Wednesday, August 8, 2007

coleslaw overdose, not for naught

coleslaw overdose

Have you ever eaten, like, a lot of cabbage over a few week period? I mean, a lot a lot. More cabbage than most people eat in two years, a lot. Well, thank goodness my cabbage-patching was not for nothing as my second NPR Kitchen Window column is up today about, you guessed it, coleslaw. (The first one, in March, was about Russian Zakuski.)

I have to admit that I am particularly pleased with these recipes, though I know that it is silly that it should warrant a confessional. On this site, I have published a couple coleslaw variations over the last year (an Indian-spiced, updated classic, and a green onion version), but I knew there was so much more out there. This article forced me to attack some of the ideas I have had brewing, though I simply can’t condone eating them in the frequency and quantity that we have.

Recipes on NPR include:

  • Blue Cheese Coleslaw
  • Napa Cabbage and Sesame Seed Slaw
  • Spicy Radicchio Slaw with Pecans
  • Pickled Coleslaw (a.k.a. my take on Zabar’s Health Salad I promised you way back when)

May your coleslaws never lack luster again!

Elsewhere: Coleslaw: You Could be a Star

Update, wholly unrelated: You know you have truly *arrived* (I kid) when your hosting service emails you to tell you that you’re getting too fat and they had to air lift you to another server. I’m not sure if anyone else would have noticed, but load times have been very sluggish lately, and this site has been down more than once, not including the time Alex and I decided it would be fun to delete it altogether. I am hoping this will be the end of the problems. And now, back to the roughage!


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