at work–yes, the place I hang out when I’m not having more fun with you–I’ve taken on a whole new coverage area, which while much more interesting for me seems to mean that work takes at least an extra hour each day, and that dinner at 9:45 p.m. doesn’t even raise an eyebrow. Last but in no way least are all of these major site changes we’ve been trying to put together in our ‘free’ (ha) time, including the one that, most unfortunately, took the site offline on a day I had no time to address it.

What this all adds up to are awesome things; 2007 kind of went out with a whimper, thus you’re not going to hear any complaints for me if 2008 looks nothing like it. But when I’m trying to get comfy on the new sofa, crop a picture on unfamiliar software or looking for a contact’s phone number buried within a document I accidentally forgot to move over to my new computer (!), I do find myself aching for the familiar, the recognizable; the ability to complete the simplest of tasks without expending extra mental energy.

Which, of course, always, leads back to the kitchen, and when considering what to serve with fried chicken last week, I went straight for the archives: my favorite classic coleslaw and the easiest, cheesiest baked macaroni and cheese one could ever hope for. Sure, if you’ve been reading along the whole time you might have already tried this, but if you’re new here, come on–what are you waiting for? The slaw has converted dozens of slaw-haters and the mac-and-cheese? Requires no pre-boiling of pasta. As in, you could put it together right now and it would be ready by the time the Giants win. What? We’re a hopeful bunch.

So, what’s changed for you since the start of the year?

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