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I confess to have a case of the “what have I gotten myself intos” this afternoon, as I should be upstairs watching a Harry Potter movie for the 86th time with my in-laws, nursing my turkey gut and resting up between movie one and two right now instead of down in the office cranking up my laptop, but after making it to the 24th day of 30, with a busted wing no less, this seems no time to cave.

A day late and buck short, an illustrated list of things for which I am thankful:

My cousin’s pink flamingo collection,

Adorable little cousins that know the right answer to “did you eat your turkey?”,

Mom’s noodle kugel

A family that continues to impress the hell out of me by getting things like antibiotic-free turkey,

Becoming a recipe-suggester when someone doesn’t know what to bring,

That I tried a classic American Thanksgiving dish and it didn’t kill me (but still, I’d like to quickly forget it) and [not pictured] that those cheesecake cupcakes came out of the pan and even looked great (phew),

My family’s annual Turkey of the Year award, by ballot vote after dinner (the names of those who have won every year are written on that turkey’s butt),

And this guy, who helps me put my socks on every morning, and is in no way smirking because he knows how ridiculous it looks when I try to do it on my own.

I hope you all had fantastic holidays, too and have vaults of leftovers, but only the good stuff. In fact, after I go visit our wedding china in the basement, I think I need to go see if there is any marshmallow-topped orange stuff left in the fridge. Surely, you understand.

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