Saturday, August 18, 2007

napa, day one

grapes from the vine

In honor of our long weekend in Napa–you know, the trip that you won for us–I have done the unthinkable and brought the laptop in hopes to share snippets throughout our trip. Should we ever leave California, we’ll be back to our regularly scheduled cooking next week. But I’m not making any promises.

Day one, we splurged on the Mustang convertible and aside from the whole sunburn issue (duh), it is indeed awesome, and we don’t care if it screams tourist in every single way. I use the term ‘splurged’ loosely, as the full price of this (on special) is still half of one day of a cheapo car in NYC. California, I love you already.

convertible self-portrait

Up since 4 a.m. Eastern, by 2 p.m. Pacific we were so famished, the In-n-Out Burger seemed the only sane solution. I had my first hamburger since I was 12 years old. It was so worth the wait.

in-n-out burger, sodain-n-out burger, burgerin-n-out burger, friesin-n-out burger, ketchup

From there we stopped at a couple wineries, Robert Sinskey and Clos du Val, the first of which was awesome. Although we had high hopes to hit a few more before dinnertime, our eensy sips of wine got the better of us and we had to come back to the hotel to take a disco nap, and yes I realize that putting the word ‘disco’ before ‘nap’ makes us sounds even more geriatric than the need for a nap alone. Damn you, time change.

napa valleynapa valleynapa valleynapa valleynapa valleynapa valley

Fortunately, a little rest was just enough to allow us to rally enough energy to finally meet the inimitable Helen Jane, her husband James and some of their friends with cute kids at Taylor’s Refresher for dinner. If you’re counting, that makes two burgers in one day, two more than I have had in more than 20 years, and what with 12 hours of grilling time ahead, I’m think I might be a caveman by the end of the weekend, and it will be all Napa’s fault.

mm, wine

But you see that above? Napa, you’re forgiven already.


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