Friday, May 25, 2007

such a fine and natural sight

homemade bbq sauce, tiny brushfinished slaw

As we often do at the end of a summery day, Alex and I had a barbecue last night. No, we haven’t moved out of our “penthouse,” nor have we figured out how to reappropriate our one square-foot fire escape landing as a deck, nor did we didn’t schlep out to Brooklyn where open spaces are less of an anomaly. Nope, we had it right inside our own apartment. Alex made a massive batch of “his” barbeque sauce, I made the baked beans, we slivered some cabbage and tossed it with coleslaw dressing, seared some chicken sausages from Whole Foods (that completely freaked me out because they had black beans, whole ones, inside–ew) and popped open a couple cold ones.

margarita chickenbeans, beans, they're good for your heart...

When you’re as barbecue-obsessed as we are, you can’t be limited by your lack of grill and patio. These everywhere-but-nyc standards are just minor setbacks, wee hurdles to overcome. The only thing you really need for an awesome barbecue is good company and failure-free recipes.

These are some of mine:

cheddar, chili and green onion corn breadblack bean confetti salad


salsa frescaa forgivable act of mayo

I suspect I’ll have more recipes coming as the weekend progresses, but in case we miss each other, have a great holiday!


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