chile-garlic egg noodles

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We’re going to do this short and sweet tonight, because I’m at the halftime of two cranberry tarts, one apple pie and one pumpkin cheesecake. Yes, I have gone mad. But this is no time to discuss the obvious. I actually have sugar melting on the stove.


Okay, it’s not ready yet. Wow, that takes a while. I am sure the last thing you want to see tonight is Jean-Georges Vongerichten’s chile-garlic eggs noodles, but alas, that is what we made for dinner on Monday night after I saw it on Serious Eats and could not resist the recipe’s tractor beam.


Getting there, but not yet. I probably should have seen this coming (hello, Jean-friggin-Georges!) but the recipe was pretty fussy. First I had to roast a pepper and a chile, technically no real labor, but still–an extra step. Then there was the garlic-shallot oil. All of those gorgeous allium ingredients? Yeah, they get strained out, only flavoring the oil. That’s a lot of oil, too, more than we’d ever knowingly use in a noodle dish, even though it was delicious.

[Very, very long pause!]

Okay, we are now at the three-quarters mark, thank goodness. Back to the noodles: Because I have been on an udon kick lately, we broiled two small boneless pork chops smothered with Thai garlic chili paste (not nearly as hot as it sounds) and sliced them thinly aside our noodles. The dish was tasty and certainly different from what we’ve made before. However, I can tell already that we won’t be making it again. I suspect there are other chili-garlic noodle recipes out there that require much less labor, and if you know of one, do send it my way.

And also a new dishwasher, because mine needs a nap.

I hope you all have a restful Thanksgiving, and that your kitchens smell as warm and cozy as ours does right now.

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