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Why Deb can’t come to the blog today

  1. Dude, the errands, they never stop.
  2. I got permission last week to stop wearing my sling, which is awesome since I kinda hadn’t been wearing it for some time before then. My shoulder is almost 100% better as are my ick-tastic bruises. Good news, right? Let’s celebrate! Let’s go chop some very difficult things! Meh. Now that there is no risk of permanent damage/deformity, no flagrant disobeying of the doctor’s orders, it’s so much less fun.
  3. The discovery of Kitchen Market. Why should I cook? I could live on their black bean soup and perfect cumin-sherry vinaigrette green salads for the rest of my life, or at least this month.
  4. We finally got the kitchen clean and I just see no reason to rattle it.
  5. I think those 9-stick of butter pecan bars officially pulled me under. I mean, it’s got to be like making that timpano or Death by Chocolate. What is there left to offer after such indulgence? I think I have a baking hangover.
  6. I’m cooking a rather large meal for both of our families this weekend, and I need to conserve my energy.
  7. I’m so far behind on responding to comments, do I address those or just move onto the Next New Thing? I am torn and will instead do nothing.
  8. I actually have been working on a couple things discreetly, but as they are gift-y treats, you’ll have to wait until I actually gift them out to tell you about it.
  9. Cooking is a leisure-time activity. These are not leisurely times. See #1.
  10. Cooking might cut into my snowflake-crafting time.

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